Tonia sat in her house and was watching television when her
phone beeped. She knew from the sound that it was a BB Message and really
didn’t want any distraction so she ignored it and kept watching the runway
specials on fashion TV. She needed to up her game, she thought, with the new
crop of models taking over the last Lagos Fashion and Design Week, she really
needed to stay relevant, at least, she needed to be the face of a brand, she
thought. She was still watching television when a call came through. It was her
friend Reme.
“Hey dear…” Tonia said as she picked the call and placed
the phone on speaker.
“Hey babe….I have been sending you BB messages and you
haven’t been reading them.”

“Serious?” Tonia said, remembering that she had been
ignoring her BBM messages.
“Yes ooo…guess what?”
“What?” Tonia asked.
“TY was proposed to by her man!”
“What? Are you serious? You’re kidding me!”
“Yes…their picture is on my DP, I even sent you one…” Reme
“Wow! That sisi kpelenge! Who would have thought?”
“My dear…yes ooo…she is now engaged.”
“Really? Wow…it’s like everyone is getting engaged and
even getting married, na only you and me remain ooo…” Tonia said.
“You and who? My boo is proposing tonight, I mistakenly snooped on his messages and I found out that he booked a reservation for two at
my favourite resturant, he actually sent a Whatsapp message to his bestie saying
and I quote ‘I am popping the question to my babe tonight’, my dear, he knows
that I’m about to close his chapter that’s why he had to hurry to make me his
for life.”
“What? Does this mean I’m the only one left?” Tonia asked.
“Yes ooo…” Reme rung out. “What is Ebuka waiting for? Do
you know how many men would rush you once you end your relationship with him?
Seven years is too long…”
“My dear…he annoys me so much and I keep ending things
with him everyday only to go back the next day and continue as though nothing
happened. He doesn’t even flinch when I say the 
relationship is over again!”
“Oh girl, you need to get your game on ooo…that boy is
playing a fast one on you…you better drag out a proposal from him or kiss him
goodbye and get engaged in six months to another serious guy.”
“Hmmm…that’s a good suggestion…”
“Yes oo…time waits for no man.” Reme supplied. “So, how
far with your modelling, I need to see you on billboards too and getting
“My dear, you know I’ve been modelling for close to twelve
years now…in fact, there was a new crop of models on the block at the last Lagos
Fashion and Design week, I almost thought I had no chance, anyway thank God
that my modelling agency picked me and I walked the runway. I am thinking of
leaving the runway soon anyway, once I get married.”
“Yea…you better do and start building a family.” Her
friend supplied.
“Okay dear, lemme hang up now, according to my network
provider, I have one minute remaining. I’ll talk to you later.” Reme said and
hung up.
Tonia quickly opened her BBM icon and checked out the
picture of Sisi Kpelenge and her fiancé. 
She hissed in envy, she couldn’t
believe that long time ago, she had a boo while this skinny girl was booless.
She hissed again and quickly dialled Ebuka’s number. He picked at second ring.
“Hey babe…”
“Don’t babe me…I need us to talk and I mean seriously.”
“Hmmm…really? Give me a hint!”
“When I see you, I’ll give you a hint.”
“I am travelling to Abuja this evening, infact, my flight
leaves at five pm.”
“What? Did you tell me about this trip?”
“You stormed out on me yesterday proclaiming that the
relationship is over, just as you do every time and I was actually waiting for
your call to tell you that I was travelling.”
“Such ego! Look at you! You can’t even beg for my
forgiveness, you can’t even ask that I come back to you.”
“Why should I? You always come back don’t you?”
“I hate you Ebuka!”
“You’ve said that countless times my darling.”
“You know what, I’m not coming over to see you, I’ll relay
my message to you over the phone.”
“What do you want to say?”
“It’s either you propose to me right now or it’s really
“What? You don’t even know what you want, Tonia.”
“Excuse me? I don’t know what I want? I know that I have
been in this charade of a relationship for the past seven years and I need to
solidify it.”
“Solidify it? Who runs off shouting ‘it’s over! I’m done! I
hate you!’ In my opinion, you are not ready for marriage, I would have asked
for your hand years ago but you always did things that made me think twice.”
“Wait…what are you saying? Are you implying that I am the
one who’s been stalling our engagement?”
“That’s so pathetic of you! Look at you, putting the blame
on me for your failure to stand up and be a man.”
“Really? Listen to me Tonia, you’d better get your act
together if you want an engagement ring from me. Stop having ideas in your head
that I am cheating on you, stop getting upset and every little thing and most
importantly, grow up!”
“Are you talking to me? Ebuka! You have wasted seven whole
years of my life and I regret giving my all to you…it is over! And I mean
“Over? You’ve said that countless times, I am tired of
hearing it…”
“I told you at the beginning of this conversation, it’s
either you give me an engagement ring or we are done.”
“Can we talk about this when I get back from Abuja?”
“Sorry dear, it’ll be too late.” Tonia said and hung up.
She quickly dialled her Reme’s number.

“It’s official.” She said. “I am single and desperately
searching. Do you have any eligible man for me?”
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  1. with the way you are evolving Ada, i suspect in the near future, you just may have to face this as a work and no longer a hubby.

    Tonia is deaf! she cant read in between ebuka's words.


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