Toun found herself in a
beautiful apartment, she recognized it vividly and remembered that she visits
this same apartment one too many times as a conscious female. She was still
looking around when the door opened and a couple walked in, the lady was
shouting at the top of her lungs.
“When?” She shouted.

Toun recognized her, it
was her friend Aisha.
“Soon!” He answered.
Toun stared at him in
confusion, it was Dotun.
“You keep promising me
things and time is running out! I have been your PA for two whole years and it’s
time I moved on.” Aisha shouted.
Dotun rushed towards her
and pulled her to himself.
“Don’t say that
again…I love you too much…I won’t survive if you leave me…”
“Then what are you
waiting for? Leave that damned woman!”
“I just can’t…at least
not now! If I divorce her, her father will cut me off his properties and you
know that’s what I want….that’s all I want from her.”
“No! I can’t take this
anymore. I work by your side everyday while she sits at home looking pretty and
giving you children. She’s pregnant for your second child already…” Aisha
said as tears sprang in her eyes.
“Shhhh….don’t cry
“I can’t take this
anymore….we either get married or nothing! I will not be placed as second
best! Never!” Aisha screamed.
“I bought you this
lovely apartment remember? I will move the earth for you, just be patient with
“I am turning down
offers from eligible men while you’re strutting yourself about with a perfect
family. I have everything to lose!”
“What do you want from
“Come and meet my
parents!” Aisha breathed.
“Is that all?”
“Pay my dowry…make me
yours….it’s more sensible to fight for your love in your home than outside of
it…” Aisha said.
“Okay…set the date…”
Dotun said. “I’ll marry you…”

Toun’s mouth stood ajar,
she would have fainted in shock if she wasn’t in a subconscious state already!

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  1. Ada o which kian short something is this now? #straightface.
    But I enjoyed it o. Things being revealed to Toun. I hope she comes back to life and deal with them all.


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