Imade knew the lady of his dreams even before he saw her, he
had dreamed of her, envisioned her and most of all, he knew that it would be
love at first sight. Nothing prepared him for the fact that the so-called lady
of his dreams would be his boss’s only daughter, Tola.
Tola had everything, she was beautiful, graceful, tall,
elegant, intelligent, smart, humble, wealthy and many more. Despite the warnings of his colleagues he quickly dumped Chika, his long time girlfriend who he had been
using as ‘warm-body’ for as long as he could remember and took the plunge with

Imade was from a poor home and had always dreamed of the big life, but after spending almost twenty-seven years of life living from hand to mouth, he resolved to end his poverty by snagging a rich lady, and Tola met up with everything he wanted and more. Most of all, her father’s money would quickly rid him from the poverty that had assailed him for years, he could envision himself seated at the boss’s position in the next few years. Yes, Imade was ambitious!
The first time he had spoken to her was the day he had
followed Engr. Bode, her father to his car, holding in his hands, loads of
newspapers and a suitcase which belonged to his boss. His boss had stopped to
listen to the complaint of a gate-man when he had opened the back door to place
the property in his hands on the back seat. Imagine his shock to see her there,
scrolling through her phone with her pedicured nails and staring at the
pictures on her instagram page in mild amusement. Imade was shocked to see her as he
hadn’t expected her to be around.
“Hey…” Tola smiled, her infectious smile spreading across
her face, she held out her hand and introduced herself. “My name is
Tolani…nice to meet you.
“Errr…Imade….sorry, my name is Imade.” He said
stuttering and quickly placing the newspapers and suitcase on the car seat,
gave her a firm handshake.
“So, you work here?” She asked, determined to continue the
conversation with him.
“Yes…I…” he stammered again almost hitting
himself for stuttering too much.
“What’s your role?” She asked further.
This time her father hopped into the car and supplied her
with the answer she sought.
Imade is one of our interns….” Then turning to Imade he
said, “ When you get upstairs, tell my secretary to send the mail to the Head
HR today and disregard my request that it’s sent tomorrow.”
“Yes sir…” Imade had said in respect.
Days after that, he was still dreaming of Tola and the
prospects of spending his life with her, he quickly ended his relationship with Chika who by the way kept begging to come back into his life and pleading to work things out but he refused, he wanted Tola and no
one else.
One month later, while he was at the bustop waiting for the
usual Kekes which mostly passed the office to pick him up, a sleek car stopped
right in front of him and when the window was slid down, he was was amazed to see
that it was Tola.
“Hop in…you’re on your way to the office right?” She asked
with a smile.
“Yea…yes…I’m on my way to the office…thank you so
much.” He said as he hopped in.
They drove down the road and she stopped briefly at the
popular fast food beside their office pleading that he be patient as she needed
to quickly get breakfast. When she got back in the car, she had gotten some
from him too and he thanked her for it even though he declined at first but she
was too persuasive so he accepted it from her. Imade learnt that Tola who was currently serving was hiding under the umbrella of her father’s company hence only
attending CDS which was mandatory for all corpers, while her father’s company signed her
clearance papers without her, really working.
Within two months, their bond had become great as Imade
became Tola’s closest ally in the office, even staff who were in greater
offices than he were afraid to talk to him anyhow because they feared his ‘Girlfriend’
a word they used only in a hush.
Soon, the duo had fallen in love and they were quite
inseparable, Tola’s father found out and hell broke loose as Imade quickly lost
his job at the company and began searching for a new job. Tola couldn’t stand against
her father and wasn’t too sure if she loved Imade enough to sacrifice her
family and life but Imade’s pressure on her was too strong. He wanted it all,
he wanted what he had always dreamed of and the woman of his choice couldn’t
come close to him only to disappear like that. He stopped taking advice from
friends and family as he was so convinced that there was hope for him and Tola.
One day, a friend of his called him and gave him a sincere
“Imade, I must warn you that you are treading on a lion’s
tail! Engr. Bode doesn’t want a liability as a son-in-law but an asset. I
suggest that you calm down, and focus on being great. Work hard and be
determined to succeed. Even while you were at his company, you were just an intern,
a fresh graduate who hadn’t cut his teeth in practise and experience. Why don’t
you exercise patience, work hard, make good money and go back for her. There
is no father that wouldn’t accept a man with prospects.”
“No! If I leave her alone, she’ll slip away from me! I am
going to do what I know is best…” He said stubbornly.
“And what is best? If Tola is for you and loves you just as
you claim, she’ll wait for you.”
“That’s not for you to know…” Imade said rudely.
Since he wasn’t open to  advice or words of reasoning from friends,
Imade took a bold step and made sure he got Tola pregnant. She was oblivious to
his plan as she knew he always used protection with her but the two times,
which he didn’t, he made sure he confused her by making her think he was going to use protection. Unknowing to her, he had made big holes in the condoms.
By the time she found out and broke the news to him in
devastation, he was so happy. He had finally found a way to tie her down, he
thought. She wanted an abortion but was scared to do it and he threatened that
she would not spill his blood or all hell will break loose. 
Tola was confused, one day, she packed her stuff
at his insistence and they both travelled out of Abuja to Asaba where his
family resided. Tola had a rough nine months and while she was at it, former colleagues of Imade called him and made him aware of the fact that Engr. Bode
was so angry at him and had the police in search of him for allegations of
kidnap. Imade shunned their warnings, thinking that once the baby was born and they journeyed back to Abuja, her family would warm up to the child and accept
him once and for all. Tola on the other hand was too scared to call her parents and tell them her whereabouts, she removed her sim card at Imade’s insistence and allowed herself to be estranged from her family.
Unfortunately, Tola’s labour was difficult and as there wasn’t
enough money to afford a hospital, Imade had hired the services of a mid-wife.
Due to complications, both mother and child died.

Once the news was broken to Imade, he almost died, he knew
he had gotten himself into a fix. At that point, he wished he had listened to
the sincere advice of his friends instead of thinking that they were envious
of him. Now, he had to face Tola’s family. His parents washed their hands off the dead body of Tola and told their son with a straight face that they couldn’t
bury one that wasn’t theirs. Imade was so confused, he didn’t know how to call
Tola’s parents and relay the bad news, but he knew he had to, sooner
or later!
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