“Mummy please….you can’t listen to her…please
ma…please…” Gina fell on her knees before granny.

“Why are you pleading with me if you’re not guilty?” Granny
asked her.

“I am begging that you shouldn’t listen to Señorita. She’s
insane….and I can confirm it…” Gina cried.

“Hmmm…Gina…don’t let these accusations be true…”
Granny said as she looked her in the eye.

I on the other hand was staring at the scene before me, I
knew that Gina was lying to save herself and I wasn’t ready to give her the
chance to save herself and ruin me by letting me remain in granny’s place. I
needed to get out of granny’s house, whatever way possible.

“Granny…I use my korokoro eyes see de man. If you see am
hian…” I say.

“I want to see the man…” Granny said to Gina, turning to
me she asked. “Can you recognize him?”

“Even if I dey sleep and dem wake me up, I know am. Even if
house black like charcoal, I go know am.” I said.

“You say he’s your pastor right? Junior pastor?” Granny

Gina’s hands are already shaking and it’s like she’s

“I need you to call that man now and ask him to come to my
house. I need to be sure that you are telling the truth and not deceiving my
family and only son who is married to you and living abroad.” Granny said.

“Please mummy…” Gina begged.

“What don’t you understand from what I told you to do? Call
the man now, in my presence and have him come over….” Granny insisted.

Gina gave me the bad eye and bringing out her phone, she
made a phone call to the man, when she was done, Granny said to her.

“Go to the kitchen and prepare something nice…we don’t
want to be referred to as hostile guests….” Granny said.

Gina nodded and standing up, she disappeared into the

“Señorita, go and arrange my room.” Granny says to me.

“I don do am for morning before I go school…” I say.

“Go and arrange it and I don’t want to see you out here till
Gina’s junior pastor arrives.”

I nod in understanding and disappear into the house.

I knew when Gina’s junior pastor arrived, he walked
unsuspectingly to the door and was ushered in by a smiling granny. I quickly
hopped out of the room, ready to defend myself just in case he denied all my

“Oga you don come?” I smile.

“Hello…” The man said to me.

“You don forget me? Na me you see for aunty Gina place
ooo…” I remind him.

“Oh…that’s true…I saw you this afternoon.” The man said looking
at me, after a while he asked. 

“Gina asked me to come to this address…where
is she?”

“She dey kitchen….” I respond.

“Please make yourself comfortable…I’ll call Gina to come
and say hello.” Granny said and left the sitting room.

The man seats on the sofa and looks around the house in

“Na God save you say you nor lie ooo…” I say.

“What are you talking about?” The man asked me.

“You think say you come here to drink honey? My dear…na
wahala you carry yaself come so…” I say.

“What do you mean by that? Gina asked me to come here….”

“Ehn…she dey come…” I reply.

“Then why are you sounding like there’s trouble.”

“Haaa…big trouble dey oo and dis one na you and Gina dey
for inside am.” I say making gestures with my hands.

“Excuse me?” The guy said.

“You be pastor? Talk true…”

“Me? Are you silly? Who told you that nonsense…Gina is my

“Hehehehhehehe…”I laugh in glee. “You see dis thing wey
you yarn me now, abeg yarn am give granny…”

“Who is granny?” The guy asked me.

“I am…” Granny said, appearing at the doorway with a shaky

Immediately the guy saw Gina, he quickly decoded what was
happening and knew he had found his way into a trap.

“Hello pastor….meet my mother in law…” Gina said

“Good evening sister Gina…we meet again, may the good Lord
bless you..” The man said.

“Hian?” I shout in surprise. “Nor be de guy wey yarn say
Gina be im babe be dis? Na when you turn pastor?” I scream as Gina and granny stared at me.

To be continued….

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