In one week, Toun had been able to get everything figured
out, she found monies that were hidden and had an audit company do a thorough audit
on the company even though they said that it would take a while due to the
records were a mess. She found payments to trips abroad, lands
procurement and the like and she invited a lawyer to see her in her office. The
lawyer booked an appointment with her for Wednesday and as soon as they met,
they sat to discuss.
“I have heard your side of the story and I feel that your
husband is going to have things work against him.” The female lawyer said.

“I really need something to be done, I called my dad and he
said that you can get the court to freeze his assets and bank accounts pending
till these issues are resolved.” Toun said.
“Yes we can once we have enough proof that he embezzled
monies running into millions and also prove that the monies worth as much as the assets he procured.” The lawyer
“Can you look into that for me?” Toun asked.
“My partner is working on that and he’s working hand in hand
with the auditor, I am here for a different purpose….remember?” The woman
Toun  breathed deeply
and exhaled.
“Yes….true…” Toun replied.
“So, on what grounds?” The lawyer asked.
“Infidelity…” Toun started and broke down in tears.
“It’s okay…things like this are never predicted at the
beginning of every marriage. A lot of women are going through worse things than
you are…”
“I am not crying because I don’t want to divorce him, I am
just crying that it took me a coma to realize how much I’ve been played…”
Toun said in tears.
“A coma?” The lawyer echoed.
“You won’t understand and I don’t want to confuse you
“What of your children? Have you considered that he might
fight for custody?”
“Custody? Hahahaha…he won’t dare! He has all the odds
against him. He has a secret family with a child and my daughter went missing in his care. He’s such an incompetent father.”
“Missing? Has she been found?” The lawyer asked.
“Thankfully, yes she’s been found…I had to report the
whole thing to the police and she was found. She is safe now, with my mother.”
Toun said.
“Wow…you are right….all odds are truly against him.”
“Yes…it definitely is.” Toun said.
“Can I file the divorce papers as soon as possible?” The lawyer asked.
“Yes…please do but don’t send him his copy yet till the
court gives the order to freeze his assets and accounts. I don’t want him
running off with even a miserly dime.”
“Where is he? Do you by any chance know where he is?”
“I have no idea. Maybe he’s with his PA who’s also his
wife…or maybe he’s somewhere else…I have no idea.”
“Has he contacted you since you told him not to come home?”
“No…” Toun said.
“Okay then, I’ll get to working on your divorce papers and
serve him when you give the go!”
“No, once you get the divorce papers, bring them to me and I’ll serve him myself. I’ll hate to miss seeing the look on his face when he sees it.”
“Okay then…but please be careful, people who never expect divorce mostly act irrationally once they get served.” The lawyer said.
Thank you so much madam…I appreciate this.” Toun said.
As the lawyer left her office, Toun felt a heavy weight lift
off her chest, she quickly sat before her computer and began to search for
vacation ideas for herself and her kids on the internet.  
“I am only here because Berna needs her flight fare back to school…”
Aisha said standing in the sitting room.
Dotun sat on the sofa flipping through television channels,
he had spent the entire week alone in Aisha’s house as she had left the house
with her daughter while his niece had called her dad to come and take her.
Dolapo was still behind bars for all he knew and he felt useless to do
anything. He looked up at Aisha and hissed.
“Dotun! Berna needs to go back to SA and I have no money for
flight fare…” Aisha started.
“Don’t disturb me!” Dotun grunted.
“Dotun! What is wrong with you? Look at this place! It
stinks of something stale…you are not helping yourself living in this
“You left me so…” Dotun started.
“You raised your hand on me and I vowed that any man that
does that to me would never have a second chance with me.”
Dotun looked at her and refocused at the television.
Aisha sat on the sofa beside him and said.
“Berna sends her love…” When he didn’t reply, she
continued. “Have you spoken to Toun?”
“No! And I’m not speaking to her till she comes back to her
“Have you spoken to chief, her father?”
“I called him severally this week but he hasn’t been picking
my calls.”
“I called Bolanle at the office, and she said that Toun has
been on top of affairs at the company. She even said that the staff prefer her
to you…” Aisha said.
“Rubbish! Why won’t they prefer a lilly-livered woman?” Dotun said. “Where have you been staying?”
“I’m at my brother’s place….”
“Please come home…” Dotun said.
“No I won’t…not until we become a real family. I am tired of having to live this kind of life and I want you to be a man and set out family right.”
“So in order words you are not coming back here until Toun’s out of the picture.”
Aisha nodded and quickly said.
“Dotun…I have been thinking…why don’t you make peace
with her? It doesn’t make sense fighting your enemy outside the house. It’s
best to fight her from within. By staying away from the house, you are losing
your hold on her…and who knows what she might do next? We really need her at her most vulnerable state so that we can strike” Aisha advised.
Dotun looked at her, letting her words sink into his head.

To be continued….
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  1. Even the devil has more sympathy than Aisha and Dotun…
    This life is mysterious…
    I want to imagine the shock and despair that would dawn on Dotun when Toun serves him the divorce paper (with police escorts around here ooo)
    Ada….thanks for the dedication you put in on your blog.

    • Yes I do have a facebook page, a personal one and a fan page as well as twitter (a personal one and one for this blog) they all get updates of all the stories as well as my linkedin page. I'm opening an Instagram page for my blog tomorrow (God Willing) Thank you for asking and for the suggestion too.


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