“I want to kill her…oh my God Aisha, I will kill that
woman…God help me…” Dotun screamed in frustration and beat the steering of
his vehicle.
“Calm down…don’t you see she’s confused? Before you know
it, she’ll be running back to you to help her manage the affairs of the company.
I laugh at her lack of good judgement.” Aisha said.
“She fired me!” Dotun said incredulously.

“No she didn’t…at least, that’s not what she said.”
“She fired you too…she’s asked the HR department to get her a new PA.” Dotun said.
“Of course not! Don’t worry, I’ll handle her. You know that
she trusts me so much and practically worships the ground I step on…”
“I doubt she does that now..” Dotun said blandly.
“Stop worrying baby…please…”
“I wonder why I am the only one who’s seeing this change in
that woman. Something is not right…I can’t place a finger on it but something
is not right. It’s like there’s something in her mind. Do you think someone has
been feeding her bad things about me? Could it be her mother? Since she woke up, I haven’t been myself. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat…it’s like something is wrong”
“C’mon Dotun, she has been in coma all these while. How
would anyone feed her with stuff about you while she was fighting for her life.
I think she just wants to feel important…you know she loves attention alot
and I guess she’s tired of getting it from you and her dad and wants the whole
office to pay attention to her.”
“I am not sure I buy your explanation.”
“Before I forget, where is Bukky and Thomas?”
“Phew! I totally forgot to ask Dolapo about Bukky. Do you know
that my stupid sister can’t find Bukky? I took Thomas to Toun while she was at
the hospital and she asked that I bring a few of his clothes as she wanted him
to stay with her dad. I guess he’s there now…”
“Don’t be angry my love…this will pass…” Aisha smiled.
“You are such a strong woman Aisha my love…I wish
everything could work for good already so that I can have you by my side.” He
said. “Could you do me a favour and see what’s going on Toun? I can’t soil
my hands with the dirt of knowing what’s up with my troubled
“Don’t worry I will….” She said and handing him a bunch of
keys, she said. “Here’s the keys to the house. Just incase you get there and
Berna and the nanny have gone out for grocery shopping.”
“Okay…I’ll go and sleep at the house for a bit.” Dotun said.
Soon, Aisha alighted and walked back into the office, she
headed straight to Dotun’s former office and without knocking she pushed the
door open. Toun was seated with the accountant and they were discussing.
“Excuse me? Aisha, don’t you knock?”
“Oh….I’m sorry about that…”Aisha laughed nervously.
“Your barging into this office makes it seem like it used to
be a habit while my husband occupied this seat.” Aisha said with a smile.
“No…not at all…I actually opened it because you are the
one in here and since we are friends, I was like…what the heck?”
“Hmmm….please do not repeat this again…am I understood?”
Toun asked, with a smile.
“I am sorry about that…” Aisha said nervously.
“Now, please go out and knock….like a lady…” Toun said
with a smile.
Aisha couldn’t believe her ears, she walked out of the
office with wobbly legs and shut the door, then suppressing the urge to scream,
she rapped at the door. There was no answer till she knocked the second time.
“I’m in a very important meeting…come back later.” Toun’s
voice rang out.
Aisha fumed, she panted heavily and stormed off in anger.
Toun on the other hand smiled and kept checking the records
with the accountant.
“Hmmm…why was this amount of money withdrawn? Can I get a proper record on this transaction?” She asked
the accountant sweetly…
To be continued….

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