Simisola was at the hospital waiting to see the doctor, she
was flipping through a magazine on the hospital table about pregnacare and was
fully engrossed in the book when a young lady walked into the hospital and sat
beside her. Simisola looked up at her and felt as though she was punched in her

“Simisola…I am correct? I saw your pictures on
Instagram…” The lady said.
“Tola…it’s good to see you. I have seen your pictures
around…” Simisola smiled stonily and said to her husband’s ex-fiancee.

“I can see that you are far gone…how long will it be
before you give birth?”

“I’m just about six months…” Simisola lied as she was
almost at her seventh month.

“Oh good…congrats. How’s Bayo?”

“He is fine…”

“Good to hear.” Tola said.

“What are you doing here? If I’m not mistaken, this hospital
is for pregnant women and those who intend to have a D&C.”

“Oh! I’m pregnant too…” Tola said, rubbing her belly.

Simisola couldn’t hide her shock, she stared at Tola and at
her tummy.

“Don’t worry, Bayo is not the father…it’s someone else’s.”
Tola said wincing as she remembered that Daniel has gone missing for the past sometime
now and all efforts to reach him has proved abortive.

“Oh…I wish you all the best…” Simisola said with a

Soon the nurse asked Simisola to go into the doctor’s office
and she left Tola at the waiting room. Tola stared at her, at least now that
she’s seen her in person, she didn’t feel all that bad. She rubbed her belly
again and sighed, where was Daniel she thought.


Doctor Gregg Omosode looked up and was shocked to see Tola
walk into his office, especially as Simisola had just left. Gregg and Bayo come
a long way as friends and he knew that Tola was his fiancée before Simisola, and
he had always thought it a coincidence that Bayo’s old flame walked right back
into his arms with a pregnancy.

“Tola! What a pleasant surprise!” He exclaimed.

“Yes it is…doctor Gregg, how are Halima and the kids?”

“Oh they are well…thank you for asking.” He said staring
at her incredulously. “What brings you here?”

“Nothing much…it’s just that I’m pregnant and would like
to start my ante-natal here…”

“Serious? Pregnant? Wow!”

Tola smiled.

“Congrats Tola…wow! Congratulations…” He said again.

“Thank you so much…” Tola smiled.

“It’s not my business asking who the father is but I’m

“Well…as luck would have it, I met a guy and after our
first romp in hay, I conceived…” Tola said in a light-hearted voice.

“Huh? You mean you conceived after just one trial?”

“The funny this is, I wasn’t even trying…I was just having
fun and before I could say jack, I got pregnant.”

“This is a miracle…”

“Is it?” Tola smiled at doctor Gregg. “You see, everything
in life is a miracle, from the air with breathe to the food we eat, even the
ground we walk on is a miracle. So, when this pregnancy came I just knew that
this is one of the miracles life has to offer.” Tola smiled at him.

“Do you mean to say…”

“That the fault could be Bayo’s? Ofcourse, we can’t rule
that out can we?”

“But his wife is pregnant…and due for delivery in a few
months. She is in her seventh month…”

“Seventh month? That can’t be possible. I remember
categorically that seven months ago, Bayo and I took a short trip to the
Seychelles in order to try for a baby. I can swear on my life that Bayo was not
with any woman because I remember that you advised us that on rules to

“Wait! That’s so true…does it mean?” Doctor Gregg asked,
staring at her.

“I don’t know what it means or what you want me to say…I’m
here to register for antenatal, that’s all.” Tola said with a smile. “And I
really wish Bayo the very best.”

By the time Tola left the clinic, she had unconsciously
planted seeds of doubt in Gregg’s mind, he quickly picked up his phone and made
a call.

“Hello Bayo…”

“Gregg! What’s up?” Bayo greeted.

“Could you kindly stop over at the clinic on your way home
today? I’d like to run some tests on you…” Gregg said.

“You need a semen analysis.” Gregg said to Bayo.

“What’s that for?”

“I had a new patient today, it was Tola.”

“Tola? She came here?” Bayo asked in surprise.

“Yes she did, she came to register for antenatal care…”

“What? Are you serious?” Bayo asked in surprise.

“I am saying this because you claim to have had just a one
night affair with Simisola and she quickly got pregnant while Tola, the lady
who you have been having sex with for more than three years and who you
bookmarked the time of her ovulation and spent a whole week in Secheyelles,
trying to impregnate never got pregnant but did at a one trial with a new guy.”

“Tola is pregnant? Tola is…” Bayo said in shock.

“Do you see my point? The fault could be from you or there
could be no fault at all…I am also thinking that Simisola might have played

“You must be kidding me! I actually met Simisola here at the
clinic, six months ago and…” Bayo started.

“You saw Simisola here? When?”

“Didn’t I tell you? I saw her here six months ago at the
waiting room on the day I came to pay you a short visit.”

“Are you serious? If she came, then she must have a record
with the nurses.” Gregg said.

Gregg quickly placed a call to the nurses and soon a nurse
came with the patients’ log book. Gregg took the book and checked for
Simisola’s name.

“Here it is…Simisola Akintola…”Gregg said pointing at
the name. “It says here that she registered for a… D and C.”

“An abortion? Was she pregnant?”

“Obviously….because if she was pregnant before she met
you, it would make sense that her pregnancy is at its seventh month.”

“What?” Bayo gasped.

“Wow! She played you big time! I’m sure she came for the D
and C but seeing you here, changed her plans.”

“I was such a sob story, telling her everything about my
life and how my mom refused to let me marry Tola because she couldn’t get
pregnant. She played me, big time!” Bayo said in regret.

“Well, that’s not even why I called you here, I need to run
some fertility tests on you to be sure that you are okay. Tola’s pregnancy gave
me a reality check and I found out that we have been running tests on her all
these while and you haven’t even been tested yet.”

Bayo nodded, anger clouded his features, he slammed the
table with his palm.

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry…did you say you wanted to conduct a
test?” Bayo asked Gregg.

“It’s okay to be upset Bayo…please take it easy. I’ll tell
those at the lab to prepare for a test…” Gregg said as he picked up the
telephone and called the lab. As soon as he was done, he said.

“I wouldn’t be so hasty if I were you…I mean to react and
all, we could do a DNA once the child is born.”

“You don’t understand Gregg, I …I had to give up
everything! The woman I loved…my sanity just to please my family. God help
her if she deceived me because I am throwing both her and that bastard baby out
of my house!” Bayo screamed.

Gregg stared at his friend, he had never seen him that way
before. Bayo was hurt, Simisola had stroked the hairs of a lion, he thought and
she was going to be bitten hard.

To be continued tomorrow…



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