The closing bell was rung and I almost hid my head inside my
locker, I didn’t want to go home. Infact at that moment, I wanted to go
anywhere but not to that witch’s house. I thought my mother was a witch but
granny was a demon. Last night, after mopping up the mess in the kitchen and
washing up the plates she had instructed me to clean the whole house.

Now, at school, I feel like the hands of the clock had raced
faster than it usually did.
“Senorita! Aren’t you going home?” One of my classmates
asked me, she was staring at me through her very big glasses.
“I nor wan go dat house…” I say shaking my head naughtily.
“Why? What happened?” She asked.
“My granny wicked ehn…”
“So you have a wicked granny?”
“Grannies are always nice…my granny buys me beautiful
things all the time. She loves me.” The girl said.
“Na ya own na…my own wan kee me…infact she don swear say
if I nor die for dis Lagos, she nor go gree me rest.”
“I don’t understand you…” She said, trying to grasp my
steady flow of pidgin.
“Nor be naija geh you be? Which wan be say u nor grab wetin
I dey talk?” I say angrily.
“I’m going home…” She said to me and turned to leave.
An idea immediately popped up in my head and I quickly said
to her.
“You nor dey follow school bus abi?”
She shook her head.
“Na who dey come carry you reach house?”I ask.
“My dad’s driver…” She said.
“You fit beg am…make I follow una…” I say quickly
packing my books into my bag and standing up from my seat.
“Okay…I can ask him. Do you want us to drop you off
somewhere?” She asked.
“Errr…me we just dey go, I never make up my mind first…”
I say.
I follow her behind and we both walk out of the classroom,
the school bus was still loading and when the driver stared at me oddly, I
waved at him and indicated that I was going without the school bus today. He
nodded in understanding.
The little girl’s driver was waiting at the gate and we both
stepped out of the school gate together. As soon as she sighted her driver, she
walked up to him and told him that I was going with them.
That was when I saw her. Granny was standing beside a silver
car, she was dressed in dark jean trousers and had accessorized with a pair of dark
sunglasses. I almost had a heart attack when I saw her and in fear, I almost
ran back but she signalled to me. Something told me to disobey but after my
ordeal in the witch’s hands, I wasn’t prepared to be killed so I walked up to
“Ma? Welcome ma…” I greet.
“How are you my dear?” She said with a huge smile, revealing
white teeth.
“I am fine ma…” I answer with so much respect.
The little girl walked up to her and said.
“Senorita…aren’t you coming with us again?”
My eyes widen.
“Me ke? I never…I nor talk say I wan follow una goo…” I
say swiftly.
“I am sure you must have gotten her wrong….Senorita doesn’t
go anywhere after school.” Granny sung my praises.
“Is this the wicked granny?” The girl asked, innocently.
“Who tell you dat one? Heh! Na so dis pikin dey lie put for
untop my head…” I scream in a loud voice.
“I guess I have to go now…bye…” The little girl said to
As soon as she left, I fall on my knees before granny in
desperate plea.
“I go confess ma…I go confess…” I kept muttering.
Granny nodded silently while gesturing to the car so that I
can go in. I steal glances at her as I enter the car and watch her get in
beside me while the driver started the engine.



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