Toun was still subconsciously
lurking around the house she had grown up in as a child, it was a lavish
mansion which boasted of fine things. She was still hovering around when the
loud shouts of mother and daughter reached her ears, Toun saw her teenage self
in a battle of words with her mother.
“Toun don’t you dare
speak to me that way in your life! Toun! Come back here Toun!” Her mother
screamed at her teenage self as she hurriedly followed her to the sitting room.
“Oh please….I hate
staying with you…you are always full of corrections!” A sixteen year old Toun
stopped walking and turned to say to her mother.

“I am your mother Toun,
whether you like it or not!” Her mother shouted.
“Does it look like I
have a choice?” Toun spat.
“Listen to me Toun, it’s
not as though I do not want you to leave the country for studies but I’m just
pleading that you speak to your father about having your university education
here, perhaps you can go abroad for your masters….” Her mother said.
“Like daddy said and I
quote ‘mummy wants to cling to you and never wants you to grow up’ and he is
right!” Toun said.
“I know that your father
is doing everything to bridge a huge gap between us…that’s why I am begging
that you sit for the jamb exams and get admission into a Nigerian University
for your undergraduate studies and…”
“There you go again!
Always lamenting, your daddy this or your daddy that! Leave the man alone, he
did you a favour by marrying you. What else do you want from him?” Toun said to
her mother.
Toun watched her mother give
the teenage Toun a resounding slap on her cheek.
“Don’t you ever speak to
me like that again! You have no idea of anything! You know nothing of what I
had to let go of before marrying your father.” Her mother spat.
The teenage Toun rushed
out of the sitting room while her mother sat down shaking in anger and crying
in disbelief at what her daughter had just said to her. Soon, her father
stormed in, a look of pure murder on his face.
“Listen to me woman! It
is high time you left this house for good!” Her father thundered.
“I will leave but not
without my daughter! You are a cruel man for turning her against me. You’ve
bought her love with money and have made her look down on me….” Her mother
Toun’s father raised his
hands and gave his wife three consecutive slaps on her cheeks.
“Listen to me and listen
well! That girl is my legacy and all that I have, I’ll be damned if a country
mouse like you destroy all the plans I have for her. If you feel that the heat
is too much for you, get out of the kitchen, besides you can have more
children, why don’t you go out, find yourself a man and procreate. Stop
clinging to my child, she’s mine and mine alone!”
“Yes, keep hitting me!
You delight in treating me badly! Oh, how I wish I never listened to my family when
they begged that I marry you….how I wish I didn’t listen to them and worked
hard to bring up my daughter. At least she would have had some form of respect
and would have grown into a model child, instead of having her come here and be
spoiled rotten by a father who knows nothing about parenting.”
Toun’s father hissed and
stormed off, while the teenage Toun came into view, laughing and smirking.
“Daddy beat you didn’t
he? Mtcheeeew….next time, you wouldn’t meddle in matters that are not your
concern.” A teenage Toun said and hurried off.

A subconscious Toun
watched her mother cry in bitterness and moved towards her in compassion, she couldn’t
believe that she had been so cruel to have allowed her father hurt her mother
this way. She stretched out her hands to touch her mother and quickly found
herself in yet another setting.



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