Aisha watched her daughter sulk all through dinner but as it
were, her daughter’s feelings was far from her mind. She wanted to know the
status with Toun and she needed to know it fast! She almost called Dotun but
shuddered when she remembered that she had tried calling him in the morning but
Toun had picked instead. She thanked God that she hadn’t spoken first as Toun
would have recognized her voice, now, as she ate in silence, she tried thinking
of how life would be without Toun.

“Mom….I’m not going back to SA, I want to be here, with
you and dad.” Her daughter said.
“I understand baby and your dad and I are working towards
making that happen.”
“You promised that I wouldn’t have to go back to school in
SA! You promised.” Her daughter said with tears in her eyes.
“Berna, I am trying to think…please…give mommy a break
Berna pushed her food plate aside and standing up from her
chair she said.
“I’m schooling in Nigeria or wherever you and daddy are, I
am not going to boarding school anymore!” Berna said and stormed off.
Aisha watched her daughter run out of the dining room and
shook her head in self-pity.
“How I wish you took her life, God! How I wish you snuffed
her life away like a candle light. I just asked you for one favour, Lord! Take
Toun away for my sake or better still, my daughter’s sake! 
She’s a baby and she
needs her dad…and I…I need a husband…” Aisha said and broke down in
Toun was at Dolapo’s house, she had come with a police
escort as she felt it would be too much of a risk, going to Dolapo’s house
alone without some sort of protection. With all she had seen in her subconscious
state, it won’t be surprising if Dolapo and her brother planned to kill her.
“Toun….I am so sorry that I couldn’t come to the hospital
to see you…I have been so occupied…and…” Dolapo said to her, placing a
bottle of chilled malt on the side stool beside her.
Dotun sat on the sofa next to hers, he wasn’t speaking, just
staring at the rug on the ground as though it held a forgotten treasure. Toun
had called him to inform him that she was going to Dolapo’s place after work to
pick up her daughter since he was taking so much time in bringing her back home
and she had arrived her sister in-law’s place to see him there.
“Sister Toun…thank God for your life…I prayed for you.”
Dolapo’s daughter said.
“I am sure you did, sweetheart.” Toun said, smiling at the
young girl.
“How is life? You look good.” Dolapo said, trying to start
small talk.
“I am fine, by the way, where is Bukky?” Toun asked.
“Errr….sister Toun, ejo…ejoo…” Dolapo said falling on
her knees before Toun.
Toun looked at her in shock.
“Bukky! I told her not to go outside ooo…she went
outside…you know how children are. She went outside and…”
“Where is my daughter?” Toun shouted at her sister in law.
“She went outside…” Dolapo started.
“Outside? Then bring her back in.” Toun started.
“I guess what my sister wants to say is, Bukky is
missing….she hasn’t seen her in a few days…” Dotun said.
Toun stood up and walking up to Dotun, she gave him a very
hot slap.
“And you are calm? Dotun, your daughter is missing and you
knew all these while, how come you didn’t take any measures to see that she’s
found?” Toun screamed. “I was in coma in the hospital and the least you could
do is take care of our children but what do I wake up to? Thomas is disturbed
and can’t stop sucking his finger and Bukky is missing! What kind of a father
are you? Do you really love those children at all?”
Dotun rubbed his cheek and stared at her in surprise, Toun
had never raised her hand to him before.
“Toun! You slapped me!”
“Is that a question? Do you want another slap?” Toun
Dotun glared at her and turned to look at the escort who was
standing at the door and swallowed his pain.
“I am actually searching for her…” Dotun started.
“How come she’s not been found?” Toun asked.
“Please…it’s my fault…I take responsibility…please
Toun…I promise to find her.” Dolapo cried still kneeling on the ground and
clutching the hem of Toun’s dress.
Toun looked at her in disgust and bringing out her phone,
she dialled a number.
“Hello, officer Dickson, could you make your way to No 2 Sam
Tuwo street off Church road? I need you to arrest someone.” Toun said into the receiver.
“What? Arrest ke? Toun…I take God beg
you…abeg…Toun…I will find her…I promise to find her…I
promise…please…I don’t want to sleep in a police cell. I am not a criminal!”
Dolapo begged.
“Thank you…I’ll be expecting you.” Toun said and hung up.
“Toun! What is this for? Why are you calling the police? My
sister is no criminal.” Dotun defended.
“Well…she might have sold my daughter off for all I know.
I will not be convinced of her innocence till I see my daughter but until then,
I need her behind bars.”
“Please aunty…please…don’t arrest my mommy…” Dolapo’s
daughter said in tears.
“I’m not a police officer…I don’t arrest people, I only
report them to the proper authorities.” Toun said to the girl.
“Toun, you are acting irrationally.” Dotun said.
“Irrationally? Dotun! This is your daughter too…how can
you talk like this?” Toun asked in shock.
“My sister is not a bad person…” Dotun defended.
“Do you want to take her place?” Toun asked, clearly pissed.
“Take her place? What do you mean by that?” Dotun asked.
“Do you want to be locked up while she goes to search for
our daughter?” Toun asked.
“What? Are you crazy? Toun! You are speaking to your husband
so, mind your tongue.”
“I am sorry darling…I’m just so worried about our
daughter.” Toun said.
There was a sharp rap at the door and the police escort
opened the door to reveal two policemen. As soon as Dolapo saw them she
shrieked and ran out of the sitting room, the policemen followed her and
dragged her out, screaming and kicking.
“Toun! You will regret this!” Dotun warned.
Toun watched the police officers drag her sister in-law out
of the house and when they had left, she turned to her husband and said.
“You’d better look for another option to spend the night
because that house, ‘my house’ will be too hot for you if you don’t produce my
daughter soon enough.” She said and turning away, she walked out of the house
with the escort on her heels.

To be continued tomorrow….
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