“Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you give me a heads-up?”
Dotun shouted at the doctor.
“I am sorry sir…the patient requested that…”
“I am her husband and I signed the papers which had her
admitted and…” Dotun said cutting off.
“I was expecting that you would be thrilled to see her
alive…she wanted to surprise you.” The doctor said, not knowing whateslse to

“What is her health status? Is she fine?” Dotun asked
“Yes, she seems to be recovering fully, the only problem is
her wrist which should be perfect in a few months.”
Dotun didn’t reply, instead, he stormed out of the doctor’s
office slamming the door behind him.
Aisha and her daughter had showered and changed, Aisha was
waiting for Dotun to call and relay the good news that Toun was finally dead
and that they were going out to celebrate but since he hadn’t called, she
decided to call him instead.
“Hey boo…” She said once he picked the call.
“What is wrong? What happened? Don’t tell me you couldn’t
finish her off.”
“She woke up!” Dotun said in a resigned voice.
“Arrrrgggggghhhhhh!” Aisha screamed in alarm.
“Yes my love….our worst nightmare is awake…” He said.
“My God! Tell me that this is not happening. I have raised
our baby’s hopes up. She is so happy…oh my God, Dotun! We should have ended
the tramp’s life long ago.”
“I was about to kill her…I swear…I was just seconds away
from snuffing out her life when she woke up…”
“What? Did she see you?”
“No…I was lucky that she didn’t notice what I wanted to do
to her…”
“What do we do now?”
“We wait…” He said in a resigned voice.
“Oh my God! I am tired of waiting…” She cried.
“You have no choice…” Dotun said and hung up.
To be continued tomorrow….
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