“Did you still go ahead with it?” Funmi asked.
“Go ahead with what? Weren’t you listening to me? His best
friend is the doctor at the clinic…” Simisola said.
“Are there no other clinics that perform abortions?”
“This one came highly recommended by Ekaete and you know that
she’s had about seven abortions and is now married with two kids.” Simisola

“We have to look for another option….you need to get rid
of this baby before it’s too late. Can you calculate how far gone you are?”
“I think I’m about three weeks pregnant…” Simisola said.
“Good…we are still early…” Funmi said.
Simisola’s phone chose that time to ring, it was Bayo.
Simisola blushed.
“Hey you…” Simisola said into the phone.
“Yep it’s me…I was wondering if you are interested in a
proper date…you know…” Bayo started.
“Will tonight be too soon? I actually found out that I am
free for tonight and…”
“Definitely…tonight is fine…” Simisola said quickly.
“Send me your address and I’ll come pick you up.” Bayo said.
“I’ll send it to you via text message.” Simisola said and
hung up.
Funmi stared at her in disapproval.
“Borrow some sense Simisola, this is a guy that you broke
his heart in the University.”
“What! That was ten years ago and I was twenty at the
time…c’mon sis…”
“Okay, whatever but get that D&C done!”
“Yea yea…whatever…” Simislola said standing up from the
sofa. “I am going to look for something amazing to wear for dinner. Wanna help
me out?” She asked her sister.
Funmi rolled her eyes and followed her into the room
Bayo had chosen a very beautiful restaurant which had a view
of the lagoon, Simisola loved the place instantly. They sat at a table reserved
for two and once they had placed their order, Simisola stared at the view in
“You are so beautiful Sims, more beautiful than I
remember…” Bayo said, taking her in.
“Thank you…” Simisola said, blushing at the name he had
called her. It was his pet name for her and she loved it and still did.
“How have you been? I can’t believe that no man has snagged
you up yet…” Bayo said in disbelief.
“Well…let’s say I’m at the sifting stage where I make my
own decisions.”
“Impressive…” Bayo smiled.
“So…why haven’t you been snagged yet? You are quite the
bachelor and I’m sure a lot of ladies are swooning over you.”
“Well…err…I’m engaged to be married.” Bayo said.
There was silence, it was as though Simisola’s heart had
stopped beating and she looked up at him forcing a smile to grace her lips.
“Really? Congratulations are in order then…”
“Well…it all depends though. We are on a short break right
now because my mom has been pressurizing us…”
“Pressurizing? What for?”
“You see, I’ve been dating Tola for about three years and we
practically live together. So, when I told my mom about my intention of marrying
her, she quickly said that as an only child, she must be sure that Tola can get
pregnant for me before she gives us her blessings.”
“That’s insane!”
“Well..we’ve been engaged for one whole year now and Tola
hasn’t gotten pregnant yet even after all the fertility treatments…”
Simisola’s mind quickly planned a few things, Bayo was one
of the best guys she had ever met, what if? She thought then quickly shrugged
the thought away.
“I am so sorry…”
“Thanks….the pressure of having a baby is drifting us apart…” Bayo said.
“Aww…I feel so sad for you…” Simisola said, reaching out
to hold his hands over the table.
By the time they finished dinner, they both headed out into
the car and as Bayo drove, they both started talking about the past and the
stupid things they used to do while they were dating. When they got to
Simisola’s street, Bayo stopped under a huge tree shade, just blocks away from
her house and they laughed about the naughty things they did as young lovers.
“I remember when I used to blind fold you with my singlet,
teasing that I had a surprise for you and only for you to remove the blindfold
and see a bowl of eba on the table.” Bayo laughed.
“You freak! You always had me fooled! I used to think you
got me one of the latest gadgets or something…” Simisola laughed.
“Hahahahaha….” Bayo laughed aloud.
“I miss those times…” Simisola said quietly.
“Me too…I miss you Sims…” Bayo said.
Simisola reached out and touched his face with her palm and
soon, their lips met in a kiss. Bayo captured her lips and
groaned when she responded, he quickly pushed down her seat and was on top of
her in a jiffy, grabbing and caressing her breasts through the dress she was
wearing. Simisola was plotting in her head, she didn’t want it to seem as though
she was playing hard to get but wanted him to know how much she’d missed him.
“I’ve missed you baby…” She whispered as soon as she
dragged her mouth from his.

Bayo lost control.
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  1. *Sings and dances in the rain* Bayo is an idiot hiya hiya ooooooo!!! He has entered one chance hiya hiya ooo!!!! Before you know, Simi will move in, baby clothes here, baby clothes there, baby clothes everywhere. Simi will regret this move hiya hiya ooooooo!!! *Takes a bow* LOL!!!


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