Aisha got dressed to go to the hospital, she had to put up
her best appearance and hopefully deceive her friend. Her daughter walked up to
her and said.

“I haven’t seen daddy since I came back…is everything

“Yes…it is…”

“Are we still going to live together as a family?” Her
daughter asked.

“Yes we will…”

“Do you promise?”

“I promise you baby, with all my heart.” Her mother said and
continued applying her makeup.
Aisha arrived at the hospital bearing gifts, she had a
basket of fruits in her hand and rushed into Toun’s room. When she got in, she
didn’t see Toun in the room but her mom.

“Good morning ma…” Aisha greeted.

“Good morning…”

“Please where is Toun?”

“She’s taking a walk around the hospital with the nurse.”

“Oh…she’s that strong?”

“Yes…very strong. My daughter is a fighter.”

“Praise the Lord.” Aisha said with an icy smile.

There was something about Aisha’s demeanour that didn’t seat
right with Toun’s mother. Soon, Toun walked into the room with a nurse as soon
as she saw Aisha she smiled.

“Aisha…my dearest friend…” Toun said reaching out to hug

:”I thought you were going to die! I have cried and
cried….and cried….” Aisha said hugging her back.
“I am so glad to be alive…it such a miracle…” Toun said.

Aisha nodded and beckoned that they sit down on the bed.

“I brought you some healthy fruits….please help
yourself…” Aisha said, putting her hand into the basket offering Toun a juicy apple.

“Thank you so much but I can’t ingest anything yet…the
doctor says I have to be careful with what I eat.”

“Haba! But it is just fruits na…what’s in an apple?” Aisha

“Don’t worry, I’ll eat them later…” Toun smiled.

“C’mon…just have a bite…” Aisha cajoled.

“Didn’t you hear her say that the doctor doesn’t want her to
eat everything yet?” Toun’s mother snapped and snatched the apple from Aisha
and placed it back in the basket.

“When did she become such an important figure in your life?
I thought you hated her…” Aisha asked in disgust.

“Do you hate your mom?” Toun asked sweetly.

“My mom is my rock, why should I hate her?”

“Then why in the world do you think I’d hate mine?” Toun

Aisha chuckled uncomfortably and scratched her head.

“Don’t worry, I’ll eat the fruits later…” Toun said.

“When are you going to be discharged?”

“Well…” Toun said, raising up her hand to study her wrist.
“My wrist is the only part of my body that was hurt really bad so…it all
depends on the doctor but I’m sure it’s going to be soon.”

“Thank God! I can’t wait to see you back on your feet…”

“Me too…” Toun smiled.

By the time Aisha left the hospital, Toun’s mother said to

“I don’t like that friend of yours….”

“Me neither!” Toun replied.
Aisha stepped out of the hospital and called Dotun.

“Hey…” Dotun greeted, sounding weak.

“Hopefully the bitch should eat the fruits I gave her…”
Aisha said.

“What fruits?” Dotun asked.

“I poisoned the fruits I just gave your wife…” Aisha said

“That’s a desperate move but I like it…”

“Let’s cross our fingers and hopes she eats them…” Aisha
said stonily.

Toun’s mother carried the basket of fruits and tossed them
into the large garbage bin at the ground floor of the hospital. As soon as she
had done that, she walked back into the hospital, heading to her daughter’s

To be continued….

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  1. She should have asked Aisha to taste the fruits too, that's what I'd have done. Can't wait for the time she'll expose those idiotic husband and best friend of hers.

    The Bellanaija piece was beautiful, I didn't expect anything less.

    • Me too…but then, if she had asked her to taste the fruits, it'll mean she knows something…

      Thanks for reading dear and also for reading and commenting on the Bella piece. E-hugs!

  2. Aisha, of all th men in the world, why Toun's husband? Anyway, both o you match each other in wickedness……and it's reward cometh.


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