Simisola was so overwhelmed by the wedding plans, Bayo’s
mother took her to different wedding shops where she tried on numerous wedding
dresses. She’s never felt so alive since Jimoh’s death and silently blessed the baby
for making things perfect for her.

“Ohhhh…you look so pretty…” Bayo’s mother exclaimed when
Simisola emerged from the dressing room in a wedding dress.
The dress was so beautiful and the designer had informed
them that it was a custom made design and part of her 2017 collection.
“I love it…” Simisola said wistfully.
“Wow! You are such a beautiful bride.” The designer said.
“We will take the gown…” Bayo’s mother said.
“Mummy…it’s expensive…” Simisola reminded.
“Oh please! I want the best for my son’s wife and not to
forget, you are carrying his baby…who I am sure is a reincarnation of Bayo’s
father, so, what’s expensive in spending on you?”
Simisola smiled in gratitude and went to remove the dress so
that the designer could pack it up. She was so thrilled that she was getting
married and she didn’t care that Bayo wasn’t as estatic as she was. In fact,
the last time they spoke, he had told her;
“You will never get the happiness you want since you destroyed
someone else’s.”
She shrugged off his saying mentally ticking the calendar
till the day she became his bride.

Tonia was basking in the euphoria of the moment, she was receiving
calls from different men who were either referred to her by her friends or who
had heard that she was single and wanted to try their luck. She had been with
Ebuka for too long to remember how beautiful she was and how men flocked about
her, begging for her time. Now, she was determined to bridge the gap and make
herself as accessible as ever, besides, there was nothing to lose, she would
end up getting an engagement ring from one of the men and live happily ever
after. Who said one needed true love to make marriage work? ‘Is a lie jor!’ She
She brought out her diary and looked at the men’s names on her list,
first stop was Femi. Femi was the ladies man, he was tall, dashing, had a good
job and was a chain smoker. He obviously had eyes for only her and his conversations bordered towards marriage. Zion was another one, he was not too
handsome but was well built, showing off his masculine body as a proud result
of years spent at the gym. He wasn’t really chatty so, she couldn’t tell what
he was thinking. The last but not the least was Ugo, the gentle man who never
spoke unless spoken to and who had offered to carry her bags and even held the
door open for her. Talk about being confused on who to accept a proposal from
that is, if one of them got to it first. 

Then, her thought strayed to Ebuka,
she loved him with every fibre of her being but even with all the love she had
for him, he wasn’t ready to make her the only woman in his life and time was
flying by like the wings of the eagle. She remembered how they had eaten frozen yoghurt one fateful day and since it was her idea to get the treat, Ebuka had
poured his on her face when he found out that he didn’t like it, she too had
done the same to him and they ended up with frozen yoghurt on her hair, mouth,
body and it was fun. Ebuka was so cool with her, even when she openly accused him
before a crowd of people over flirting with a girl, and even when she screamed it was ‘over’ in his face,
he took her back minutes later. Ebuka had a long suffering kind of soul, he
could tolerate everything she did and never have a harsh word for her unless
she pushed him to it and that she did, every time. She opened her phone and
stared at a picture they took together last year when they visited Dubai and
smiled, they had such beautiful memories and now, thinking of them made her

Her phone rang in her hands and she jolted, quickly picking
up the call and answering it.
“It’s Femi…”
“I know it’s you…” She said in a light hearted voice.
“I know you do…” He said.
There was an awkward pause, as there was nothing to talk
“Errr…can I come pick you up at five today?” He asked.
“Yea you can…”
“See you then…”
She was just hanging up when another call came in.
“Hello Zion…how are you?”
“I’m good, just leaving the gym…was wondering if you’re
“As free as a bird…”
“I’ll be at your place in a bit…”
“Okay, as long as you don’t infringe into my modelling class
time…” She lied swiftly.
“Oh, is it today?”
“Yes, at five…” She replied.
“That’s fine, it’s one pm now, I’ll leave by four…” He
“See you when you get here…” She said.
“You too…” He replied.
She had just ended that call when Ugo’s call came in.
“Hello pretty angel…” He greeted.
“Ugo…you flatter me.”
“You are a princess and you are meant to be spoiled.” He
“What’s up with you?”
“I am actually at the Ikeja city mall doing some shopping, I
was wondering if you’d like something…” He asked.
“Awww…that so sweet…” She said.
“I saw the perfect jewellery for you…it’s a beautiful ..”
Fear lurched at her and she quickly said.
“A call is coming in, can I call you back?” She hung up.
She breathed a sigh of relief and quickly ticked Ugo off her
list. She knew that a lot of jewellery shops at the mall sold engagement rings and she couldn’t see herself accepting a proposal from him. She thought.

To be continued tomorrow…


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