Ebuka was clueless, he had no idea of what else to do to win
Tonia’s love back. He picked up his phone and made a call to his bosom friend.

“Hey Bayo…congrats, I received your invitation card.”
Ebuka said.

“Buks! It’s good to hear from you. I would have delivered it
myself but I’ve been so busy, that’s the reason I sent the delivery guy.”

“It doesn’t matter how it was sent, all that matters is that
I got it.” Ebuka said.

“Thanks my man.”

“So how is Tola prepping?”

There was a pause on the line.

“Hello, Bayo are you there?” Ebuka asked.

“Didn’t you see the name on the invitation card?” Bayo

“What do I need to check the name for? I already know that
you both have been preparing for a wedding….” Ebuka asked.

“I’m not getting married to Tola…” Bayo said in chilled

“What?” Ebuka exclaimed in alarm.

“It’s a long story man, I’m not ready to get into it.”

“Why? What happened?”

“Nothing to bother your head about. How is my favourite
lady? Tonia! It’s been ages since we hung out…we should do that sometime
after the wedding.”

There was a pause.

“Ebuka…are you there?”

“Yes, I am.” Ebuka answered in a low voice.

“Is anything wrong?”

“Tonia left me…”

“What? No…no…no…man, this can’t be happening.”

“She says she wants a ring and you know I can’t give it to

There as a longer pause.

“Have you told her why?”

“No…I haven’t, I am so scared that she might leave me…I can’t
lose her man, I can’t.”

“What do we do about it?”

“You are the only one that knows my secret and I couldn’t
bring myself to tell her…
“Are you at your house?”

“Yes…I am…”

“Stay put, I am on my way.” Bayo said and hung up.


Daniel walked into Gloria’s office and shut the door, he had
almost forgot that she requested that he pays her a visit before closing for
the day. It was almost eight thirty pm and the office was empty, as all staff
had retired for the day.

Gloria was seated on her desk, facing the windows of her

“Gloria, you said to see you before I left.” Daniel said,
walking towards the desk.

“Yes, I did…” She said and turned to face him, standing up
and walking towards the fridge
Daniel looked at her, she looked so breezy and younger. She
had let down her hair and had removed her blazer and was on her pretty camisole
and skirt. Gloria walked to the fridge and brought out a tall bottle of
champagne and two glasses, she handed one to Daniel.

“Madam, what’s the celebration?”

Gloria popped open the drink and poured some into his glass
and hers.

“I’m celebrating you.” She said.


“Yes…you Daniel.”

“Why? What have I done to deserve being celebrated?” He

“Your tenacity, drive and insatiable thirst to accomplish
set tasks. I am proud to have hired you.” She said.

“Thank you so much ma. I am so grateful to you for hiring
me, I have gotten an apartment and I’m even making process to get myself a new
car. I am so lucky to have been blessed with such a good job.” Daniel blurted.

“Hmmm…drink up.” Gloria said looking at him.

Daniel gulped the chilled drink.


“No thank you Gloria, I’m taking the bus home and I’ll like
to know when the driver gets to my stop.”

“Hahaha…you’re funny Daniel and too prude, I can’t believe
that you can’t have another glass of champagne while many men would finish a

“I am not many men…” Daniel said.

“I know, that’s why I want to promote you to head of your

The glass Daniel held in his hand fell to the ground in a
dull thud. Thankfully, it didn’t break because the floor was deeply rugged.

“Ma? I mean…Gloria…this is too much…” Daniel’s voice shook as he bent to pick up the glass.

“For you, nothing is too much.”

“I don’t deserve this…”

“You deserve it because I say you do…” Gloria said.


“Listen to me Daniel. I am promoting you to head your
department, as you have shown amazing skill and great qualities. I am going to put
out a good word for you at the next board meeting with the board of directors. I want
you to be celebrated.”

“Why?” Daniel asked.

“Because you remind me of myself so much…and because, I
love you….”

“Excuse me?” Daniel spluttered.

“Yes…Daniel, I fell in love with you on the first day you
walked into my office…” Gloria said passionately, reaching out to touch his

“I don’t understand you…love me? How? I am…young…no
offence but you are old enough to be my mother.”

“I am not your mother am I? Listen to me Daniel, I can fight
for you, I can cut down on all staff and give some flimsy excuse that they are
not performing or that the company needs to downsize all in a bid to place you
on top. I want to make you great…”

“At what cost?” Daniel asked.

“All I ask is that you love me in return…make me feel like
a woman I once used to be. A woman desired, loved, admired and wanted by a man.
You are the only man I want….”


“You don’t need to say anything now…please go home and
sleep on it.” She said, edging closer to him and giving him a kiss on his lips.

Daniel gulped down the bile rising in his throat, he had just had sex with the daughter and now he was being kissed by the mother.
How complicated could life be?

To be continued tomorrow…


  1. Hmmmm, I suspected this at the beginning. But later changed my mind when it seemed she set him up with her daughter. Life's complicated meeen.


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