They were all at the hospital, Toun’s mother, Dotun, Toun’s
dad, and Thomas. Thomas had spoken from the first time since the accident, he
had said the word ‘mummy’ and Toun was so glad to see that he was okay. Before
her father arrived, she had drilled her husband on the whereabouts of her
“She’s errr…with Dolapo…she said…” Dotun stammered.
“Do you mean Bukky heard that her mom is awake and wasn’t ecstatic?”
Toun had asked.
“Of course she was happy…I mean…she wasn’t there…I
mean…she went out with my niece.”

“So you mean you didn’t see her at home when you went to get
“No I didn’t…” Dotun had answered through grit teeth,
already upset that his wife was asking him questions as though he was a child.
“Why is Thomas this way? Is he okay?” She asked further.
“Yes he is…” Dotun defended.
“Look at him…he looks pale and he sucking his thumb. He
doesn’t suck his thumb.”
“I think it’s a habit.”
“I think I’d get him an appointment with a psychiatrist.”
Toun said.
“You can do whatever you want to do, all I know is, Thomas
is fine.” Dotun stressed.
When her father arrived, he had flung himself on his
daughter and cried happily, Toun wasn’t in the least moved, she knew he never
truly loved her.
Now, her family sat around her in the hospital relaying
their fears and the experiences they had when she was in coma.
“Baby…I missed you so much that I would lock myself up in
my room and cry.” Dotun said in emotion.
“I was so upset that I almost shut the office down for a
day.” Her father lied in turn.
“Who’s in charge of the businesses now? Have you been able
to find someone to handle the shipping?” Toun asked her father, changing the
topic proving to him that she was still on top of the company’s affairs.
“I thought I told you that I let Dotun handle it.” Her dad
“He’s handling too much…give it to someone else. There should
be someone that we could promote to that level…” Toun said.
“C’mon babe…I am handling the shipments just fine and it’s
always advisable to place these delicate position in the hands of family
members.” Her husband said.
“I couldn’t remember asking you any questions darling…”
Toun smiled at him and turning back to her dad she said. “Any new improvements
I should know about?”
Dotun was taken aback by his wife’s countenance; he stared
at her in surprise.
“Well…I retire in two years and I want to place someone in
CEO position…” Her father started.
“Daddy is making me CEO at the next board meeting.” Dotun
blurted, struggling to add his voice to the meeting between father and
“I guess that will be on hold…” Toun smiled at him.
“Hold?” Dotun blurted.
“Yes, you are alive and well, I was thinking of handing it
over to Dotun till Bukky or Thomas is grown enough to take the position.” Toun’s
dad said to her.
“Those thoughts should be cancelled daddy, that position is
mine.” Toun said.
“Baby…why are you saying all this? You remember that you
gave me your seat at the company, years ago and you haven’t even been abreast
of the company’s affairs.” Dotun started.
“Well…I’ve decided to take up my responsibility. I can’t
run from heading the company anymore …” Toun started.
“But I am there and I am fully capable…” Dotun said.
“I know you are darling, but this accident I had brought me so
close to death and I want to have achieved something before leaving the world
so, I need my position back.” Toun said smiling at him.
“Baby…we are a team…no one is saying you can’t work in
the company but c’mon, people won’t respect you…I mean…”
“And why is that?” Toun asked.
“I…I didn’t mean that…” Dotun blurted.
“Toun was head before you ever sniffed that position, why
would you say that my daughter wouldn’t command respect there? She attended one
of the best universities abroad for the purpose of running my group of companies.
You, on the other hand still have a first degree…” Toun’s father sparked.
“I am so sorry sir…” Dotun apologized.
“So it’s final then. I am the new CEO….naturally, since it’s
my company.” Toun said.
“Yes you are…I am going to announce that at the next board
meeting and also have my lawyer stop all processes to changing my will as I had
instructed him to. If you will excuse me, I’ll go make a phone call to my
lawyer.” Toun’s father said and left the room.
“Toun! You amaze me!” Dotun said.
“Are you disappointed baby?” Toun asked sweetly.
“No…I mean…I have been handling the company’s affairs so
well and…”
“I know you have and I commend you for it…I just want to
achieve something…okay.” Toun said.
“You need to rest now…” Her mother said.
“Yes I do…I can’t wait to leave this hospital mom…”Toun
said to her mom. “When is your husband coming? I would like to see him.” She
said smiling at her mom.
“He’s already in Lagos…he just called me…” Her mother
smiled at her sweetly.
Dotun looked at mother and daughter and even though he
couldn’t place a finger on it, he knew that something was definitely wrong.

To be continued on Monday…..


  1. I wish yesterday was Monday.
    Now Toun is awake and the action is just starting…I only hope that Dotun don't try anything rash ooo.
    Now it is her motther's turn to be celebrated…
    Monday please come tonight…..

  2. wow! What a story. I started from episode 1 and just could not get enough of it. even cried at some point but now, I'm literally dancing in the office (LOL)


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