“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the
bride.”The pastor said to the couple.
Bayo carefully lifted the veil from Simisola’s face and
sealed their union with a kiss. The crowd applauded cheerfully.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the latest couple
in town, Mr and Mrs Bayo Adelaja.” The pastor continued as the applause
Simisola and her husband danced down from the altar and soon,
relatives, family members and friends were congratulating them.

“Congrats Simisola…” Her friend Adaobi who was a part of
the bridal train said, rushing to hug her. 
“I can’t believe that you
reconnected with the love of your past a few weeks after your former fiance’s
passing. May God rest Jimoh’s soul and may you have all the happiness you
desire. I tap from your blessings my dear.”
Simisola wanted to pinch her to shut up, Bayo knew nothing
about Jimoh and she had promised to keep it a secret from him lest he suspects
“Thank you darling but for the record, could you please keep
my past in the past?” Simisola said hugging her back and breaking off to hug
other guests.
“Congrats Bayo…your wife is a beautiful woman…” Ebuka
said, walking up to hug Bayo.
“Thank you Ebuka…” Bayo smiled stiffly.
They soon went out for pictures, and while Simisola’s mother
and mother-in law fawned over her and her pregnancy, Adaobi stood at a corner
watching the guests and hoping to snag a single dude for herself. She saw him
almost immediately, he was of average height, well-built and a beard-gang member, she
hurried up to make introductions.
“Hello, I am Adaobi…the bride’s friend. I can’t help but
notice that you are wearing the grooms men’s outfit. I didn’t see you in church.” She blurted.
“Hi, I’m Ebuka and sorry, I was late to church.”
“Oh…that’s fine. I was wondering if you’d picked a partner
for the dance into the hall, you know about the dance the bridal train and
grooms men do before the couple comes in, right?”
“No, I haven’t picked
“Can we be partners? I am a bit choosy…” Adaobi said.
“Really?” Ebuka said, not knowing what else to say.
“How do you know Bayo?”
“Oh…we’ve been friends since childhood…” Ebuka said.
“Bayo’s dad and mine were in the military together, when he lost his dad, we
became more like brothers.”
“Oh…that’s sad, I never knew his father is late.” Adaobi
“So how do you know the bride?”
“Simisola is a very good friend of mine, we actually were
former colleagues at Nustro Technologies before she began her own business. We
have been close ever since. I was even there for her when she lost her fiancé.”
“Lost her fiancé?” Ebuka asked puzzled.
“Yes, he died…they were actually very close to getting…”
She started but was cut short by a strong tap from Funmi.
“Oh hey Funmi…” Adaobi said.
“It’s time for pictures with the bridal train…aren’t you
joining us?” Funmi glared at her.
“Sure I am…” She said then turning to Ebuka she said.
“Don’t let anyone snag you…” She said and hurried off.
Simisola stood at a safe distance with her husband, they
were taking pictures and no matter how much she smiled, she couldn’t remove the
worry she felt deep down when she saw Adaobi rattle off to her husband’s
friend. She had seen Adaobi approach him and what she thought was going to be a
‘hi and hello’ situation turned into a full blown chat so, she had signalled to
her sister to drag her out of there with some excuse.
“It’s time for the bridal train pictures, yay! I hope my
make-up is not smudged.” Adaobi said, walking over to the couple.
“You were having an interesting conversation with the guy
over there…I heard you mention Jimoh’s name.” Funmi said.
“Oh that! Don’t mind me, I was just talking about stuff when
Jimoh’s story found its way in…”
“C’mon Adaobi, you know more than anyone that Jimoh’s death
affected my sister so much, I don’t want her husband’s friend getting to know
about her past.”
“Oh, I am so sorry about that, I guess I’ll have to bridle
my tongue then…”
“Please do!” Funmi said harshly.
Adaobi stared at Funmi in confusion, it was a harmless gist,
she thought.
It was a fun wedding reception and the guests had danced
non-stop. Ebuka walked up to the groom who was seated beside his new bride and
tried to talk to him in private.
“Oh hello…I don’t think we’ve met, have we?” Simisola said
with a huge smile.
“No we haven’t but I’ve heard a lot about you.” Ebuka said
to her.
“I hope it’s the good things…” Simisola said.
“Ebuka and I go far back, he is like a brother to the
family…” Bayo said.
“Wow! How come I never got to meet him?” Simisola asked with
a smile.
“Well…he didn’t school in Nigeria so…” Bayo responded.
“Ohhh right, I knew I would have known you because I and
Bayo come a long way too. Did he tell you our story?” Simisola said.
“Yes…he did.” Ebuka said to her then turning to Bayo, he
said “Can I have a word with you?”
At that moment, Adaobi hurried up to Ebuka and gushed.
“Hello handsome! You’ve been dodging me all day…”
“No I haven’t…” Ebuka said.
“Are you sure? I saw you slip through the crowd like a
snake.” Adaobi laughed and turning to Simisola, she said. “Why don’t you
introduce us? He is your husband’s friend and I am your friend, what better
“You know I suck in the matchmaking exercise…besides, it
seems like you’ve had too much to drink.” Simisola said.
“Hmmm…not too much to let Mr. Hot and incredibly handsome
get out of my sight.”
“Adaobi…stop it c’mon!” Simisola warned in a whisper,
while giving her a stern look.
“Oh c’mon! Stop pretending like you’re so prim and proper!
Where did you meet Jimoh? Wasn’t it at the …” Adaobi hiccups and continues.
“The after party for Blessing’s wedding?”
“Who’s Jimoh?” Bayo asked his wife.
“Well…he’s err…” Simisola started.
“He’s dead and he broke her heart after leaving her with
a…” Adaobi started but Funmi appeared just on time to shut her up.
“Adaobi! Where have you been? Come lets go round up the
single ladies for the tossing of the bouquet.” Funmi said and dragged her away.
“You can’t escape my clutches, Mr. Hot chocolate…cos I’m
gonna eat you right up!” Adaobi giggled and followed Funmi back
into the wedding crowd.
“What was that about?” Bayo asked Simisola.
“I guess she’s tipsy.” Ebuka said. “Can I have a word with
you Bayo?”
“Sure…” Bayo said and stood up from the love seat to
follow Ebuka.
Simisola heaved a huge sigh of relief, she felt a strong
kick in her already protruded abdomen and she rubbed it. She vowed to cut off
Adoabi’s mouth when next she sees her.
Ebuka and Bayo stood at a corner of the wedding reception
hall and spoke.
“Don’t tell me you’re leaving already…” Bayo said with a
tired look on his face.
“I have to go, I am sorry…I wish you all the happiness you
“Ebuka, don’t blow your chance with Tonia. Yes, she’s eccentric
and she has a way of embarrassing you before clients but she’s a good woman and
she loves you…”
“What do you want me to do? I have sent messages, placed
calls, I have done everything! The last time I went to Abuja, I paid her a
visit but her brother told me that she’s not in town. I am so tired.”
“Do all you have to do okay. Please do all
it takes!”
“She wants me! Don’t you get it? She wants me to marry her
and I can’t, it’s been more than fifteen years…” Ebuka lamented.
“I feel your pain my friend…and I am so sorry that you
have to go through this. Have you thought of speaking with Tonia about it? I’m
sure she’ll understand.”
“Speak to Tonia? Do you know how irrational she is? She
feels that I am making up excuses to avoid wife-ing her but the truth is, I am
under an unbreakable oath. Why God? Why?” Ebuka said in despair.
“Do you know what? Perhaps sometime next week, we can both
go to Abuja together and speak to Chantal…”
“Really? You’d do that for me?”
“I’ll do anything to see that you never end up like I have.
You have a good thing going on with Tonia and it would be a shame to see it fly
out the window because of a stupid oath.”
“Thank you so much bro…” Ebuka said giving Bayo a quick
“That’s okay…”
“I have to leave now and quickly too because of that friend
of your wife, she’s been stalking me and I don’t like it at all.”
“Hahaha…” Bayo laughed.

Ebuka left through the other exit of the wedding hall,
hoping that Adaobi doesn’t see him
To be continued on Monday….


  1. OMG…Ada mehn you are a genius. I love the twist in this episode. Wow wow wow.
    Simisola will definitely regret marrying Bayo.
    Then Ebuka,lots of secrets.
    Adaobi biko that your mouth deserves to be cut off lo to.
    Welldone Hun.

  2. Naaa, i don't think Adaobi's tongue deserves to be cut off. Simisola is only getting what she deserves. More coming, i hope.


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