Toun saw Dotun run into
the hospital and she smiled with arms outstretched as she ran towards him but
then, when they met, she felt nothing. Dotun ran past her as though she hadn’t
“Dotun! It’s me! Why are
you running? I am here?” She said desperately turning to look at him.
She turned to see him
hunch towards his children and hug them, Bukky was crying desperately while
Thomas sucked his thumb religiously.
The doctor walked over to
him and told him something, he nodded and after a while, burst into tears and
hit the walls with his fists. He looked so devastated. Toun walked up to him
and placed her hand on his shoulder, he didn’t budge, she looked at her hands
and was shocked to see that it was so pale and lifeless, it was as though it
didn’t exist.

“What is happening to
me? What is wrong with me?” She screamed out in frustration.
She watched as her
husband made his way into a room with the children, she followed them. What she
saw shocked her, her body lay on the bed plugged to drips and medical
“Will she make it doc?”
Dotun asked.
“Do you have faith?” The
doctor asked.
“Yes I do….” Her
husband said.
“Then believe that
she’ll regain consciousness anytime soon.” The doctor said to him.
Dotun nodded and pulled
his children closer to him, as he was doing that, her father stormed in.
“Where is my baby? Toun!
Toun! Talk to me….I came as soon as you called Dotun….” He said to Dotun.
“Yes sir….I….I can’t
believe this….” Dotun burst into fresh tears.
Toun’s father was a very
influential and wealthy man, Chief Tokunbo owned the major gas stations and filling
stations in Nigeria as well as a host of other businesses. He had been
accompanied to the hospital by his six body guards who stood outside Toun’s
room door waiting for him. Earlier, a siren had heralded his entrance, as his
convoy of cars beat the annoying Lagos traffic. He crouched low before his
daughter’s form on the bed and wept silently.
“My only
child….all…I have in the world….what went wrong? What can I do to bring
you back?” He cried.
Turning to the doctor,
he said quickly.
“I want to fly her to
the best hospital in the States.”
“Sir, with due respect, it’s
better she remains here, at least she’s stable…” The doctor said.
“I am counting on you to
keep her alive, if she pulls through this, I am going to donate a heavy sum to
this hospital.” Her father said.
“Yes sir…we will try
our best sir…” The doctor said.
Toun’s father looked at
his grandchildren and said quietly.
“I guess I have to draw
up my will to involve my daughter’s kids as it seems she might not outlive me
after all…” He said and broke down in tears again.
“Nooo…don’t say that daddy,
please don’t say that?” Dotun cried.
‘What really happened?
What caused the accident?” Her father asked.
“I can’t say…I was at
work…I mean…at lunch when I received the call and I rushed over…”
“Have you called her
“Not yet…” Dotun said.
“Do that…as soon as I
leave…” He said and turning back to his daughter’s form on the bed he said.
“I love you Toun…don’t
go anywhere please…” He said as he wiped the stray tear from his eyelids.
Toun watched her father
cry but didn’t feel anything, she wished she could weep but there was nothing
like tears or sorrow, she was only disturbed. As soon as he left, she saw her
husband snort at his back and was shocked at his action. Dotun was the perfect
son-in-law, why did he do that? Did he hate her father or was she seeing the
wrongly? She asked herself as she watched him hug his children again.

To be
continued tomorrow….



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