Daniel was at choir practice when his phone rang.
“Brother Daniel, your phone…” Said sister Nkoli who was
dutifully guarding the phone while it charged and wondering why brother Daniel
hasn’t asked her out yet.
“Oh…who is it?” Daniel asked still seated at the piano and
trying to figure out the notes for the special rendition for tomorrow.

“It’s a number…” Sister Nkoli said, happy that he had
asked her to check who the caller was, meaning that he had nobody in his life.
“Could you please pass the phone?” Daniel asked.
Nkoli dutifully skipped up to him with the phone and handed
it over to him, making sure to stand religiously at his side.
“Hello…” Daniel said into the receiver.
“Hi…it’s me, Tola, I’m sure you can’t place the voice. I
am Gloria’s daughter…you came over to the house weeks ago and we…”
“Ohh…true…hello!” Daniel said quickly, standing up from
behind the piano and walking out of the choir meeting venue to the chagrin of
“We need to talk.” Tola started.
Daniel shut his eyes, he knew her mother might have told her that she was interested in him and she might want to speak to him about that. On the other hand,
Daniel had been thinking of what had happened between them some weeks ago.
“Okay…where?” He asked.
“Where are you?”
“I am at my church?”
“Could you send me the address so that I could come there
and maybe pick you up?” Tola asked.
“Sure…I’ll send it via text message.”
“Thank you…” Tola said and hung up.
Daniel exhaled loudly, he was in deep trouble, here he was
fantasizing over the one night he had spent with his boss’s pretty daughter and
on the other hand, he was having sex with her mother. He hadn’t been able to tell her off and he hated himself for being so weak.
“Please forgive me Lord for I have sinned.” Daniel said as
he walked back to his choir meeting.
They both chose a quiet spot somewhere around Ikeja and as
she ordered for drinks, Daniel stared at her in awe, she was so delicate and
very pretty, he thought.
“You might be wondering why I called you here to talk.” She
“Yes…but I must assure you that it’s not what you think.”
Daniel started referring to his tete a tete with her mother.
“Can I talk? I called the meeting remember?” Tola said.
“Yes sure…but please don’t refer to the encounter we had
as a mistake.” Daniel said.
Tola looked at him, opened her mouth and shut it again, then
after releasing a long breath she said.
“I am pregnant…”
Daniel stared at her, not knowing what to do with the news.
“The baby is yours of course but I’m not getting rid of it!
My relationship with the love of my life ended all because I couldn’t get
pregnant and now, I am pregnant…call it a stroke of luck or anything but I’m
having this baby.” Tola said.
“Are you serious?” Daniel asked in surprise.
“Am I serious that what? That I’m having a baby or that I’ve
decided to keep it.”
“Wow! We are having a child?” Daniel asked.
“Stop these questions, I get it! You are shocked but so am
“I don’t want you to get rid of the baby, it’s ours and we
should keep him or her.”
“Okay, that’s good. I also want you to know that I’m fine
with you being in the baby’s life…and won’t deny you of your fatherly
“Let’s get married.” Daniel blurted.
“Huh? Are you kidding?”
“No…I’m not! Let’s get married.” Daniel said.
You hardly know me…I don’t know you either…”
“We could get to know each other from today.”
“I am not marrying you because I’m pregnant with your child,
you deserve better than being with a woman you don’t love. I admit it, I
seduced you that day and I accept the full responsibility for…”
“No…I wanted it too…so much right from the very first
day I saw you walk into our office.” Daniel said.
“Are you high?” Tola asked in surprise.
“I just want you to know that it’s no mistake…I really
like you and if you accept to marry me, I’ll make you the happiest woman in the
Tola blinked in surprise, she couldn’t believe her ears,
here was a man she was telling that their fleeting moment of passion had
conceived a child and instead, he was proclaiming undying love for her. How
unpredictable could like be?

“Okay…so, err…let me think about it and err…get back
to you because this is too much to process…”
 Tola said and picking up her
purse from the table, she hurried out of the restaurant.

To be continued tomorrow….



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