Tonia was holding a handkerchief to her eyes and sniffing
back the tears, her legs were folded and she sat on them on the couch, while watching
an episode of the bachelorette on television.
“Oh my God…he said he loves her…” Tonia sniffed again
and began to cry.
Ebuka walked out of his room, with his towel wrapped around
his waist.
“What are you watching?” He asked.
“He said he loves her and I truly believe it…” Tonia said
again, sniffing and blowing her nose loudly into the handkerchief.

“Don’t tell me that you are crying over an episode of the
bachelorette!” Ebuka asked incredulously.
“Why shouldn’t I? This is the definition of love…” Tonia
said, pointing at the television and glaring at her boyfriend.
“I don’t believe this!” Ebuka said, walking over to plug his
phone on the television extension.
The television suddenly turned blank and the cable TV
started rebooting.
“Oh my God! What did you do?” Tonia screamed.
Ebuka stared at her innocently. “What did I do?”
“You destroyer! You life wrecker! You have disconnected the
cable!” She screamed.
“Oops! Sorry…I was just creating space to charge my
phone…see…I have plugged it back.” He said, pointing at the extension.
“You idiot! Now, I have to wait for it to reboot! I…hate
you…”She screamed.
“Haba! All these nasty words for some stupid show?” He said
to her.
“Stupid? Did you just call my bachelorette, a stupid show?”
“Yes I did…” He said.
“Arrrgggghhh…” Tonia screamed and flung one of her shoes
she had forgotten to keep inside the room at him.
Ebuka ducked and she missed.
“Why are you throwing things at me? What did I do to deserve
this?” He asked.
Tonia paid no heed, she kept tossing objects at him, from
shoes to the mug and the throw pillows. Ebuka dodged them as though he was in a
battle field, he watched in amazement as the mug crashed beside him, wondering
what he must have done to get her this upset.
“You are so pathetic! No wonder you can’t even propose to me
after eight whole years of being together! I hate you!” She screamed and ran
into his room and locked the door.
Ebuka looked at the objects around him and shook his head, he
walked to his room and turned the knob. The door was locked.
“Tonia…open the door!”
“Go away! It is over between us you hear! I mean it this
time….it is over!”
Ebuka rested his head on the solid wood of the door and
breathed deeply.
“Could I at least get my clothes? I am tying a towel
here…” He informed.
“I don’t care!” She screamed. “It is over!”
“If it’s over, I thought you are supposed to leave my house
and not lock yourself in it.” Ebuka supplied.
“What? What did you just say? Are you throwing me out?” She
shouted through the door.
“I’m not…”He started.
The door yanked open and a teary eyed Tonia stormed out of
his room and headed out of the house.
“I didn’t mean that…” Ebuka said silently but the slam of
the door startled him and cut off his sentence. He exhaled deeply and went back
into his room and begun searching his closet for an outfit to wear.

Funmi stopped the car in front of Jimoh’s family house,
Simisola was seated at the passenger side staring outside the window as though
in a daze.
“Are you ready?” Funmi asked.
“Please say you’ll go with me.” Simisola said.
“I won’t go with you.”
“You are the one who was dating their son and you’re the one
who’s pregnant and not me.” Funmi said looking at her.
“I’m so scared right now…I don’t know what they’ll say…”
Simisola said.
“You knew his family right? They knew you too right? What is
the big deal?” Funmi asked.
“Okay…I’ll go by myself.” Simisola said and made to alight
from the car.
“I’ll come back to pick you up because I know you’ll spend
so much time there bonding with his family…besides, you are carrying his
offspring, the only child that’ll ever remind them of their lost son. You are
special.” Funmi assured.
Simisola nodded, alighted from the vehicle and walked over
to Jimoh’s family house. Funmi horned at her and when she turned back, she
poked her head out of her side window and blew her a kiss. Simisola caught the
kiss with her palm and placed her palm to her heart. Funmi started the car and
drove off while Simisola walked to the gate of the house. She rung the bell and
a gate man quickly answered and let her in.
She got to the entrance door of the house and found it open
so she pushed it in and walked in, making sure to look around to see if anyone
was downstairs. There was no one in sight so she walked further into the house
and heard voices coming from upstairs so she quietly walked upstairs, wishing
that she had followed her instincts and called Jimoh’s sister, Morenike, before
coming. She had just reached the top of the stairs when the voices floated down
to her.
“If you had told me earlier, I would have made provisions to
come…” A female voice floated down to her, it had a hint of a thick British
“Well…you had exams and we didn’t want to bother you…” A
voice Simisola recognized as Morenike’s said.
“I can’t believe this! It was so…so hard for me…showing
the grave to Angelica and Justin and telling them that….that…” The lady
burst into tears.
“It was and still is a time of grief for the family…he was
so full of life…” Jimoh’s father said in a broken voice.
“His legacy lives on…” Morenike said.
Simisola nodded and touched her belly, ‘yes, his legacy
lived on within her’ she thought.
“His children, Angelica and Justin are his legacy….”
Morenike said.
Simisola froze in disbelief, she shook her head, cleaned her
ears with her index fingers and listened closely.
“I can’t believe that I wasn’t there when he was laid to
rest, I am his freaking wife! We have been married for ten whole years. I
regret letting him come back to Nigeria to take over the family business, at
least if he was in the UK with me and the children, he would never have gotten
involved in that accident that took his life.” The woman continued.
Simisola felt herself sway, Jimoh had a wife? She gawked.
“You refused to follow him back to Nigeria, you kept on
saying that you are a British citizen and that you felt safer in your country!”
Jimoh’s mother finally spoke. “Don’t come here accusing us of going ahead to
bury our son in your absence because yes, you were absent and…” She
Simisola didn’t wait for Jimoh’s mother to speak further,
she stormed into their gathering.
“I don’t believe this! Morenike! Mummy! Daddy! How could you
guys do this to me?” Simisola asked in disbelief.
She now understood the reasons his family didn’t want her
around even after she had told them that she would love to visit every day
after the burial.
Morenike avoided her eyes, Daddy stared at her wondering how
she got into the house and how much she had heard, Mummy stared at her feet.
“Excuse me? We are in a family meeting here…could you
please come back later?” The lady with the British accent said.
“How did I not know that Jimoh was married?” Simisola asked.
“Who are you? And yes, he was married to me till he died…”
Turning to Jimoh’s family, the lady with the British accent asked. “Who is
“I am his fiancée…” Simisola said silently.
“What? His what? That freaking son-of-a bitch was having fun
here in Nigeria? And you guys knew all about it?” The woman screamed at Jimoh’s
“Betty, calm down…” Morenike was saying.
“I can’t believe this! I have been mourning the passing of
my love and I find out that he has a family? Does this explain the trips he
takes to the United Kingdom within the year? He was actually going to perform
his husband and fatherly duties? My God! I am going to faint!” Simisola said.
“Faint? Where do you intend to faint? You are not going to
faint in this house you whore!” Betty shouted.
Simisola stood there, covering her face with her palms and
crying in disbelief at the shocking revelation she had just received.
Suddenly, two kids came up the stairs walking to meet their
“Mom, can the driver take us out? We’re bored.” The boy
Simisola looked up to see a younger version of Jimoh, he was
about nine years of age, same with his sister who looked a bit more like her
mother, it was obvious that they are twins.
“Tell the driver that I said that he can take you guys
out…” Betty said silently, not looking away from Simisola.
Simisola took the children’s entrance as a cue to leave, she
didn’t utter any word to Jimoh’s family, instead, she walked down the stairs
and quietly took her leave.
Soon she was outside the Jimoh’s family compound dialling
her sister’s number, Funmi picked at third ring.
“Hey babe….”
“Can you come pick me up?” Simisola asked in a scratchy
“Really? So soon?” Funmi asked.
Simisola lifted up her left hand to wipe the tears off her
eyes when she felt the cold metal on her fourth finger. She stared at it as the
tears blurred her vision, making the ring appear larger than life.

you and I pledge my life to you….I
can’t think of any other woman that I’d rather spend my life with….will you
be my wife? Will you marry me? Maybe not today or tomorrow but someday we will
spend the rest of our lives together…” He had said as he had fallen on his
knees that fateful day two years ago.

Jimoh…yes! Yes! Yes!” She had screamed, kissed him and accepted the ring.

Now, with her phone in her right hand and held to her ears, she stared at the same ring Jimoh had proposed to her with. She pushed her fourth finger into her mouth and using her teeth, she yanked off
the ring, transferring the shiny silver metal into her palms, she tossed it
into the gutters beside Jimoh’s house
“Rest in pieces!” She said.
“Hello! Are you there? Simisola! Simi!” Her sister called
frantically through the phone.
“Yes…I am here…” Simisola said over the phone.
“What’s going on?” Her sister asked.
“Jimoh and his family are history…” Simisola said struggling not to cry.
“What do you mean by that? What happened? Did you tell them
about the baby?”

“The baby is history…right now, I am single and searching. and officially back in the market.”
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  1. Tonia's behaviour is not ordinary.I wonder who she offended in her village. Simisola I hope you won't be history while aborting your pregnancy?


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