“Do you know what? I am tired of this…this…charade of a relationship!
I am calling it quits!” Tonia said in anger.
She was at a restaurant, her hands sat on her waist and her
face was crinkled like that of a spoilt fish.
Ebuka looked up at her and shook his head, the lady seated
before him began pressing the keys on her phone, she couldn’t care less what
was happening around her.

“Ebuka! Are you still sitting your ass there? Get up this
minute!” Tonia screamed.
“Could you please excuse me?” Ebuka said calmly to the lady
seated directly opposite him.
The lady nodded and continued pressing her phone without
looking up at them. As soon as Ebuka stood up to leave, the lady stared at the
very oddly matched couple as they exited the restaurant. 
Ebuka, in his stocky
frame and his girlfriend, the long-legged Tonia who strode beside him like the
As soon as they got outside the restaurant, Ebuka barked at
“How dare you? How dare you interrupt my meeting?” Ebuka
“Your meeting? Did you call that a meeting?” Tonia asked,
flinging her arms and gesturing to the restaurant.
“Yes it was a meeting till you interrupted us. Do you
realize how important my business is to me? Do you know that the lady in there
is one of the best marketers around and came highly recommended?”
“With her flirtatious eyes and seductive body? Tell me
Ebuka, I know you love big boobs, so don’t bother lying to me. Is that what
drew you to her?”
“You are ridiculous Tonia…”
“I asked you a question, stop calling me ridiculous. Tell me
the truth Ebuka….you’ve been fantasising over her big boobs!”
Ebuka stared at his six feet one inch girlfriend cum monitoring spirit and shook his head in despair. Tonia was a sight for any
day, she was very tall, slender, and curvy in the right places plus she had the
smoothest skin ever. Her face was like that of a porcelain doll and she was as
pretty as a picture. Being an international model, she knew how to flaunt her
body as she never stepped out of the house in flats, her lowest heels were four
inches high.
“I am not fantasizing over anything!” Ebuka said flatly.
“You are lying to me…”
“How did you know I was here? Have you been following me?”
Tonia shrugged and looked away, frowning and looking for an
excuse to deny that she hadn’t been tailing him.
“I was err…in the area when I saw your….err….car
parked in front of the restaurant and….wait a minute, you haven’t answered my
question. Who is she to you?”
“Do you think I’d be that stupid to cheat on you with a lady
who lives in a town where ninety percent of the ladies are either your friends
or are members of your ‘spy committee’?” He asked in a serious tone.
“I don’t care what you say Ebuka…it is over between us!”
She said.
“Is this for real this time? I’d hate that we end it here
and I go back home and find you lying on my bed.”
“It is for real! I am ending it today, we are over!” She
said and slinging her bag over her shoulder, she walked off to the main road to
halt a taxi cab.
Ebuka stared at her retreating back and shook his head, they
had been dating since 2009, and it was almost eight years of a hot and cold
relationship, he walked back into the restaurant, apologized to his female
companion and they both continued their business meeting.
Tonia on the other hand was waiting for a taxi, as soon as
she saw one, she hailed it and walked over to the taxi.
“Good afternoon sir…I’m going to Maryland…” She said.
“Where in Maryland?” He asked.
Tonia gave him the address of the place, he gave her a
price, they negotiated and she hopped in stretching her legs at the back seat
and wondering what she’d make for dinner. ‘Ebuka likes his chicken fried, she
thought to herself as she checked her bag to see if she had his apartment keys
in her bag, she soon found it and smiled to herself.
“Ebuka is going to have fried chicken and porridge yam for
dinner.” She thought as the cab driver drove her down to Ebuka’s apartment in
Bayo waited for Tola to emerge from the bathroom, he looked
at his wristwatch and sighed. The door opened and a sad-looking Tola walked out
of the bathroom in tears.
“Good news?” He asked hopefully.
She shook her head and looked at him.
“I can’t continue to do this! Every time, it’s the same
result…this is our eighth trial…” She cried.
“I am sorry that you have to go through this…I am truly
sorry.” Bayo said.
“Can’t she leave us alone? Can’t she let us be the happy
couple? I am tired of her pressure!”
“Me too…but she’s my mother. What can I say?” Bayo added.
“Let’s take a break! I need some air!” Tola said.
“A break? Seriously?”
“My performance at work is below expectations, I am losing
weight, I can’t sleep…let’s give…let’s give us a break…please…” She
“If that would make you happy.” Bayo said in a sad voice.
“Here’s your ring…” Tola said, pulling off the intricately
cut diamond ring and handing it to him.
“Please…I’ll take it back when I return…”
“Please…don’t do this to me…”Bayo said in a hoarse
“Take it!” She said.

Bayo took the ring from her and began to cry.
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