‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ these words
resounded in Tola’s head as she recalled the words Bayo had said to her about
two months ago. ‘She’s pregnant for me….she’s
having my baby.’ 

She was lying on her back with her eyes facing the
ceiling, she closed her eyes and groaned in pain, she had not been able to do
anything meaningful with her life since the break-up. She had put work on pause
for a while and silently admired her mother, who after a long and painful
divorce from her father had thrown herself into career and let it become a full
part of her life. Tola wasn’t like that, her mother was the strong one while
she was frail, weak and always needing someone’s help. She had
practically not left the house in weeks and her mother had watched her succumb
into depression and ignored her completely, hoping that it would pass. However,
some days ago, her mother had come into her room, taken one long look at her and said. 
“Tola…this will do you no good….getting drunk, eating
less and looking like an urchin will not bring him back to you.”
“I know mom and I’m working on it….” Tola has said.
“I don’t know why I’m putting up with you for this long…”
“Because I’m your daughter and all you’ve got…” Tola had
slurred, she was weak from drinking too much wine.
“Tola, that man…”
“He has a name mom, his name is Bayo and I love him….”
Tola had replied.
“Well, Bayo has moved on…you told me that his wedding is in a
few weeks….please sit up. Stop this pity-party…” Her
mother had said and left the room.
Now, still in bed at eleven am in the morning, she
desperately wanted to cling to the bed and never get up again. She took her
phone out from under the pillow and turned it on, she checked BBM, Whatsapp
messenger and finally Instagram. She had deleted Bayo from her instagram but
curiosity couldn’t keep her away from his page, she soon found herself there
and saw his wedding invitation picture which read. ‘Simi Weds Bayo, save the
date 25th July 2015. #Simibay4ever2015’
She began to cry, first of all it came out in spurts then it
came forth in wails, she tossed her phone to the wall and cried, heaping curses
on Bayo and his new fiancé in the process. She would have cried for longer if
the doorbell didn’t ring.
“Go away….ohhhh…go away…” She cried louder.
The doorbell continued chiming, so she picked herself up,
wiped her eyes with a tissue and proceeded out of her room. She got to the
sitting room and walked towards the door of her mom’s penthouse. Quietly, she
opened the door.
“Hello…good morning…” A familiar-looking young man
“What do you want?” Tola spat.
“I errr…I am Daniel Omorege, your mother, my boss sent me
to pick up some files she forgot…” He said.
“Whatever…come in…” Tola said, leaving the door ajar and
walking into the house.
Daniel followed closely and asked.
“Are you okay?”
“No…I am not…just take what you want and get the crap
out of my mother’s house!” She demanded.
Daniel nodded and stared about, not knowing where to begin
his search.
“I have no idea where to search, your mother said, I should
ask you…” Daniel started.
“Her room is the first at your right…go and check there
and leave me the fuck alone!” She screamed storming off into her room.
Tola got into her room and stared at the mess, the room had
a stale odour and the whole place was in a disarray. She was about closing her
door when the handle of the door held on to the edge of her pajamas shirt and
ripped it.
“Oh drat!” She cursed and went ahead to removed the shirt
and the bottoms.
She was wearing just her panties underneath and suddenly she
loved the feel of fresh air on her skin. Opening the small fridge in her room,
she brought out a bottle of brandy and took a sip, holding onto the bottle as
though onto her dear life. She sighted her phone at a corner on the ground and
went to pick it up when she heard a light knock at the door.
“What do you want?” She started.
“It’s me…” Daniel answered.
“Are you a buffoon? Don’t you understand the meaning of, I
don’t want to be disturbed? Take the stupid file and get out!” She screamed as
she headed towards the door and yanked it open.
As soon as Tola yanked the door to her room open, Daniel’s
eyes bulged, he stared at her in her near naked state and gulped.
“Hello there…” Tola said, taking in the look on his face
and deciding to play naughty. Besides, her so-called fiancé who she had been
faithful to for so long was getting married to another woman. No one would
blame her for flirting, she thought.
“I err…have to err…go…now…” Daniel said, trying to
look away.
“What’s your name?” Tola asked sweetly.
“I told you earlier, it’s Daniel…”
Tola inched up to him and lay her head on his chest.
“Danny…can I call you Danny?” She asked.
“Yes…I mean…it’s Danny…short for Daniel…” He stammered.
“Danny…I am so lonely…I know you must think me a nut case but I am so lonely. No one loves me and…” She looked up at him. “Love me
Danny, please say you will…”
Daniel was surprised, he remembered the first day he saw her
walk into the office and how he had stammered when he was introduced to her at
Gloria’s office. He had liked her on sight and had wanted to know her better
but when she didn’t come back to the office again, he had felt sad. Today
however, when Gloria had asked him to go with her driver to her house to get
the file, hinting that her daughter was in the house and could get the file for
him from her room, a surge of hope was resurrected. Now, here he was, standing
before her with her head on his chest, and she was calling him Danny, a name no
one ever called him, he felt the blood rush up his veins.
Tola had stayed glued to Daniel’s chest for a while and
decided to try her luck a bit more, she testily wrapped her hands around his
neck and looked into his eyes.
“Seize the moment Danny…what are you waiting for? Kiss
me…” She said to him.
Daniel couldn’t tell where the courage came from but he
slowly dipped his head and kissed her on the lips. Her response was automatic,
and soon he was headed towards her bed with her. Daniel had had sex twice in
his entire lifetime, the first time was with a girl he knew in Benin, it was
rushed and he didn’t know if he really did it. The second time was during his
youth service year and at camp where he had had too much to drink and romped
with Augusta, the girl who represented his platoon for Miss NYSC. Now, Tola,
Gloria’s daughter was probably going to be his third and with the way she was
rushing things, it was going to happen. Tola had nothing to discard as her underwear soon found its way to the bare ground while Daniel’s zipper hung open. It
was a late morning of wild thrashing and once they were done, they lay on their
backs and stared at the ceiling.
“This never happened.” Tola said in a very firm voice. It
was hard to believe that she had acted wantonly some moments ago.
“Yes…this never happened.” Daniel echoed. He was still on
his search for a godly woman and Gloria’s daughter was going to distract him.
“You should deliver that file now…” Tola said.
Daniel sat up with a start suddenly remembering his sole
purpose for coming to the house in the first place. He picked up the file from
the ground where he had discarded it and quickly tucked in his shirt and zipped
up his trousers.
“Good bye…” He said.
“Go away!” Tola responded in a resigned voice.

As Daniel left the house, Tola felt a jolt carouse through
her body, she suddenly felt fine. She didn’t know what to attribute the
feeling, was it the sex? Ofcourse not, she thought as she suddenly stood up
from the bed and begun re-arranging her room.
To be continued…..


  1. Hi Ada! I have been reading your stories and this is my first time of commenting. I must say you write absolutely well and this new outlook for the blog is quite beautiful just that it is very busy when viewed from a phone. I complained when I tried reading this episode with the phone but as soon as I switched to the tab, I appreciated the beauty. Keep up the good work and God bless you richly!

    • Thank you so much TBOTL, I try my best and leave the rest to God. As for the blog not showing on the phone, I am so sorry about that, the template doesn't have a mobile version due to its size. Thank God you're still able to read. I apologize for the inconvenience.


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