“I am so happy mom…this is good news.” Berna said, smiling
at her mother.
“Yes baby…and guess what? We are moving into a bigger
house and you can get everything you’ve ever dreamed of and even school here
“Really mom? I want to be close to you and dad and don’t
want to school in SA anymore…thank you mom…thank you…” Berna whooped for
They were both seated at the back seat of the car while the
driver drove them home.
“So, when are we officially moving in with dad?”
“Anytime you like baby.”
“What of right now!” Berna said in delight.
“Of course dear…let’s go home first and freshen up. I’m
sure you want daddy to see you looking your best.” Aisha said with a huge
Dotun refused to be frustrated, his doctor friend had
refused to give him any drug that would cause harm even after he had lied to
him that he wanted to use the drug on his dog who had suddenly taken ill and
would prefer death to life. He was determined to end Toun’s life today even if
it cost him his life so, he drove to the hospital.
As soon as he got in, he strode towards the ward, he didn’t
notice however, that the nurse on duty had placed a quick call to Toun’s room
to inform her mother of her husband’s arrival. He opened the door to the room
to see Toun’s mother, seated by Toun’s bed with head bowed.
“I would like to see my wife please….alone!” He said,
dismissing the woman irritably.
Toun’s mother did not argue, she stood up and left the room.
Dotun waited for her to leave and quickly walked up to Toun’s
bed and pulled out the pillow from under her head. Lifting the pillow high, he
was about to push it down on Toun’s face when she opened her eyes and smiled at
Dotun jumped in fright and fell to the ground in fear,
tossing the pillow away.
“Dotun baby…” Toun said in a small voice.
Dotun cleaned his eyes with his palms and standing up, he
looked at his wife.
“Toun! When? How? What?” He asked, in short of words.
“I am awake my dear…” She said sweetly.
“You are alive…yes?” He stammered.
“Aren’t you happy?” Toun asked smiling at him.
“Yes…I am happy…indeed…I am happy…” He stood there
looking at her.
“Won’t you give me a kiss?” She asked.
“Yes I would…I should…” He said inching to her and
giving her a kiss.
“Tell me you love me…” She said.
“I…I do…I love you…” He said quickly. “Why didn’t I
know you were out of coma?” He asked.
“I wanted to surprise you…” She smiled and looking around
she asked innocently, “Where is my pillow? Did you take it?”
“Yes….yes sir…I mean yes…I took the pillow…I wanted
to rearrange it properly before you woke up.” He said.
“That’s fine…”
“Excuse me for a moment, let me go and see the doctor…I
can’t believe this, it’s a miracle…” He said and rushed out.
As soon as he disappeared, Toun laughed, a slow mirthless
laugh, Dotun started the game, she could as well as finish it for him, she

To be continued tomorrow…
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  1. Hahaha…..did you take my pillow indeed. Toun is a new being through and through. God bless all true mothers everywhere.


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