Simisola watched Bayo as he wore his clothes and
got ready for work.
“It’s barely one week after our wedding and you are already
off to work.” Simisola accused.
“I am sorry but I have to make money to feed you and our
child.” Bayo said.
“C’mon Bayo, the house gets so lonely when you’re not
“Does it? You can watch television or better still, ask your
sister to keep you company.”
“She works as well and she is pretty busy.”

“Then get busy…” Bayo snapped.
“I have a girl at the shop and she’s handling my business
well. The asoebi business seems to be a major boom and I’m glad that I left my
job to concentrate on it.” Simisola said, trying to make conversation.
“Good for you.” Bayo said.
“Come on Bayo, stop answering me in such direct tones…I’m
your wife.”
Bayo looked at her and said.
“I lost the woman I love because of you and I am trying not
to miss her whenever I see you in this house. Just so you know, Tola and I rented this apartment together, she even picked up most of the furniture in this house and she’ll forever be a part of this house and my life..” Bayo said.
“Bayo! That’s such a cruel thing to say!” Simisola cried
“I am going to Abuja briefly with a friend and if all goes
well, I’ll be back today but if it doesn’t, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Bayo said
and left the room.
Simisola buried her head in her palms and wept.
Ebuka and Bayo arrived at the Abuja airport that afternoon
at about two thirty pm, as soon as they got into the taxi, Ebuka said.
“I am so grateful that you decided to do this for me,
Bayo…thank you so much.”
“Don’t worry…it will be fine…” Bayo assured.
They arrived at their destination, paid the cab driver and
alighted at the two storey building house. Bayo pushed open the gate and
knocked at the door to the house.
“Who is it?” A female voice answered from within.
Bayo and Ebuka did not answer. The door opened and a very
beautiful lady with strong features stared at them, as soon as she saw them,
she almost closed the door at their faces but Bayo’s placed his foot in between the door and
the door frame.
“I don’t want to see you! Do I have to repeat myself over
and over again?” Chantal shouted.
“Please Chantal, I’m begging you…please…” Ebuka begged.
“Chantal! It’s me Bayo…please…” Bayo pleaded.
Chantal pulled open the door and let them walk into the
house. Chantal was a tall and very pretty female, light-skinned, and with beautiful body
and nice facial features. She was dressed in a tank top and a small short which
showed off her legs. Bayo took one look at her and winced in pain, her
right leg from the knee had been replaced with a prosthetic leg.
“Sit down…” Chantal said walking with a slight limp and
gesturing to the sofa in the sitting room.
The two men sat, Ebuka looked like a sad puppy and Bayo’s
face was expressionless.
“What do you guys want? Say it and be over with it!” She
“How are you Chantal? It’s been so long.”
“Yea…it’s been…when was the last time we saw each other?
Oh yes, I remember, after the accident that almost claimed my life!” Chantal
“Please…Chantal…” Ebuka started.
“Don’t you dare Ebuka! Don’t you dare!”
“I am sorry…I am so sorry…”
“Yes you are sorry but tell me Ebuka, am I to eat your
apologies? Am I to shove them down my throat? You are the reason I had
this…this…accident! If only I had listened to my parents, if only I hadn’t
taken my father’s car and attempted to drive to the airport that night after
knowing fully well that I was not an experienced driver! Heck! I had not even
passed driving lessons! But you…you called me and begged me to come and say
my goodbyes at the airport because you were travelling for further
studies….and I wanted to see you one last time before you left.  I didn’t think but took my dad’s car and drove it out in the dead of the night.
I could remember waking up days later to find out that I had had an accident
and was in critical condition and when I was told that…my leg…was…to be amputated, I screamed…I cried for days… and I passed out. Ebuka, you did this to
me and now you want me to break an oath we shared because you want to get
married and settle down? No way!” Chantal screamed.
“Chantal, I came back to Nigeria and heard of the news of
the accident, I came looking for you but you never let me see you! You shut the
doors to my face blaming me for your accident. What did you want me to do?
Soon, days dragged into weeks and months and I had to go back to school again,
then my dad died and I couldn’t frequent Nigeria as often as I wanted to
because of the expense of flight fares, I really wanted to come to you but you
shut me out. Years later, after you left Lagos with your family, I traced you
down and still you didn’t want to see me, you told me to let you be and I did
and found someone else, now I want to spend the rest of my life with her but I
can’t because I am so scared of the blood covenant we took. I can’t move on because the blood covenant that binds us
together could destroy all my chances of happiness and that’s why I am here to
beg that we break it.” Ebuka said in tears.
“No! Break it? So that you can get married and live the
dream with a woman with two legs while I hop around my parent’s house in this
state? No way!”
“But you are not being reasonable Chantal! Ebuka really
fought for you, he wanted you back but you sent him away…several times, why
can’t you forgive him and move on? Who says you can’t find love? What makes you
think that you can’t move on? You are a beautiful lady and any good man would want you
for a wife please don’t limit yourself.” Bayo pleaded.
“Stay out of this Bayo! This is a score that Ebuka and I
needs to settle. I knew that a time would come when he will ask that the oath be broken. I knew it and that’s why I’m not going to break the spell instead I’ve found a way out of it all.” She said with a triumphant glow in her eyes.
“What is the new way out?” Ebuka asked.
“The only way out is that you marry me.” Chantal said.
“Yes, so we don’t have to break the oath anymore.”
“Are you crazy? Don’t you understand the part where I said
that I am in love with another lady and want to spend my life with her?”
“I don’t think you want to help yourself.” Chantal said. “I
am not breaking that oath for anything in the world. Do you hear me?” Turning
to Bayo, she said. “Advise your friend properly, he either marries me or
“No! He won’t marry you! I am married to a woman I do not
love and it’s misery. I won’t let my friend fall into that category.” Bayo
said. Turning to Ebuka he said. “Come on Ebuka, our business is finished here,
let us go.”
“But she doesn’t want to break the oath…she doesn’t…”
Ebuka cried.
“We’ll find a way around it.” Bayo said with firm
determination and standing up, he gestured that Ebuka does the same.
“Bye guys, don’t return unless you decide to do as I have
asked.” Chantal said as she walked to open the door.

Ebuka and Bayo walked out of the house in defeat.
To be continued tomorrow…


  1. Wow! Like Wow!! This is getting more interesting episode by episode. You have outdone yourself again, Adaeze. Keep it coming hot out of the kitchen. Kudos!


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