Boma watched as her baby breathed her last. “Nooooooo! Nooooo!” Boma screamed as she felt the child go
The doctor rushed into the room and taking his stethoscope,
he placed it on her fragile chest and waited to hear a heartbeat. Nothing!
“I am sorry…” He started.
“No! No! Sarah! No! My baby! No!” Boma cried hurling herself
at the doctor and hitting him with her fists.

“I am sorry…she was in a very critical condition and you
know we tried our very best…”
“No…oh my God! Sarah why? Why did you leave me? Why?” Boma
cried aloud.
The doctor left the room and Boma hugged the frail body of
her child.
Sarah was four years old, a very fun, bubbly little girl who
had been gifted to her by a poor villager in her husband’s village who had had
so many children. Boma remembered visiting her husband’s family three years ago
and deciding to go for a short walk before retreating for the night when she
saw a woman bent over at a farmland. Boma loved taking walks since her family had always encouraged her to from childhood. Boma was a plus sized woman and had always been big from her tender years, she has never recalled being a size fourteen in her adult life.
“Good evening ooo…” Boma had greeted walking past.
“Welcome ma…” The woman replied.
Boma was about taking two steps forward when the voice of
the woman stopped her in her tracks.
“I’ve heard about you ma…” The woman said to her.
Boma turned to look at the woman in surprise.
“Heard about me?” Boma asked, not surprised that the woman
had heard about her, besides, her husband’s village was quite small and his
family was one of the wealthiest and most influential around.
“Yes ma… I know you’ve been married for six years without
a child….” The woman supplied.
Boma felt herself draw a sharp intake of breath and she
stared at the woman in anger.
“Don’t be angry with me, I have not called you to gloat over
the misfortunes of life. I have called you with hope that you wouldn’t say ‘no’
to my request.” The woman said.
“What request?” Boma asked, too eager to get out of the
“I have tried family planning but it never worked for me
however, I had a traditional woman tie my womb as soon as I had my last child. My dilemma now is,
that I have twelve children already, my husband is so poor and can barely feed
us and even my helping-out at people’s farms is not providing enough for me and my children to feed. The child at my back is a burden to me and I don’t want her…anymore.”
The woman started, looking to see the reaction on Boma’s face. When Boma didn’t
budge, she continued.
“I would appreciate it if you can take her as yours and give
her a life….a meaningful life….I want to give her as a gift to you…” The
woman said, unstrapping the child from her back and holding her in her arms,
pushing her forward towards the Boma.
It was a little girl, malnourished, unkempt and very
pale-looking. Boma didn’t know when she stretched out her hands and took the
baby from the woman.
“What will…your husband say?” Boma had asked in a shaky voice.
“He hardly looks her way…our children are too many that he’s lost count.” The woman had said in a small voice.
“It’s okay…I’ll take her…”
“Thank you for this…may God reward you…” The woman said
and turning to the farmland, she bent to continue farming.
“I’ll raise her and send her to school, but I’ll tell her about you and how you gave her to me.” Boma said.
“Do whatever you please but I’ve washed my hands off her…”
The woman had said.
Boma took the little girl and walked the short distance
home, wondering how cruel life could be. 
Here she was, praying for just one
child and a woman who could barely feed hers, was looking for how to give the
ones she bore away.
To be continued….
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  1. A great read as usual. Ada, I am just thinking if another title will not be better instead of Silence? That way new blog visitors can follow any story they want. My opinion though as u may have ur reason

    • Hmmmm…very good suggestion Chux but then, I have five sections already, if I create another title, won't it be too much? I mostly write a title that can encompass as many stories as possible because if I have to write a title per story, then the header section wouldn't contain.
      Still thinking of a way to make your suggestion work.
      Thank you so much for the contribution. God bless you dear.

    • That makes sense. Okay I'll work on it then but I have to get a graphic person involved. My site is going to go through a major change in the next week so, I'll tell the graphics guy to see if he can incorporate it. And then again, I'm limited by blogger, if it were WordPress it would have been easier.

      Thank you for your contribution Chux, you raised very valid points. The new seasons shouldn't be titled Silence.

    • Thank you Ayo. I am all for suggestions besides, it was the suggestions made by Fab Melody that made me switch from have two blogs to incorporating all into one. I am very open to suggestions as it shows that readers care just as much as I do.
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