Dotun and Aisha walked
into the hospital with sad facial expressions, they looked so pale, forlorn and
very sad. A subconscious Toun, already tired of all she had been revealed had
stood at a corner, watching the comings and goings from the hospital. Her head
snapped up as soon as she saw the couple strut in, she felt hate pour through
her and she ran to them screaming.

“Don’t! Don’t you dare
go in there! Hypocrites! Don’t you dare!” She screamed loud enough for her ears
Aisha and Dotun walked
past her and went towards the room where her body lay, hooked up on machines. A
subconscious Toun followed them, screaming.
“Don’t go in there! You
have no right to act as though you care. Betrayers! Evil people!” She pranced
about anxiously.
Dotun and Aisha entered
the room and saw Toun’s mother there with a nurse, Toun’s body was still hooked
to the machines.
“Good morning ma…”
Aisha greeted genuflecting.
Toun’s mother nodded her
head in response, she was in so much grief and pain, she had cried for days
over the state of her child.
“Mummy…can we have a
moment with Toun?” Dotun was saying.
“A moment? What for?”
Toun’s mother asked.
“I am her husband and
Aisha is her very close friend and also my P.A, we would like to be with her
“I am her mother and I
am not going anywhere.” Toun’s mother said stubbornly.
“You forget so easily
that Toun never wanted you close to her. She would cringe right now if she
could see you here sitting right next to her. You mean nothing to her.” Dotun
said dispassionately.
“I carried Toun for nine
months in this womb! You won’t tell me what to do or what not to do as long as
my daughter is concerned.” Toun’s mother spoke up in anger.
The subconscious Toun
nodded in agreement.
“As you can see…I am
her husband and I make the decisions here….even in this hospital, I have more
rights as to who can see her and who cannot. I also signed the papers giving
the hospital the right to place her in special care…” Dotun said.
Toun’s mother eyed him angrily
and standing up, she made to leave the room. A subconscious Toun, seeing that
her mother was about to leave, panicked. She began screaming loudly.
“Don’t leave me mummy,
please don’t! These people would kill me once you turn you back ….please
mom…” She screamed.
Just as always, her
voice was not heard as her mother started to open the door. Toun held her palms
against her ears and screamed loudly. Suddenly, the monitor started to beep in
quick succession. 
The nurse in the room shouted in panic as she rushed to check
the patient and rushed out of the room to call the doctor. Toun’s mother rushed
to her daughter’s side in fear while the doctor ran in quickly with the nurse.
The doctor asked everyone to leave the room except the nurse and shut the door
behind him. Toun stopped screaming instantly and the monitor stopped beeping, her
body was in a stable condition once again.
“What happened here?”
The doctor asked the nurse.
“The patient’s husband
came with her friend to see the patient and asked that her mother left the
room, they began arguing and the mother agreed to leave. She had hardly left
the room when the monitor started beeping dangerously…so I hurried to call
“This is strange. From
now on, I want you to restrict visits to one visitor per turn and by this I
mean that there must not be more than one visitor in this room. Am I understood?”
“Yes doctor…”

The doctor took his
leave and Toun breathed a huge sigh of relief!
To be continued tomorrow….
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