Dotun picked up his
mobile phone and sent a text to Aisha, she sent a reply and he chuckled, he had
taken the children to his sister’s and returned to the hospital to play the dutiful
Toun lurked around, she
saw him enter the hospital and went to meet him, he was hunched over his
computer and was also sending messages through his phone.
She inched closer and
looked at the screen and read;
You were all I have Toun….oh death! How could you take her? My
precious jewel and wife…will I ever see you again? Will I feel your touch?
Toun my heart bleeds, you are gone but not forgotten…”
 The text read.

What? Toun’s head
snapped, she wasn’t dead yet, was she? Her body was still plugged to the
machines in the intensive care unit and she saw the monitor indicate that she
still had life in her body, why was he writing her eulogy? She thought.
Suddenly her mind flashed
back and she was twenty four again, seated delicately in the new ride her
father had gifted her for her birthday. She was laughing and texting her boyfriend
at the time and was laughing at his jokes.
you are so funny!” She said aloud.
“Excuse me ma’am…are
you talking to me?” The driver asked, turning back to look at her.
“No…sorry…I was
caught in my chat with my….” She started and looked up into the most
captivating face she had ever seen. “Are you new?” She had asked him.
“Yes…today is my first
day…” He had said.
“What’s your name?”
“Dotun Ajibade!”
“Oh…nice…you speak
well…I like eloquent drivers.” She had said.
“I am actually a
graduate…” He said.
“Really? Then what are
you doing as a driver?” She had asked.
“There are no jobs in
Nigeria ma’am…”
“Please drop the
title…my name is Toun…” She had said.
“You are brilliant and
deserve more…” She had said.
She had not finished
recapturing her first meeting with her husband when she felt herself being
drawn to a house. One thing she noticed about her state was the fact that she travelled
faster than time. She recognized the house, it was Dotun’s sister, Dolapo’s
house, and she remembered that he had rented the apartment for his sister’s
family three years ago. How time flies.
She entered the house
and was amazed at how she could suddenly fit through doors, her children sat at
the table. Thomas was still sucking his thumb and staring in silence at the
food before him.
“What are you waiting
for? Eat that food quick!” Dolapo shouted.
“Butty kids…aje
butter…if I hear?” Dolapo’s daughter giggled.
“Shebi their mother is
dead! Listen to me! Your mother is dead! There is nothing that can bring her
back so, all that pampering you get, is gone! Do you understand?” Dolapo
shouted at Toun’s children.
Toun did not believe her
eyes, Dolapo was always the sweetest lady and aunt in the planet, why the
sudden change? She looked at the plate her daughter was supposed to be eating
from, the food was eba and egusi soup. Bukky didn’t eat eba, she never liked it
since her tender years.
“Eat that food now or I’ll
slap your face!” Dolapo screamed.
“Don’t worry auntie…I
am not hungry…” Bukky said and leaving the table she walked away.
Thomas was still there,
staring at his plate.
“See this mugu
ooo…hehehehehe….don’t tell me he’s headed for the psychiatric
ward…nonsense!” Dolapo shouted.
“Ehen mummy, so now that
auntie Toun has died, does it mean that we get to move into that their fine house?”
Dolapo’s daughter asked.
the thing is….she’s not dead yet…she’s still in coma but it’s all the same
thing…she’s dead…” Dolapo said.
“I hope she dies quickly
so that we can be rich….” Dolapo’s daughter said.
They both laughed.

To be
continued on Monday….


  1. One of the many reasons the wealthy don't mix with the poor…'cause their poverty is not only financial, but in the mentality as well…what an ungrateful family! (Dotun's family)


  2. Just stumbled on your write up. This is beautiful! Wow! This is why certain kinds of people will never mix with certain kinds of people. Let me leave it at that. Good work.

    • True…this is the reason many people view the rich as snobs. Just because they could come down to the level of those beneath them and get sucked right in.

      Thank you for reading Anon, do visit more often.


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