Ebuka had just alighted from his car, already so weary after
the long day. He recounted his encounter with Chantal and shook his head, he
wished that life wasn’t so complicated. He had just latched his car door when
he saw a tall frame tiptoe into the compound and crouch low , his first
instincts was, it was a thief but then again, the person looked female.
“Who’s there?” Ebuka asked walking over to the side the
person had disappeared to. “I must warn you that I am armed.” He lied as he approached

Tonia on the other hand knew she had blown her cover by
entering the compound. After she had seen him alight from the car with no
female companion in view, she would have gone back to the car. Now, he had seen
her and he was warning that he was armed and she wasn’t ready to be clubbed or
“It’s me!” Tonia confessed, standing up from her crouched
position so that he could see her.
“Tonia! It’s so good to see you…” Ebuka said walking
towards her.
“I err…came to take some of my stuff that’s still in your
place…” She lied.
“Oh…sure…please come in…” Ebuka said.
Tonia looked at him, he looked so tired and weary, she was
instantly troubled.
“Are you okay?”
“Yea…I’m fine thanks…” He said quietly and walked over
to his house entrance to open the door.
“You still have the spare key and can come here any time you
want.” Ebuka said invitingly.
Tonia almost wept at the gentleness of his tone, she nodded
and walked into the house with him.
“Your stuff is the room, I haven’t moved them or
anything…” He said.
“Okay…thanks…” Tonia said and disappeared into the room.
As soon as she stepped into the room, it took her such
strong will power to stay away from the bed. Memories of the nights spent in
this room came tumbling down her head and she tried to block it to no avail.
She quickly walked to the wardrobe, pushed it open and took her clothes and
stuffing them into a bag in the wardrobe she turned to leave. Ebuka was
standing in the room, staring at her.
“I love you Tonia and I want to spend the rest of my life
with you but…” He stopped.
“But what?” Tonia asked, her breath caught in her throat.
“I don’t want to…to leave you a widow or in sorrow…I
care too much for you to let you go through such pain.”
“What are you saying? Are you in some kind of trouble? Tell
me, Ebuka…”
“You’ve made your decision Tonia, I hope the guy who gets
you treats you well…” Ebuka said.
Tonia nodded as tears spilled from her eyes then blindly,
she threw the bag to the ground and drew him for a kiss.
The lovers threw caution to the wind as they merged their
lips together in a passionate fusion of souls.

Reme was in the car waiting for her ‘spy’ friend, something
told her that she wasn’t going to show up tonight.
Tola sat at her dressing mirror and stared at her
reflection, something was wrong with her. Her breasts were tender, she had
missed her period and she was feeling funny, she looked at the pregnancy test
knit in her hand and shook her head, ‘No, it can’t be!’ She thought. ‘I can’t
be pregnant, I can’t get pregnant…I tried several times with Bayo but it
never happened and if I am pregnant, it is definitely not Bayo’s child because
I have had my periods after leaving his house’ she thought. She disappeared
into the bathroom and emerged minutes later with a shocked look on her face,
the test was positive.
At that instant, there was a knock at her door.
“Come on in…” She said.
Her mother popped her head in through the door and smiled at
“Hey mom…”Tola said throwing the test stick to the ground
and skilfully kicking it under the bed.
“Hey baby…how are you?”
“Someone looks happy…” Tola said with a smile.
“Yes I am…”
“Who may I ask, have been making you happy?” Tola asked.
Her mother laughed heartily and blushed at her.
“I have fallen in love…” She said.
“Ooohhh mummy…that’s good news…”
“Yes…and I feel on top of the world…” Her mother said.
“Can I meet him?”
“Not yet! We’re still at the early stages of the relationship.”
“Is he younger or older?”
“Is there an age limit?”
“No…it’s just that I’m curious…”
“Well…he makes me happy so age doesn’t matter.”
“I can guess that he’s younger due to your answer.” Tola
“Hahaha…you can never guess right…”
“Errr…mum…what’s that guy’s name who came here some
weeks ago because he had to pick up some files for you?”
Her mother gave her a surprised look.
“Daniel…why do you ask?”
“You see, something has been nagging in me that I have to apologize
to him for the way I treated him that day. I was drunk and I was so
bitchy…can you maybe give me his phone number?”
Her mother hesitated a bit and said. “Okay, I’ll give it to
you, it’s in my phone.” She said and whipping out her phone, she scrolled to
see Daniel’s number.
Tola brought out her phone and took the number from her
mother, as soon as her mother left the room, she closed her eyes, fell on her
knees and began to cry.
To be continued tomorrow….

New Diary episode comes up next Wednesday…God Willing…stay tuned.



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