Gloria had sent him a text message and was waiting eagerly for
him in the luxurious suite of the Baker’s hotel. She had shaved, showered and
changed into something seductive and she was ready to let him pleasure her
senses till she was sated with need. She heard the knock at the door and walked
over to open it, he was indeed standing outside her door.
“Hey Danny boy! Want to show mama what loving feels like?”
She asked pulling him into the room and shutting the door.

“Hello Gloria.” Daniel said with a grim expression.
“What’s up? Why do you look so serious? Please ditch the
serious face, I want you to love me in ways I have only dreamed of.” Gloria
said in a sultry voice.
“No, Gloria…I can’t…” Daniel said to her.
“What do you mean by that Daniel?” Gloria asked in anger.
“I am getting married…” Daniel said to Gloria.
“What’s my business with that? Does it look like I want to
marry you?” Gloria spat.
“I’m getting married to Tola, your daughter…”
When Gloria didn’t reply he continued.
“I have only asked for her hand but she hasn’t replied me.
She is carrying my child and aside from the fact that I really like your
daughter, I don’t want my baby to be born out of wedlock.”
“For how long has this affair been going on?” Gloria asked
in an icy voice, turning away from him and walking to the window.
“It was never an affair. We had sex that day we met each other at your house when I went to get the files you had sent me to get.
Somehow, it happened and now, she contacted me to tell me she’s pregnant.”
“Really?” Gloria said through grit teeth.
“Gloria I…”
“Get out!” Gloria screamed at him.
“Please do not feel that I…”
“I said get out you moron!” Gloria screamed louder.
Daniel hurried to the door and walked out of the room. As
soon as he shut the door, Gloria fell to the ground and wept.
Tonia watched Ebuka sleep and reaching out, she touched his
forehead, his eyes fluttered and he looked at her.
“Hey sleepy head…” She smiled at him.
He pulled her towards him for a long kiss.
“Stop! You’re robbing me of all my words…” Tonia laughed
hitting him playfully.
“I am so glad that you have come back to me…” Ebuka said.
“My friends would say I am stupid and I won’t blame them.
It’s been seven whole years and there’s nothing to show for it. I just know
that I am your girlfriend and that’s it…you haven’t made any plans to marry
me and time is not on my side anymore…” Tonia said.
“I want with all my heart to marry you…but it’s more
“Please tell me, how complicated is it? I want to know…”
“Don’t worry about it, just be rest assured that if I don’t
get to propose to you, I won’t propose to anyone else…”
“Why? What’s going on Ebuka?”
“It’s complicated!”
“I want to know what it is that is complicated…please tell
“I’m afraid I can’t, at least not today…please…” He
Tonia nodded and inched up to him while he circled his arms
around her.
“Just know this, that I love you and I’ll marry you in a
heartbeat if the universe could reverse what was done a long time ago.” Ebuka
Chantal was sitting with her brother in the sitting room
and was laughing at the Wendy Williams show on television when she felt a
strong pain grip the walls of her abdomen.
“Aaaahhh…” She cried.
“What is it? Chantal are you okay?” Her brother asked.
Chantal nodded and after a while screamed in pain again.
“Chantal! Chantal!” Her brother shouted.
Chantal clutched her abdomen, blinded by the pain which
shot through her and fell to the ground, her prosthetic leg
falling off in the process at her awkward fall.
“My tummy burns…it hurts…aaaahhh…” Chantal screamed
in pain.
“Chantal! Let me get you some water to drink.” Her brother
said and rushed off to the kitchen.

Chantal coughed up blood and began choking as she grasped
for life, by the time her brother had arrived, she was gone.
To be continued on Monday….



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