Daniel was at work, he knew he had upset Gloria so much and
he felt so bad for her but then, he couldn’t leave Tola and the baby and he
definitely couldn’t marry Gloria. He was still hunched at his desk working when
one of the junior workers said to him.
“Sir, have you reviewed the report I sent to you?”
“Sure I have…I’ll send it to you before the end of day
today…” Daniel said to him.
His phone beeped and he saw a message.

“Danny boy, I’m really sorry about what happened some nights
ago, can we meet at the Resonance Hotel today at lunch time? It’s not too far
from the Bakers but it’s at a close street.”
Read the message from Gloria.
Daniel smiled, he hated to think that he had stepped on her
wrong side, Gloria had been so good to him. She elevated him and had given him a managerial role to the chagrin of
his colleagues. He was indebted to her.
As soon as it was lunch time, he left the office and
deciding not to take his car, he took a taxi to the Baker’s hotel where they
usually met and went in.
Gloria had already sent him a text beforehand on the room
number and he headed there, walking purposefully towards it. As soon as he
there, he knocked and the door opened to reveal Gloria who was still dressed in
her work wear but had removed her blazer.
“Hey Danny.” She said invitingly.
“Gloria…I am so pleased that you sent me that message, I
haven’t be concentrating on work.”
“I know and I am so sorry about everything. Could we make
love one last time? I know you want to marry my daughter and she told me that
she’s accepted…”
“Really? Are you serious?”
“Yes…I am and I want to fully welcome you into the family
without sentiments…” Gloria finished.
“Thank you so much Gloria, you won’t believe this but I
prayed for you to come around and…”
“Shhh….make love to me Daniel, one last time…” She said.
Daniel could see the emotion in her eyes, she had for the
first time in a long time, called him Daniel, something she never did except
they were at work and with people. Daniel nodded and bent to kiss her, and soon
they were shedding their clothes and falling on each other on the bed. As soon
as they were done, Daniel rested his head on the pillows and stared
at the ceiling.
“Thank you for being…” He started but stopped short when he
felt a sharp stab in his abdomen.
Gloria lay by his side glaring at him with eyes filled with
hatred, she had pushed the object deep into his abdomen and held on tightly.
“Gloria! Glo…G…” Daniel called out, gasping for breath.
“Rot in hell Daniel! You were my one chance at getting back
at my husband for leaving me high and dry after devoting time to my marriage
and family. You were my one shot at true happiness but you blew it when you got
my daughter pregnant and I can’t sit and watch my daughter get married to you
and build a family that I was never able to keep.” She spat.
Daniel’s eyes glazed in pain as he touched the edge of the
object that was dug into his skin. It was a pair of scissors and he closed his
eyes in pain.

Gloria shot to her feet, got dressed and left the hotel
room. As Daniel struggled between life and death, he remembered his pastors
words after he had given his testimony on his new job, ‘you’ve been tossed like a sheep in the midst of wolves…beware’ had
been the pastor’s words on that fateful Sunday afternoon. Daniel’s eyes shut
close as the pain dulled and eternal sleep beckoned.
Ebuka decided to give his luck another shot by calling
Chantal’s brother over the phone to beg him to plead with his sister on his
behalf. Ebuka was already tired of stringing Tonia along and from the looks of
it, she really wanted to build a family with him and if he wasn’t on the same
page with her, she might go to someone else.
He heard the dial tone and as soon as Chantal’s brother
answered he spoke.
“Ebuka…how are you?” Ramsey said sounding dull.
“I am keeping up. How is Chantal and everyone?”
There was a pause.
“Hello, are you there? Ramsey!”
“Chantal was buried yesterday…” Ramsey said.
“What? What happened? Chantal is dead?” Ebuka asked in
“Yes…she was poisoned…we can’t say who poisoned her but
the truth is, she’s dead.”
“Are you serious? Oh my God, please accept my
condolence…I…I never knew of this…”
“Thank you…”
“I am so sorry, please take good care of yourself and be
“Thank you…good bye.” Ramsey said and hung up.
Ebuka stared at the phone, first of all not believing his
luck, then he became a bit sober as he remembered how close they used to be.
“Chantal! Oh Chantal, you were so beautiful…” Ebuka
He wiped his tears soon enough when he realized that the
oath had been broken by her death and he quickly placed a call to Bayo.
“Ebuka…what’s up?”
“You won’t believe what I just heard…” Ebuka said.
“What did you hear…”
“Chantal is dead…”
“Are you serious?”
“Yes, I heard she was poisoned…”
“Hmmm…for someone who acted as God, it’s surprising to
find out that poison could kill her.” Bayo said.
“I feel so sorry for her…such a wasted life!”
“Yes it is…”
“I am free to marry Tonia now…”
“Yes you are, my man…yes you are…” Bayo said.
As soon as Ebuka hung up the call, he went on Instagram in
search of jewellery stores based in Nigeria. He needed to purchase the most beautiful ring for his
To be continued tomorrow….


  1. life goes on am happy for Ebuka may chantal soul RIP. Danial you didn't watch you back at all you got what you asked for.


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