Toun’s mother’s husband came to pay her a visit at the
hospital and she was so grateful that he could come. He was a very good looking
elderly man with kind eyes and Toun liked him instantly, she regretted never
attending their wedding or being involved in their lives prior to now. He sat
beside her on the bed and held her hands in his.

“I prayed for you to come back to life…” He said in Yoruba language.
Toun smiled, he was such a traditional man and a sweet one
at that.
“Thank you…I am sure your prayers contributed to bringing
me back.”
Toun’s mother smiled and said. “Yes, prayers work.”
“Can I call you daddy?” Toun asked.
“It would give me so much pleasure…” Toun’s step father
“I need a favour from you…” Toun said.
“What is it? Please name it and it will be done.”
“I need you to help me find my daughter, she was taken away
by a woman at the bus park and driven to Ikorodu…” Toun supplied.
“How do you know that?” her mother asked in surprise.
“I know…” Toun looked at her mother in assurance.
“What do you want me to do?”
“I have a friends at the police station, I need you to ask them to accompany you to look for my daughter. She is with a
elderly woman who is a beggar….I know the road where the woman picked her up
from…” Toun said.
“Toun! You are scaring me! How do you mean you know that
your daughter is at Ikorodu? Your daughter is with Dolapo!” Toun’s mother said.
“No! She’s not there! She’s at Ikorodu…”
“Okay so what do I do now?” Her step father asked.
“Please…find her….I lost my phone during the accident,
so I’ll need you to go to the police station….” Toun said.
“Anything…anything for you…” Toun’s step-father said.
“Thank you so much…” Toun said in gratitude. “I would be so
glad if she’s found but then, I don’t want her father to know she has been
found. I want him to continue lying to my face.” Toun said bitterly.
Toun’s mother stared at her in surprise but didn’t say
Bukky was seated at the junction with the elderly woman when
a police car drove up to them and two police men and a man alighted.
“Is this your child?” The police man asked the elderly woman
who was seated on the ground with a bowl of change at her side.
“Sir?” The woman asked.
“My dear….what is your name?” One of the police men asked.
Bukky turned to look at the woman with trembling lips, she
had just begun begging with the woman and she was so nice to her. The woman
nodded, imploring that she tell the truth.
“Bukky…” She replied.
“It’s her….she even fits the picture description.” Toun’s
step father said, walking up to Bukky and stooping low so that they were at
eye-level. “Hello, I am your granny’s husband…we haven’t met before but you are a splitting image of your mother.” He said.
“I don’t want to go back to aunty Dolapo’s house, she
maltreats me…” Bukky cried.
Toun’s step-father looked at the girl who didn’t look as
though she had had a bath in days and said.
“Your mommy woke up and she sent me to look for you.”
“My mummy is awake?” Bukky screamed. Turning to the woman,
she said. “My mommy is awake, don’t worry, I’ll be fine now…”
The police walked up to the woman and dragged her to her
“You are under arrest madam for the kidnap of …”
“No please…she’s been so kind to me and she’s
poor….please don’t arrest her…” Bukky pleaded.
“She went against the law….” A police officer said.
“That’s because she’s hungry and she has no one to take care
of her. She is sick and doesn’t have money to go to the clinic so she begs for
a living….please don’t arrest her.” Bukky pleaded.
“Don’t worry my dear….let the police bring her, I promise
that they wouldn’t lock her up in a cell.” Toun’s step father said.

Bukky nodded and leaving his side, she walked up to hold the
woman’s hand. Together, they all entered the vehicle and left the scene.
To be continued tomorrow….

Due to popular demand, I have decided to add a bit more to the Silence episodes! Remember I said at the beginning that it would be short and sweet…yet I still receive complaints like ‘it’s too short’. So, I’m making it a little bit longer for y’all *big grin*.
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  1. Sometimes, i think that God limits us from seeing all our enemies and just protecting us, cos we might not be able to handle it.
    Toun is such a strong woman to witness her enemies plot against her and still remain calm.
    ADA….well done joor


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