It’s Love Friday! Any clue? I’m sure you don’t have a clue as to what I’m talking about. In the spirit of love, I’d like to celebrate these two love birds who found each other and fell in love.
Ever heard of the story of the girl who was on her way to deliver eggs and a guy who accidentally bumps into her? That sums their story.
Scratch that….
The couple met one fateful day in August 2014 while the groom was driving home and the bride was walking down the streets of their estate. He stopped and asked to give her a ride but she told him that her car was parked somewhere along the road but he was persistent and she agreed. The rest they say is history.

Sean was once the boss and founder of Club Oak, a prestigious club in San Diego, California, a club which is presently known as OneLuv Entertainment (a US based nite club). Fidelia is the CEO of Delia Fashion concepts, she is also a renowned fashion designer whose designs have been worn by many personalities in Nigeria.

So, Sean is an acquaintance of mine who I began chatting with through the most hilarious circumstances ‘I wouldn’t bore you with details’ so, in December, when some of us were vacationing in Dubai, Paris, Village and anywhere around the world, he was taking a huge step by saying ‘I do’ to the love of his life. I’m sure he was happy because at a point, ladies were flocking around him and he just had to make a choice so, he chose her!

He asked me to share his wedding pictures with you guys so that you can also believe that LOVE does exist and that it is real because he keeps falling in love with his princess everyday. Here’s what he says ‘I can’t live without her, she’s my world’ Nice huh?

Now here’s where I’ll quote Genesis chapter two verse twenty four; ““Therefore shall a man shall leave his father
and mother and cleave unto his wife and they shall become one flesh”

This goes a long way to say that even with all the drama that goes on in the episodes of Silence, Wife Material and Black Mail, true love really exists!

Groom with sisters

The dapper groom
The gorgeous bride
The groom with the Olumegbon of Lagos State
Five feet Cake by Groom’s sister
Groom with sister
The couple dances in…
Signing the dotted lines…

Signing the dotted lines
Groom with best man
Couple with Oluwa and Wife
Bride with Maid of honour, Ngozi Manjo
Couple with bride’s immediate family
The Olumegbon of Lagos state & Chief Tony Manjo of Manjo Group of Companies.
Couple with the bride’s friends
Couple with Chief & Lolo Tony Manjo
Couple with CEO of Choice Ltd, Chief & Lolo Chinedu Chigbu
R-L: Bride’s mom & her friend
Obi Chilaka(Akukaria 1 of Nkwerre) makes it rain on the couple
Couple with bride’s family
Oluwa and wife
Groom with his parents and sisters

From Adaeze Writes dot com, we wish Mr & Mrs Anumnu a happy and blessed married life!



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