Toun was already so
tired, she was still at the roadside crouched beside the gutter in tears, her
daughter was gone, and she had no idea of how to bring her home. She felt so
“God, take me!” She
screamed. “Take me away from these miseries! I am tired of living in this
state….let me die and discontinue this sham of a life….please….take me
away! I have no loving husband, no doting father who I spent all my years thinking
he loved me so much, I have nothing to hang on to. My mother, oh my mother…she
is the only one who really loves me. I wish I could ask for forgiveness. My
children, oh how would they cope without me? Dotun would never let my mother
take them with her, why is life so cruel? God please…do anything to me, punish
me through any other means but take me away from this state, I am tired of
seeing things that are hidden and not mean for my eyes….I am tired…” She

All of a sudden she felt
a strong wind engulf her, Toun struggled hard to no avail, it felt like a
hurricane was tossing her around like a mere piece of furniture, Toun screamed
in alarm as she was forcefully removed from the place she was.
Toun’s father was seated
with Dotun at a meeting with his lawyer, they were deep in discussion.
“In a total, I have two
hundred and seven properties, my companies excluded. All these belonged to
Toun, my only child but in the case of her death, I want it transferred to my
grandchildren Olubukola and Thomas Oluwasegun, and these properties will be
managed by their father till they are of age. I am retiring in the next two
years and I will only collect a stipend from these properties in order to live
through the rest of my days in peace.” Toun’s father said to the lawyer.
The lawyer quickly typed
on the keyboard of his laptop.
“Dotun here has been
more than a son to me and has handled the affairs of my company for nine whole
years, I would place him in the position of CEO in the next general meeting.”
Dotun smiled, he stood
up from his seat and walked up to his father in-law to give him a hug.
“Thank you very much
sir, I promise not to misuse this opportunity.”
“Good. That aside, where
are my grand kids?” Toun’s father asked.
“Oh! They are with my
sister….” Dotun said, already feeling like a CEO.
“Okay…I hope they are
fine?” His father in law asked.
“Yes sir…they are in
perfect condition sir…” Dotun said.
As soon as the meeting
was ended, Dotun rushed out of the office and placed a call to Aisha.
“Hello baby…how was
the meeting?” She asked.
“You won’t believe what
I am about to tell you…” He said bursting with the good news.
“What…please tell
“My father in law just
gave me the keys to his kingdom….” He whooped for joy.
“Serious? Oh my God I am
so happy for us…” She screamed in delight.
“Yes…me too…he is
convinced that Toun is as good as dead…” He whooped in delight.
“Oh my God! Thank God!
This is good news and calls for a celebration.” Aisha said.
“Before we celebrate, we
need to make sure she’s dead and when I say dead, I mean dead!”
“Now, you are reasoning
with me….” Aisha said.
“I was thinking…since
the doctor says that it’s one visitor at a time, I could go and pay her a visit
this evening and perhaps kill her.” He said.
“That would be great but
“I have this doctor
friend, and he owes me big time. I was thinking of asking him to give me a
killer drug, just like the ones we see in the movies, where they inject the
person and it seems like it was death through natural forces.” He said.
“Good idea…how soon
can you get the drug?”
“I’ll call him today and
work out the details.”
“I love you Dotun…”
She said.
“I love you babe…it’s
time for us to live as one family, just as we planned from the beginning.”
“Yes! Oh yes! Berna’s
flight arrives in thirty minutes, I can’t wait to tell her the good news.”
Aisha said.
“Yes please do…and
remember that you need to prepare an eulogy too.”
“You bet!”
As soon as Aisha hung
up, Dotun smiled and began searching for the number of his doctor friend.
Toun’s mother sat beside
her daughter, she had just finished answering a call from her current husband
and he had promised to make it to Lagos today to pay her a visit at the
hospital. She began crying again and stood up to adjust the covers on her child
when she felt a slight movement. She was startled and looked at Toun’s face,
her eyes were open.
“Hello mama…” Toun
said in a low voice.
To be
continued on Monday….
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