Since SILENCE seems to be a ‘one off’ kind of tale where everything begins and ends with Toun and her family, I was thinking that introducing a whole new season may be a bit trickery since you guys asked for the first story in the first place as it was never my idea to turn it into a series. So, I’ve decided to put forth three first episodes from yesterday till Friday to enable you guys chose the one you want a continuation…
Chux also hinted that I should change the name SILENCE to something else. So what do you guys think? The last first episode will be on Friday. So voting begins today and ends on Saturday. What will it be guys? First, Second or Third. 

Kambili caught her reflection in the full length mirror and was
instantly moved to tears. She had chosen an ivory gown for her wedding dress
which boasted of intricate embroidery and a full skirt.
Her friends who made up her bridal train smiled in glee as they
took in her appearance, the dress was more than they had imagined. It was
“Don’t…please…” Her sister, Kayeto, who doubled as her maid
of honour said to her. “You’ll spoil your makeup.” She whispered.
Kambili smiled and nodded in understanding. The door burst open
and the wedding planner hurried into the room, a huge smile plastered across
her face.
“Have you ever seen such a beautiful bride in your entire life?”
The wedding planner asked in an excited voice.
The ladies smiled in response as the wedding planner bustled up
to the bride and said, “You look amazing my dear! Truly beautiful…fit for the
gods…you are a princess…”
Kambili smiled and nodded again, this time, the tears fell,
“Did I say something wrong?” The wedding planner asked, shocked
at Kambili’s countenance.
“I’m sure she’s terribly happy…” Kayeto said, rushing over to
Kambili’s side and dabbing her sister’s eyes with a white handkerchief. “Stop
it! You’ll ruin your make-up…” She told her sister.
It was as though the tear tank in Kambili’s eyes had been
waiting for those words to suddenly burst open. She bawled loudly.
“What is wrong with her? Why is she crying? Is something wrong?”
Her bridesmaids asked one another as they circled her.
“Am I missing something? Did she hear some kind of bad news?”
The wedding planner asked in concern.
“I think it’s tears of joy.” Kayeto said while patting her
sister at the back.
“Church starts in ten minutes…I need you ladies to miraculously
dry those tears or she wouldn’t make it to the altar on time.” The wedding
planner said as she hurriedly left the room, intent on rushing to the hall to
see if everything was perfect as planned.
It took some soothing words from her bridesmaids and three whole
minutes for the tear-tank to stop and soon, Kambili was wiping away the tears
with the back of her palms.
“I wonder why you’re such a cry baby! It’s the most beautiful
day of your life…do you want to spoil it?” Kayeto asked softly.
Kambili stared at her sister and at her friends who surrounded
her and after a while she said.
“Can I have a word with you sis?”
“Sure…” Kayeto answered and turning to the bridesmaids she
said. “Can you please excuse us? This will be brief…” She promised.
The ladies left the room and as soon as the door slammed shut
behind them, Kayeto turned to face her sister in concern. No sooner had she
turned than a loud slap hit her left cheek. Kayeto recoiled at the slap and
stared at her sister in anger, restraining herself from retaliation.
“You whore!” Kambili said in a venom filled voice.
“You’ve been sleeping with him!” Kambili shouted.
“Sleeping with who?”
“Charles, my fiancé, you nitwit!”
Her sister’s eyes widened in surprise but she said nothing to
defend herself.
“I saw the text messages….he thought he had hidden it but it
was there…he told you, he loved you!” Kambili said in anger. “At first I
thought that I was losing my mind when I saw that he was sending love messages
to your phone number. You disgust me!”
“I…” Kayeto started but when she saw that it wasn’t the time
for pleas, she said in a harsh voice. “He doesn’t love you!”
“Really? Who is he taking to the altar?” Kambili retorted.
“He’s doing it because he has no choice…he has no logical
explanation to give his family as to the reason he’s stopped loving you…”
“How did you seduce him? When did this meaningless affair
“It was chemistry…”
“Chemistry? You call shagging your elder sister’s fiancé,
chemistry? You are pathetic!” Kambili said, flinging her hands in the air.
“I wish I was sorry but I’m sorry that I’m not….” Kayeto said.
“I do not want to see you around my new family…I want you far
away from us. Do you hear me?”
Kayeto nodded.
“Good! Now let’s get going…the church starts in five
minutes…” Kambili said as she turned to face the mirror and dabbed the last
trace of tears on her lids.  As soon as she was done, she headed towards
the door with her sister in tow.
Kambili had noticed that her fiancé, Charles, had been
distracted of late. She had suspected that he might be having an affair but
nothing prepared her for the realization that her blood sister was the ‘other
woman’ in his life. She had found out a month ago of their escapades but kept
it to herself while watching them like a hawk.
Prior to her wedding day, Kambili never confronted Charles or
her sister about the affair. At the time of the revelation, her first instinct
was to call off the wedding but then, her thoughts had been, what would people
think? What of the asoebis that had already been bought by family and friends?
What of the halls already booked and the wedding preparations? What of the
‘congratulatory messages’ she had received from friends and enemies alike? No!
She couldn’t put herself through the shame of being the subject of discussion
among friends. She decided that she couldn’t face the humiliation of a
cancelled wedding.
As she headed towards the limo which had been specially adorned
for the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids, she told herself that she was doing
the right thing. At least, now, her sister was aware that she knew about the
affair and she vowed to make sure that Kayeto stays far away from her future
Not too far from the bride was Kayeto, reading a quick message
from the groom.
“I miss you…I can’t wait to be with you…” The text message read.
“I miss you too…” She quickly typed and watched the message send.
As soon as she got into the limo, she evaded the hostile stares
the bride sent her way and laughed at something one of the bridesmaids had
said. Another message came in.
“Once the reception is over, meet me at our spotI’ll
come up with some flimsy excuse for your sister.”
 The groom’s text message read.
In an hour, Kambili exchanged her vows with the love of her life
and as soon as his lips meet hers in a kiss, friends, relatives and well
wishers gave a resounding round of applause.

Two months after the wedding, there was a rumour, Charles had
left his wife and eloped with her sister.


  1. This was the story I read in Bellanaija that drew me know o your blog. Waiting for the last story before I decide. The first didn't do much for me sha

    • Awww thanks Chu for visiting all the way from Bella. I had to take two stories that I had published elsewhere, 'I figured that I could do a continuation'. The first didn't do much for me too…I guess I was working with the title but I think I'll go Chux route and change it.


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