There was a meeting and Dr. Gloria was in charge of the
meeting. The staff sat around the table at the boardroom while she issued
“We have a new development which I consider very brilliant.
Daniel, kindly explain to the staff what you told me a few days ago.” Gloria
“Me?” Daniel asked aloud.
“Yes you…you have five minutes.”
Daniel stood up and quickly started talking about the ideas
he had shared with Gloria two days ago By the time he was through, the staff
glared at him with open hostility.

“With immediate effect, I am creating a new team of business
builders! Daniel Omorege, you are leading the team.” Gloria said.
“Excuse me madam! This is not done!” Mr. Chime said,
standing up in anger.
“What is not done?” Gloria asked.
“He is a new hand, he can’t be placed as team lead over
us…” Mr. Chime said.
“When he was cooking up new ideas, what were you doing?
Having lunch? This meeting is adjourned.” Gloria said and stood up.
Everyone stood up and waited for her to exit the boardroom,
as soon as she left, Daniel was verbally attacked.
“This has been your motive all along right?” Mr. Chime
barked at him.
“I never…” Daniel started.
“I am sure that he’s been doing more than proffering big ideas…”
Mr. Zaccheus said.
“What do you mean…” Daniel started.
“You cannot lord yourself over us! We were here before you
and we’ll be here after you leave!” Miss Abigail said hissing and leaving the
Daniel mentally ticked her off his marriage material list
and watched as everyone stormed past him, leaving him alone in the boardroom
and confused.
“Hey…you called me…” Bayo whispered.
“Why are you whispering?” Simisola asked, she was lying on her bed in her sexiest negligee.
“My fiancée is here….” Bayo said.
Simisola was upset, she thought that Bayo said that they were giving themselves some space.
“Oh…I’ll call you later then…” Simisola said.
“I don’t think so…Sims, what we had back then was magical but you broke it. I love Tola and I’m determined to make things work between us…” Bayo said.
“Okay…happy bonding…” Simisola said and hung up.
As soon as the line went dead, she smiled and soon began to laugh.

Simisola called a week later.
“Hey….” She said.
“I thought I told you that it’s over!” Bayo said to her.
“I’m pregnant…just thought you should know…” Simisola
said and hung up.
She giggled to herself as soon as her phone began to ring.
“What do you want?” She answered and said into the reciever.
“Let’s meet up at the Haven…” He said.
“I don’t think I can do that…” She replied.
“Don’t make this too difficult for me.”
“Am I? We had sex Bayo…and it’s resulted in a pregnancy. We are going to have a baby”
“I know and I want us to meet to talk this over…”
“Talk what over? You said it’s over…what else do you want
to talk over?” Simisola asked.
“Let’s meet at the Haven in the next ten minutes, please…”
He cajoled.
Simisola dropped the call, the ball was now in her court.
In two minutes, she had gotten dressed and headed out of the
house. She quickly hailed a taxi cab and soon arrived at the Haven to see Bayo waiting for
“Hey…” He greeted.
“Hi…” She replied.
“How are you doing?”
“Cut to the chase Bayo…” She demanded.
“I don’t know what to tell Tola. I can’t hurt her…”
Simisola shrugged.
“What do you want me to say?” She asked.
“This is too complicated…”
“I’m not harming the baby.” She said.
“I didn’t tell you to…but Sims, we can’t have this
“Seriously? I thought you said she can’t give you one…”
“Yes she can’t at least not yet but that doesn’t make her
less of a woman…” Bayo said.
“Okay…” Simisola said.
“Can you have an abortion?” Bayo asked in a low voice.
“Sure…” Simisola said. “Our night together was a mistake
and I’m guessing that you want it to seem as though it never happened.”
“Yes….thank you for understanding me…” He said and
paused. “I want to set a date for the wedding with Tola and this baby is going to ruin my plans…” He said.
“Sure…” She said in affirmative. Then after a while she said.“Bayo, can I loan your
phone, I want to send a text message to a friend and I don’t have call credit
on mine as all efforts to load a recharge card has proved abortive.”
“Okay…” he said and handed his phone to her.
Simisola smiled, took the phone and instantly began
searching his phone contacts. She found what she was looking for and quickly
sent the number to her phone. As soon as the message delivered, she deleted the sent items from his inbox
“Here you go… thanks…” She said. “I should be leaving
“Yea…please be rest assured that I would be supportive of
you during the abortion process.” He said.

Simisola smiled and left, Bayo stared at her while she left,
grateful that she was being very considerate.
To be continued tomorrow…..

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  1. Wicked women he was not good enough for you before abi now you want to take him away from his love. This is the hight of selfishness


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