Toun was discharged after the doctor had
pronounced her of sound health. She was however advised to take enough bed
rests but that fell on deaf ears as she couldn’t wait to leave the hospital and get to work.
Bukky on the other hand was at Toun’s maternal aunt’s place, carefully hidden away from Dotun.

On the day, Toun was discharged- something she had asked the doctor not to tell her husband or father- she paid a visit to her children who were at her aunt’s place. Thomas was also at Toun’s aunts place with Bukky as Toun had told Dotun that she had wanted him stay in her dad’s house instead  of Dolapo’s house. Instead of sending her son to her dad’s she had had her step father take him to her aunt’s place. Toun had arranged that the woman who had been with Bukky all the while should be taken in by a Non-governmental organization and made a mental note to visit her when she was free.
Instead of calling Dotun or her dad, she had asked that a taxi be arranged instead to convey her mum, step-dad and herself to her aunt’s place.  
They arrived at the house before noon and the woman was so
happy to see Toun after years of being estranged from her. Bukky was so happy to see her
mother alive and well and told her about her ordeals at aunty Dolapo’s house. 
 Toun was angry with Dotun and his sister but angrier
at herself for not being able to see the deceit played out by Dotun and his sister all the while. 
“Thomas is too quiet…is that how he is?” Her aunt asked.
“No…he is mostly very mischievous.” Toun said.
“Hmmm…he just says one word at a time and even Bukky
confirmed that he had been too quiet since the accident. I think you should get
him checked….the accident must have traumatised him.” Her aunt said.
“My poor baby…and to think that my husband couldn’t even
notice this change in him…” Toun muttered.
“Thank God you came are alive, now you can continue your
role of being a good mother to your children.” Her mother had said.
“Yes…” Toun replied.
“I’ll stay with you for a while at your house and make sure
you are okay before going back to my place…” Her mother assured.
“No mom…I don’t need you to do that. I will be fine, the
only thing I need you to do for me is to take my children with you till I am
ready to have them with me.” Toun said.
“What? Take your children? Why?”
“You won’t understand mum but please do as I ask…take them
with you and look after them for me…” Toun continued.
“What of you? Who will look after you?” Her mother asked.
“God will. He took care of me while I was unconscious, he
will do same now that I am conscious.” Toun said.
Her mother wasn’t pleased with her decision but she shrugged.
“It’s okay then…I’ll take care of them.”
“I’ll need you to enrol them into a school for a while because I don’t
know how long it’ll take for me to be done with everything…”
“Done with what?” Her mother asked.
“Don’t worry your mom…I’ll tell you everything at the
right time.” Toun said, standing up from the sofa and giving her kids one last
hug. Her arm was in a sling in order to rest her wrist.
“So you’re leaving?” Her aunt asked.
“Yes…I am…I’ll send some money into mum’s account so
that she can take care of everything…but I will be returning to my husband’s
home alone.” Toun said.
Everyone stared at her in confusion, she was leaving her
kids in the care of her mom and deciding to return home alone? What was going
on? They thought to themselves.
“Why don’t you want to take your kids with you?” Her aunt asked inquisitively.
“I could but then, I have so much on my hands right now and I can’t shuffle taking care of them for now. You know I was a stay at home mom before the accident so, I have no nanny.” Toun said.
“I am so glad that you have come to your senses Toun. I am so glad that you have finally realized that you have a good mother. Do you know that I couldn’t visit you at the hospital for fear of being insulted by you and your father? I was surprised to see your step-father bring your kids to my house. When I saw them I was like ‘wonders shall never cease!'” Her aunt said.
“I am very sorry for everything….I guess my brush with death taught me a lot. I am really sorry auntie…”
“C’mon, let’s let bygones be bygones…” Toun’s mother said to her sister.
“Ofcourse I have…but I’ll be a fool not to ask.” Her aunt said.
“I have so much catching up to do with my mom but right now, I need to clear my head first and set priorities straight that’s why I’m asking that mommy takes the kids back with her till I am ready.” Toun said.
“Don’t worry…I will take good care of them.” Toun’s mother said.
“Mom, will you come back to get us?” Bukky asked.
“Yes, I will my darling…” Toun answered.
“What of daddy? Where is he? I haven’t seen him since he dropped us off at aunty Dolapo’s.” Bukky asked.
“Daddy and I have lots of things to settle but once we are done, you will see him.” Toun smiled at her daughter, then turning to her mom, she said. “I’ll need you to help me get a good doctor for Thomas, someone who can figure out what’s going on with him. I wish I could handle this myself but I have lots of things to sort out.”
“Don’t worry about Thomas my dear, go and sort out what you have to. I’ll take it up from here.” Her mother assured.
“Thank you mum…you are the best.”
By the time Toun left, her mother breathed aloud and said.

“I don’t know what is going on but dear Lord, please keep
her safe!”
To be continued…
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  1. This story is getting interesting! Adaeze you are a very good writer, been seeing your adverts on bellanaija but never had time to check your blog. Checked yesterday and was glad I did. You do have talent, keep it up.


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