As soon as Aisha got
into the car, she slammed it shut and shouted.

“What the hell is wrong
with that old woman?”

Dotun had just hopped
into the driver’s seat and he said quickly as he started the ignition.

“We can’t just tell her
to go, she’s her mother.”
“So bloody what? Who
cares? Toun never loved her mother, it’s a fact and everyone knows that!”

“Well…if we send her
out of her daughter’s hospital room, it could raise eyebrows.”

“Oh how I hate your
flimsy excuses! We didn’t go there to kill her at least not yet! We went there
to see if there was a way we could end her life slowly. Perhaps an oxygen that
we could stop…later in the future.”

“I know…”

“Since the hospital
management has said that it’s now one visitor per visit, then, I’ll go visit
her tomorrow.”

Dotun drove out of the
hospital in silence.

“I have to go and pick Berna
from the airport tomorrow…” Aisha supplied. “Are you coming with me?”

“Oh, that’s true! Her
mid-term starts tomorrow, am I correct?”

“Yes and it lasts for a
week…I called her guardian today and she says that Berna’s flight leaves
South Africa by seven am tomorrow.” Aisha said.

“My smart girl…” Dotun
said with pride.

“You know she’s been
asking lots of questions lately…” Aisha said.


“Yes…questions…like ‘why
doesn’t daddy live with us?’ ‘Why don’t I call him ‘daddy’ in public?’  Dotun I am tired of this cat and mouse chase.
I have tried so hard to cover up the fact that she’s your daughter and we
agreed to send her to SA for school because we do not want her meeting Thomas
and Bukky and somehow letting the truth slip out that they are actually
step-siblings. Now is the right time to act! If Toun wakes up from that coma, I
cannot continue the charade of hiding the truth from her. I want you to myself
and I want us to start a family together.” Aisha said.

“Do you think I don’t
want her dead? Even my family wants her dead! My sister wants her dead as
well….but all these things take time…I can’t just pull the plugs off her
body like that. I need a plan.”

“Really? You need a
plan? Stay there and keep looking for a plan while that doctor figures out how
to get her out of that coma! You disgust me Dotun! After all these years of
leading me on a wild goose chase, you don’t have the balls to act like a man. I
guess it’s time I understood that there can never be ‘us’.”

“Don’t talk like that!
Aisha…I am doing my best…”

“Then your best is not
good enough. I want Toun dead before this week runs out and I mean dead!”
“I’ll figure it out….I
need to also get my hands on some more cash just in case our plans go wrong…”
“It won’t go
wrong…what’s there in killing off a dying woman?”

Dotun nodded
thoughtfully and drove down the road in silence.
To be continued tomorrow…

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  1. Dear Toun, i wish i could help but am certain Ada will help you out of that coma with her pen. Nne biko help save toun!!! thanks


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