Toun was already getting
exhausted from her expedition, she found herself at the hospital again the next
morning, and how time flew. She was contemplating and pondering on what she had
heard from Dolapo and her daughter, she was confused if it was the real deal or
if a movie was played before her eyes.
She lurked around and
soon saw her mother run into the hospital, there was a naked look of terror in
her eyes.
“Toun oooo! Toun!” Her
mother screamed as she ran into the hospital.
The nurses rushed to her
to calm her down.
“Where is she? Where is
my baby?” She wailed.

The nurses begged her to
be silent and when she calmed down, they showed her into the room where Toun
“My God! What happened?
I told this girl to stop driving ehn! She can afford a driver, why didn’t she
listen to me? What happened? My Toun…my daughter….my only baby…” Her
mother cried aloud.
Toun watched her mother
roll about in grief and was shocked to see a very grief stricken Dolapo run
into the hospital room where she lay and on seeing her form on the bed, fell to
the ground in a faint.
The nurses rushed to
revive her and carry her out of the room, Toun shook her head and followed them
out. She followed as they carried Dolapo to a room and watched as they tried
reviving her and when she woke, she shouted.
“Toun! Toun….my sweet
sister…oh…oh God, take my life and spare hers…take it from me and give
her life back to her….oh my darling Toun…oh…” She cried.
“Madam please calm
down….pull yourself together, this is a hospital. We’ll leave you here for a
while, hopefully when we come back to get you, we hope that you’ll be more
stable to see the patient.” The nurse said to her.
Dolapo didn’t say
anything, she sat on the bed in the room and kept exclaiming ‘hehhhh!hehhh!’ As
soon as the nurses left, she stood up and laughed loud, dancing around the room.
“Ohhhh…our sweet Toun
is dead…hehehehe….I need to go shopping for asoebi for the burial, it will
be purple and yellow…yes, purple and yellow….hehehehehe…” She laughed in
glee and when she heard footsteps approach, she sat on the chair and continued
“Toun! Oh Toun!”
Toun was petrified, she
would never had believed that her sister-in-law wanted her dead.
“It’s a pity that I
found out about your treachery this way!” Toun said to Dolapo.
Dolapo’s shoulders
started shaking in mirth as Toun spoke to her, she had no idea that Toun was in
the room with her.
Toun thought of ways to
get her children out of her sister-in-law’s house but she was helpless to do

To be
continued tomorrow….



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