Toun floated again to
where her body lay in the hospital, her mother was keeping a vigil at her bedside.
The strained look in her mother’s eyes gnawed at her and she wished she hadn’t been
so cruel to the woman who had obviously sacrificed so much for her.
go anywhere….mummy is here…please…” Her mother murmured.
Toun watched as the door
opened and Dolapo walked in, clutching a wet handkerchief and shedding
crocodile tears.

“Mummy…this is not
true ooo…heh! Toun! Haaaa!” Dolapo stamped her feet in tears.
“Keep your voice down,
if you know you aren’t done crying, with all pleasure, go back outside and finish
up. Toun needs prayers and not tears.” Toun’s mother said grimly while watching
her daughter.
Toun watched Dotun’s
sister, Dolapo, stick out her tongue at her mother and make faces at her.
“Yes ma…”
“Where are my grandchildren?”
“Ma? They are in my
house ma…”
“Please bring them here
to me…I need to arrange accommodation for them.” Toun’s mother said.
“Ha! That’s not what
their father told me ooo…he said that I should take them to my place…and
watch after them.” Dolapo said.
“And where is your
brother? Isn’t he supposed to be here as well?”
“He is in grief….I am
sure he will be here soon.”
Toun’s mother wrinkled
her nose, it was no secret that she hated Dotun right from the moment she had
met him.
“I need to see my grandchildren
and make sure that they are fine.”
“Mami, they are
fine….you know that your daughter didn’t even want you close to her children
so, I can’t act on your instructions.” Dolapo said gladly.
At that moment, Toun
regretted not giving her mother a space in her life. She remembered that she
had shut her out completely when she came to the house after the divorce with
her father and saw Dotun at the gate. Toun’s mother had exclaimed that his countenance
was suspicious as he, at the time of their meeting, didn’t know that she was
his future mother-in-law. Toun had defended her husband with the last breath in
her and after the wedding, closed all channels that gave her mother access into
her life. Her mother had never even seen Thomas since he was born, the only
grandchild she had seen was Bukky and it was on her first birthday party which
her father had thrown for his grand-daughter in his mansion. Toun’s mother had
arrived on that day, having heard of the party from one of her ex-husband’s
friends. The party had ended in a disaster as Toun had refused her mother
access to daughter. That was years ago.
“Well…I am going back
to the house…I hope she wakes up.” Dolapo said and left the hospital room.
Toun watched her mother
cling onto her wrist which was held firmly with a bandage.

“You won’t die
Toun….you won’t….” Her mother said as tears threatened to engulf her. 

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