Toun slid from her former setting to a new one, she was at
Aisha’s house and there was a party. The room was filled with guests and Toun
noticed that she wasn’t present in the setting but Dotun was.
“We are naming this beautiful child today…” An elderly man
started, he was on his feet, addressing the guests.

Toun watched as Aisha sat on a sofa, cradling a baby in her
arms, Dolapo busied herself about, taking care of guests and serving them with
food. Drinks and food was plenty and people were in merry spirits.
“Her name shall be Ayomide Bernadette Anifowoshe…” The
elderly man continued.
A subconscious Toun stared in shock, the man had just called
Aisha’s baby, Dotun’s last name. The guest started clapping while some others
came forward to touch the baby and shake hands with Dotun. The subconscious
Toun stared in confusion, ‘what does this mean?’ ‘Was Aisha’s baby Dotun’s
god-child or something?’ She asked herself.
“To the father of the beautiful baby, may she continue to
put smiles on your face just as you put smiles on her mother’s, to Dotun
Anifowoshe!” Ibrahim, Aisha’s brother said raising a glass.
This was another shocking revelation, Toun thought she would
die from the impact of the shock she felt, she felt her subconscious self
stagger towards the gathering and she screamed aloud.
“Betrayer! You betrayed me! Aisha! Dotun!” She screamed at
them. “Oh my God! For how long? I can’t believe this!” She continued in a voice
audible to her ears alone.
The party continued as the guests kept chatting and the
couple admired their baby and smiled at those who came to offer best wishes.
Soon, Dotun’s phone rang and a subconscious Toun peered to
see the caller ID, the call was coming from ‘Toun’ which means, it was her
call. Dotun stood up and quickly left the sitting room, heading outside the
house with the subconscious Toun at his heels.
“Hello babe…” He said into the receiver.
“I’m at a very important meeting….yes…what happened to
him? I thought Thomas had been immunized, how come he’s having an outbreak of
measles? You are so careless Toun!” He started.
Toun remembered that day as though it were yesterday. Thomas
was just ten months old and after bathing him, she had noticed the slight rash
on his skin, she had been all calm about it till the nanny she had hired to
help her with the kids had pronounced that it looked like measles. Toun had
freaked out and done the normal thing of calling her husband to break the news
to him. She remembered how low his words had made her feel, it made her feel as
though she was not fit to be a mother.
“Stop arguing with me Toun! You breastfeed that child every
chance you get, how could he have measles! I am sure your milk is contaminated!”
He spat in venom.
A subconscious Toun looked on at the man she loved and
watched his facial expression while speaking on the phone to her. She saw the
pure, undiluted hatred pour from his eyes and the cynical way his mouth turned
when he called her milk contaminated.
“Really? You don’t think milk gives measles? You must be
mad! And no, I can’t come to the house to accompany you to the doctor’s. I am
in a meeting which is very crucial to the growth of the company!” He pronounced
and cut the call.
“Shit! I hate that woman so much! I wish I could murder the
thing! Useless spoilt brat of a good-for-nothing man! Gosh! She is cursed, as
well as her family!” He said aloud, stamping his feet like a child.
Toun looked on and shook her head in pity, she recalled that
after he had hung up the call on her, she had taken her baby to the hospital
and when he came back that night, he had come home with arms laden with gifts.
Dotun had a habit of insulting her one minute and buying lavish gifts for her
the next minute, his sweet tongue was so good at wiping away every ill word he
had said against her. She too had been gullible she quickly accepted his gift
and kissed him, promising to be a better wife and mother.
She saw Aisha emerge from the house and walk towards Dotun.
“Baby…you left the party…” Aisha said tenderly.
“I’m sorry baby…I had to take the bitch’s phone call…”
Dotun said.
“What does she want this time? Can’t she let you rest?
Sometimes I’m so tempted to poison that bitch.” Aisha said in anger.
“She says her son has measles! Is that my business?” Dotun
“Mtccheww…Let’s go inside jare…our princess needs her
parents.” Aisha said.
“Yes, our princess is so beautiful…thank you for giving
her to me…” Dotun said.

Toun watched as they shared a kiss and hand in hand, they
walked into the house.
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