“Guess what I brought for my god-daughter? You are so pretty
Berna baby…” Toun said as she played with Aisha’s daughter.

A subconscious Toun had found herself in a scenario she was beginning to despise so much, she hated it so much after the scene she had just witnessed.

“Berna needs her sleep now…” Aisha said picking up her
baby and laying her in a cot in the sitting room.

“Mehn! This your hubby is taking good care of you…and the
baby, I wish I could see him.” Toun said.

“Well…he’s the perfect husband and father…” Aisha said.

“Dotun is also the nicest man I know…he is a lovely father
to Bukky and Thomas…do you know he promised us a vacation to Disney land?”
Toun started.

“Really? When?” Aisha asked.

“This Easter holiday…you know the kids are on their
vacation time and this is the first vacation we’ll take together as a family.”

“I thought they went on a vacay last holidays…”

“Yes we went but Dotun wasn’t part of it…” Toun supplied. “This
is our first family vacay as a complete family. I feel so sad for my poor baby,
he works so hard at the office, running affairs and stuff…he really needs to

“Good for you…” Aisha said dryly.

“Perhaps Berna could come with us…she’s almost the same
age as Thomas and I’m sure the kids will get along well together.”

“No!” Aisha said quickly. “She’s still one year old and your
kids are two and four respectively…they might play roughly and hurt her.”

“No…Bukky loves her dolls and Thomas loves his trains…I’m
sure she’ll blend right in.” Toun watched her conscious self persist.

“Hmmm….that sounds like a good idea. Maybe I could tag
along too…” Aisha suggested.

Toun pondered on the request for a while and said.

“Well…I was thinking that this would be a kind of a
honeymoon for myself and my husband but what the heck? Come on…it will be so
much fun!” Toun said smiling.

“Thanks dear…don’t worry about the flight costs for me and
my baby, I’ll cover it…”

“Don’t be silly…I’ll include you in our vacation
package…” Toun said quickly.

As Toun’s subconscious self hovered about, she felt so bad
about her gullible nature and how her so-called friend had taken so much
advantage of her. As she watched her conscious self hug Aisha and bid her
goodbye, she stayed back in Aisha’s house, waiting to see what more scenes may
play before her eyes.

Aisha picked up her phone and made a call, placing it on
speaker mode.

“I gave you a day off today at the office, I hope you are
using it well…” Dotun’s voice floated out to her.

“I was till that stupid woman came over to see her so-called
god-daughter. Who made her god-mother by the way?”

“Who are you talking about?” He asked.

Toun of course!” Aisha spat.

Dotun chuckled loudly.

“Has the agent brought the new nanny?”Dotun asked changing the topic.

“He says he’s bringing her over today…I hope she’s better
than the last one or I might enrol my baby in a crèche.”

“That’s what I want to hear…Berna is old enough to go to

“Well…that’s if this nanny is crap.”

“Come back to work, I miss you so bad and I miss our lunch
breaks more…” He said.

“I miss those lunch breaks too…to think that we have been
having lunch breaks together for the past three years and no one at the office has noticed, still baffles me.” She laughed.

“You are drug that I can never get enough of, I miss you so
much and it’s as though I’ve known you forever. You complete me bae.”

“I love you more than you can ever imagine….I can’t wait
for us to be together, properly you know…as man and wife.”

“Yes we will be together but the timing is not right yet.”
Dotun said.

“That reminds me, Toun said you guys are off for an Easter vacation…how come I never knew anything about that?”

“Oh…I’m not going…I have other plans with you and Berna as
a family.”

“Errr…I kinda invited myself on the trip…because she was
insisting that she takes Berna along.”

“Cancel it joor…let’s go somewhere and enjoy each other.” Dotun was saying.

“Hahahaha…naughty man. Come to think of it though…the
fact that we are all together and you sneak out when she’s not watching to have
fun with me will spice up the vacay. Don’t you think so?”

“You are so mischievous! I swear!” Dotun laughed.

“Hahaha…don’t spoil the fun…I want to hear her whine and
complain to me about your not having time for her while I remember how much
passion we ignited just a few minutes ago. It will be so much fun…” Aisha

The subconscious Toun couldn’t take it anymore, she rushed
out of the house, afraid that she’ll be sick!

To be continued on Monday…

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