Toun suddenly found herself at a lonely road, she was
wondering why she was there when she saw her daughter Bukky, with an elderly
“Bukky! Bukola, what are you doing here? How did you get
here?” Toun asked aloud but her voice was for her ears alone.
Bukky trudged beside the woman slowly, she was tired and
“Don’t be afraid…I will take care of you…” The woman
said in a kind voice.

Bukky looked at the shabbily dressed woman who promised to take good care of her and wondered if she could take care of herself talk-more of a child.
“But I miss my mummy…I want to see her…” Bukky said.
“Where is she?” The woman asked in concern.
“I don’t know…there was an accident and she was at the
hospital and my dad took me to my aunt’s place…where she starves us and
shouts at us…”
“Us?” The woman asked.
“My brother and I.” Bukky supplied.
“I am sorry about that…” The woman said trudging slowly and finding it difficult
to walk down the road.
“Are you sick?” Bukky asked in concern.
“Yes…very sick…”
“Is that why I was brought here to you by that nasty woman?”
The woman smiled and replied. “Was she nasty to you?”
“She slapped me…”
“She doesn’t normally do that…”
“Who is she?”
“She’s an agent…she sends people to help people out, so
she sent you to me to help me out.”
“Help you out? With house chores? I don’t do house chores.”
Bukky supplied.
“No…not with house chores.” The woman said, stopping to
turn to face her. “I am a beggar and I have not been making enough money on my
own but with you by my side, posing as my daughter or grand-daughter, I’ll get
more money from people.” The woman said.
“She kidnapped me. Aren’t you afraid that
you’ll be caught?” Bukky asked.
“Did she kidnap you?” The woman asked not flinching from the fact that the girl was kidnapped.
“Yes…I was walking about and she grabbed me and…”
“Shhhh…don’t worry, you will be safe with me, look at the
brighter side, you are better off with me than with your aunt…”
“That’s true…you sound nice…but I really want to see my
“Don’t worry…once you help me earn enough money, I’ll help
you find your mom.”
“Deal?” Bukky asked.
“I promise!” The woman said and holding onto Bukky’s hand, they
both walked further down the road.
The subconscious Toun didn’t know whether to laugh over the fact
that she had found her daughter or cry that her daughter had openly preferred
to stay with a total stranger than her own aunt. She hoped to God that nothing bad befalls her daughter and she wished she could step into the situation and take her daughter away from the woman but she had no power to do that.
As quickly as she had come, she found herself at the lavish
apartment she had grown up in. Her dad was hosting a very exclusive party and
there were lots of girls clad in skimpy clothings and prancing about the place
in glee.
“To life…success and more life!” Her father toasted and
quickly gulped down his wine.
Toun stared at her father in disbelief, she couldn’t believe that the tears he had shed some days ago over her accident had been crocodile tears. While his daughter
lay in the hospital, he was toasting to life and success with his friends.
Music was turned to its loudest and her dad and his friends
took to the dance floor pulling the girls along with them. Toun watched her
father make a fool of himself, he brought out wads of cash from his pocket and
splayed it on the girls giggling as the notes fell on their bodies.
“Eat them…money thirsty wenches! Eat them!” He said as he
sprayed the money on them.
The girls began to laugh and chew the notes like goats.
The party continued and her father’s phone began to ring, he
quickly went to answer the call, Toun followed him closely behind.
“Hello…” Her father said into the phone, while placing it
on speaker phone.
One of the girls left the party and followed him, dancing against
his body and making sensual moves.
“”Hello sir…it is doctor Akin.”
“Oh doctor…”
“I just wanted to give you an update on your daughter’s
“Oh…that! I’ll come into the hospital tomorrow, I’m at an
important meeting right now.” Her father said and hung up, turning to kiss the
girl who had followed him out.
“Let’s go to your room…” The girl said suggestively.
“No…let’s go back to the party…” Her father said and
dragging her with him, they both went back into the sitting room.

started at their retreating backs, feeling completely crushed.


  1. There is nothing in this world to be compare with the love of a MOTHER!!!
    Toun If u re lucky to have a second chance to live, pls appreciate your mother's love. Meanwhile Toun let me join your ghost abi na subconscious laugh jare I don't blame your dota .

  2. Ada this episode touched me so much, I had to control my eyes not to shed tears. Her father who caused so much havoc in her life and her mother's life doesn't even care about her.

    • Awww….namsie, please don't cry. Yes, life is tough, most times even tougher on the person next to us but then, we are conquerors through He who made us.

      Thank you so much for reading dear.

  3. The ironies of life are mystifying..
    Who would have believed that the father would be such a callous person……life.
    Toun abeg smile , at least you now know your FRENIMIES

    Q.O.S…. Welldone

  4. Oh my! I hope Toun still has the will to live, after all she has seen. But again, I see her havin such will, if only for her mother an children's sakes.


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