Toun watched Dotun walk into the small room provided at the police station, she
was seated on the chair and before her was a paper and a pen.
“Don’t think I’d sign that! I will never set you free!”
Dotun threatened.
“Calm down Dotun…no one is forcing you to do
anything…please sit.” Toun said.
Dotun sat on the chair facing hers and looked away, he was
so angry at everything.
“Here are the divorce papers, which breaks our sham of a marriage and an agreement stating
that the kids would be in my care, kindly sign it.”

“Do you think I’m stupid?”
“Yes, I think you are.” Toun said.
“Don’t insult me.”
“I have no time to waste Dotun dear, sign those papers now
or I’ll charge you to court for attempted murder. God knows that you could be
locked for years…”
“Attempted murder? Me?” Dotun shouted.
“You squeezed my neck remember? Even after knowing that I had just survived an accident.”
Dotun looked at her in shock, he couldn’t believe the Toun
he was encountering.
“Toun….please…don’t do this to me…I have nothing left. You’ve taken everything from me…please…”
“Sign the papers, Dotun.” Toun said.
“You never used to be like this, you were so sweet and so
nurturing, what happened to you?”
“Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned and you and Aisha scorned me and I won’t rest till you are both where you belong.”
Dotun looked at her and picking up the pen, he signed the
papers and began to cry.
“I’ll speak to the police about your release. Thanks for cooperating
darling, I wish you the best in life with your beautiful wife, Aisha and your
lovely daughter.” Toun said and left the room.
Toun’s father was standing in her office when she walked in.
“Toun! I heard what happened? How dare he try to do that to
you? Where is he?” her father demanded.
“Aren’t you crying over spilt milk?” Toun asked, walking to
seat on her chair. “Thank God I wasn’t harmed, my PA called security just in time.”
“I was worried about you…”
“Worried? Ha! Come off it dad, we both know that you are
worried about no one but yourself.”
“Why do you say that?”
“You are my dad and funny enough, even after everything that
happened, I still love you and need you, so I’ll let bygones be bygones but
from now on, I’m letting my mother into my life. She was a victim of your
treacherous ways.”
Her father looked at her not know what to say.
“You don’t need to say anything daddy…” Toun said as she
turned on her computer. “If you’ll excuse me, I have work to do.”
Her father stared at her in surprise as he turned on his
heels and walked out of his daughter’s office feeling like a naughty child.
Dolapo hadn’t gotten over her time at the police cell and
her daughter who had just returned from her father’s house days ago, hadn’t
gotten over the incident of the night with auntie Toun.
They were both seated in the sitting room of their house,
engrossed in their thoughts when the doorbell rang.
Soon, their things were thrown outside the gate while mother
and daughter held on to each other in bitter tears.
Aisha and Dotun had the biggest fight of their lives when
Dotun found his way to Aisha’s brother’s home as soon as he was released from
the cell. 
The issue: they had both had it with each other as their quest of
destroying Toun had unknowingly been the chord which bound them together. Now
that Toun had ended up destroying them, it was glaring that they had no use for each other. Aisha was broke and the little money she had with her was for her daughter’s upkeep till she found  a man
who could provide for them. They
were both relocating to her sister’s place in Calabar and Dotun wasn’t invited. 
Dotun on the other hand
was penniless, homeless and had nothing to his name, automatically finding
himself again at the position he was when Toun took him in. The couple parted
their separate ways and Dotun left Lagos for good, leaving no traces.
It was a bright new day and Toun, her mother, step-father
and her kids were bound to St. Barts for a much deserved vacation. They all
arrived the airport on time and checked in and were soon seated in the first-class
compartment of the plane. They were all very happy. As soon as they were
settled, her mother whispered to her.
“Now that you are single….”
“I’ll love myself and discover who the real Toun is.” Toun
smiled in answer to her mother.
Her mother nodded and gave her a quick squeeze. Bukky and
Thomas were arguing again, this time it was over their drinks.
“This is my drink!” Bukky growled.
“No! It’s mine! Mine is fuller than yours!” Thomas bickered.
Suddenly, Toun felt her mind return to the beginning of the
life’s journey which had shaped her for good and she recalled being in the
middle of her kids quarrel just before the accident happened.
Everything came
flooding back and even though the accident had left her rattled, she was
grateful to it for being the biggest shaper of her life.
Turning to her kids she said
“When we land, I’ll get you guys large cones of ice cream
so, stop tearing at each other.”
They nodded, smiled and contently sipped their drinks.
Toun vowed to love herself, take care of her kids and focus on career, and if a man comes along in the future, she promised to make sure not to be a fool in love again.


This comes as a surprise right? No one knew the season ends today…hehehe….hope you enjoyed it. Xpect a better second season!
A new season of Silence should start tomorrow (God Willing)
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  1. My darling Ada..Thank you sooooo much. When I saw ' the issue' I just knew this was going to be the last episode of Silence.
    Thank you sooo much. When we suggested or better still 'begged' for longer episodes you gave us that.Thanks hun
    Thanks for the lessons learnt. Thanks for being a dedicated writer. God bless you hun and more ink to your pen.

  2. You are a great writer, I doff my hat to you. You are also consistent, which sometimes is more important than talent. There are so many bloggers who start but never finish, of cause we can't flog them as its their prerogative to write. But for those like you that are diligent and consistent, I know for sure that you will hit it big. As the bible says, see a man diligent in his work, he shall stand be kings. That shall be your portion IJN.

    • You know, at the beginning, I wasn't this consistent but one day I said to myself 'this is the one thing that I do that makes me genuinely happy' so I decided to write more often.
      Thank you so much for the blessings dear, may God bless and reward you for your kind words. A big AMEN to your prayers too.

    • Awwww….thank you darling!
      Yes I can…I write at least five stories everyday and when I have to add script writing to the mix, there's plenty to write.
      Wanted to start a second daily episode but changed my mind and decided to make it into an E-book! (It's almost finished)

  3. Actually, when I read yesterday's episode, I knew it would end sometime this week. Of everyone in this series, my heart goes the most out to Berna. She's just a victim of circumstance. I hoped she'd have a happy ending somehow.
    Anyway babe, this was a great series. Your daily posting, the suspense. I'd save up to watch any movie if you wrote the script.

  4. awwwwwwwww Ada finally!!!! i didnt want it to end but i love the happy ending for Toun. Thanks sooooo much for this series, it kept me entertained and warm. Well done dear, well done!

  5. The one day that I'm too busy to come online that is day she decides to end my favourite series! I will miss the characters even Dotun and Aisha and the plot has been the bomb! Well done Ada. Please package this for TV abeg o.
    Looking forward to the next one.


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