“Toun! Oh my God! Toun” Her mother exclaimed in delight and
hugged her tight, then burst into tears. “I thought I had lost you…I
thought…” She cried.
“I’ve been out for a few days…” Toun said, her voice
sounded strange to her ears.
“Yes you have but you are back! Thank God…oh my God I
thank you…” Her mother cried, falling to her knees with her hands in the air,
singing praises to God.

Toun looked around, it was so good to be back and she was
grateful to have remembered everything that had happened in her subconscious state.
It felt like she had been dreaming.
“Mom…” Toun started.
“Yes my dear…lemme go and call the doctor…” Her mother
said to her in excitement.
“Not yet, I have some things to tell you…” Toun said.
“Tell me?” She asked.
“Yes…I want to tell you how sorry I am for everything, for
those years I threw your love for me to the dust, for never….appreciating
your love…I am very sorry mommy.” She said as tears welled up in her eyes.
“No…I am sorry for not fighting for you as I should
have…I let your father take you away from me…”
“No mom, you were never to blame…he had so much power and
money. He took advantage of you…he raped you while you were a worker at his
parent’s house…”
Her mother looked at her in surprise.
“I didn’t tell you all this, how did you know?” Her mother
“I saw a lot of things mom…a lot of things. I saw things
that were and things that are…” She said wincing in pain at the ache in her
wrist. She lifted her hand and looked at her wrist which was in a cast. “I
broke my wrist…”
“Yes….but luckily, you just sustained minor injuries in
other places. I  have to call the doctor
to come and examine you.”
“Wait mom…before you do that…could you please tell me
you’ve forgiven me?”
“Yes I have forgiven you, I did that a long time ago.”
“Thank you so much…I love you mom…thank you for never
giving up on me.” Toun said with tears in her eyes.
“I love you my baby…you don’t know how much you mean to
“I think I do…and yes, I really do…” Toun said.
“Can I call the doctor now?” Her mother said with so much
“Yes you can.” Toun said.
Her mother nodded and rushed out to call the nurse and
inform the doctor, soon, the doctor came in with his team of nurses.
“Welcome back Mrs. Toun, we are so glad to have you back.”
The doctor said in an excited voice.
“Thank you doctor…”
“I’d like to examine you now after which I’ll call your
father and husband to relay the good news…”
“Please…do not spoil the surprise, I would like to relay
it to them myself, at least to my husband. 
Please do not tell them anything….”
Toun said.
The doctor looked at her in surprise, as well as the nurses.
“Really? But they would really like to hear the news and…”
“That’s my special request from you doctor…I’d appreciate
it if you and your nurses heed to it.” Toun said firmly.
The doctor nodded in understanding and started examining

To be continued tomorrow….
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  1. oh my!! i'm soon glad Toun is alive and remembers everything!
    i love your stories by the way !! stumbled on your blog, and i've been here for 2 hours.


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