Toun had just returned from work and was just alighting from
the car when the security approached her.
“Madam…na oga ooo…e don come…” The gate man said. “Make I tell am to come inside house?”
“Oh…send him in…”
“Yes ma…” The gateman said hurrying back to the gate.
Dotun surfaced from the gate and headed towards Toun, she
could tell that he had lost a lot of weight.
“Dotun…I’m sorry…for everything.” Toun said catching him by surprise.
Dotun looked at Toun in surprise and was pleased to have the
old Toun back.
“It’s okay darling… I am sorry too…” Dotun said holding out his hands to her.

Instead of embracing him, Toun took his hands in hers and gazed compassionately into his eyes.

“How have you been?” Toun asked.
“I’ve been all over Lagos, searching for our missing baby
girl…” Dotun lied.
“Oh…that! I…totally forgot to tell you that I found
“You did?” Dotun asked in surprise.
“Yes…with the help of the Nigerian police…” Toun said.
“How come I didn’t know about this?”
“You haven’t been around Dotun…” Toun said.
“It’s okay…I’m glad that this frees Dolapo from the police cell.
You made sure to tell the police to release her right?” Dotun asked.
“Ohhhh….I totally forgot that she was arrested, you
see…I’ve been so busy with company work and it’s been a bit overwhelming…”
Toun revealed.
“What? My sister is still in the cell?” Dotun asked, clearly upset.
“I’m sorry dear…I’ll make a call tomorrow for her release.”
“She was unjustly locked up, why don’t you release her today?
You can make the call tonight.”
“Tonight? The officers might be asleep and I don’t want to
disturb them.” Toun said.
“Disturb? The police don’t sleep…that’s why they have
“Dotun…I’ll call them tomorrow…don’t worry.”
“Okay then…let’s go into the house.” Dotun said.
“The house? I have news for you about the house…” Toun
said looking at him guiltily.
“What news?”
“I’ve sold the house…”
“You what? You sold our house? Within one week of my absence?”
“It’s mine remember? I just don’t want to live here anymore
so…I sold it…”
“Where do you expect us to live?”
“Oh…I have not even figured that out. Silly me! The thing
is, the realtor comes tomorrow to show the new buyers the house but by then I’d
have left for Abuja…because I have a business meeting with some of dad’s
“What? Where are the kids? Where will they be while you’re

“They are in safe hands …don’t you worry about them.”
“What of me? Where would I stay?” Dotun asked.
“I’ll need you to take your things and move somewhere till I
buy a new house. I was thinking of buying a house on the Island so…”
“Where will I be till then?”
“You were somewhere these past few weeks weren’t you?”
Dotun nodded.
“You can go there till I figure everything out…”
Toun said.
“I can’t believe this Toun…how could you sell the house
without consulting me? We are family.”
Toun smiled at him, wishing she could say the words ‘how
could you marry Aisha and have a child with her without consulting me’ but
instead she said.
“Just go pick your things, I asked the housekeeper to pack
them up for you.”
“Wow…this is surreal.” He said. “Let’s go inside…I really need to sleep.”
“I’m afraid you can’t spend the night because the fumigating company is coming to fumigate the house tonight. I
just need to take my stuff as well and head to my dad’s where I’ll get prepped
for my trip tomorrow.” Toun said.
“Are you serious?” Dotun asked in shock. “A fumigating company is coming to fumigate the house? Are you sure about this?”
“Yes I am…” Toun said as she turned on her heels and
walked into the house while Dotun stared at her back murderously.
It was no secret that Toun went nowhere as she had said all that as a ploy
to get Dotun to leave the house, she didn’t sell it either and she had no business
meeting in Abuja. It was another one week after Dotun had moved out with his
baggage and she was seated in her office seething after the meeting with the
auditor was over. Her suspicions had been confirmed. Dotun had used the company’s money
for personal purposes and her lawyers had been duly informed and were working
on getting the court to agree to freeze his accounts however, they wanted to
contact him first and possibly hear his side.
She was still seething when she received a phone call from
her secretary.
“Hello Judith…” Toun said.
“There’s a man here to see you ma, he says he’s your
“Ohhh…send him in…” Toun said plastering a smile on her
Dotun burst in through the door, his face was beet red.
“Toun how dare you?” He barked.
“Dotun darling…calm down, what is wrong?”
“You tricked me! You deceived me to believing that you were
going to release my sister from police custody when you didn’t…she is still
there as we speak and she’s a thin as a broom stick.” Dotun breathed.
“Ohh…I totally forgot…how could I have forgotten? My
God! Dotun please sit down and let me call the police officers to let her go.
How insensitive of me! I should have let her out long ago…”
“You’d better do!” Dotun said.
Toun placed a call to the police officer and spoke to him,
when she was done, she faced him.
“How are you Dotun…you look a mess…”
“Really? Why won’t I? When you kicked me out of the house
and ….in fact Toun, let’s get straight to the point. I need to come back home soon enough and stop perching from pillar to post.”
“Me? Kicked you out?”
“You sold the house dammit and I don’t even have a job or anything! Toun, we need to discuss as a family and get another house to move into as soon as possible. We need to stabilize things for the sake of the kids.”
“I have something for you…” Toun said opening her drawer
to bring out a huge Manila envelope. “Your birthday was last week but I forgot
so…here’s your present. Happy belated birthday Dotun.”
 She said and handed the envelope to him.
Dotun took the envelope from her, hoping to see some sort of
letter reinstating him as the managing director of the company but to his surprise, it was
something else.
“Divorce papers? Toun? Are you divorcing me?”
“Yep…” Toun said.
“On what grounds?”
“Infidelity Dotun…”
“How dare you? Have I ever cheated on you? Have you ever
caught me cheating on you?” Dotun screamed.
“Hahahaha…Dotun…you make me laugh! You know, I’ve tried
so hard to hide how I really feel about you and your wife, Aisha and did I forget to
mention your baby, Berna…”

Dotun growled like a lion and lunged at Toun intent on strangling her to death.
To be continued….
This episode is the lengthiest of all the Silence episodes. Why did I make it this long? The answer is; y’all know the reason…
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  1. well done Ada, i second the 'Telemundo' comment. I hope and Pray you end up having a TV series station. Tombs up.
    plus i like the fact that your stories are highly educative and cut across all aspects. 'Blackmail' nailed it for me and challenged me spiritually. Thanks Ada.


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