Oge came into the kitchen crying, her eyes were swollen and
as she walked over to the sink to drop her plates, she sniffed.
“Wetin happen?” I ask feigning concern.
“My mommy…left…because my step-mom, said some nasty
things…to her…” Oge cried.
“E don do…”I say.

“I don’t know what happened, my step-mom is always so nice
to my mom but today, she’s different.”
“Hmmm…e don do…nor dey cry again…” I say.
“I am so sad, and I want to go home tomorrow…I don’t think I can stay the weekend.” She said to
“Dat one na good idea ooo…you see, even me sef get
step-mama wey my papa marry long time. De woman ehn, na she make me comot from
village because she be wan kee me.”
“Kill you? Are you serious?” Oge asked with eyes wide.
“Hmmm…dis step mama dem ehn, na dem dey carry juju for
cloth pass…dem dey put poison for dem step pikin food make de pikin die.”
Oge’s eyes widened as she stared at me in fear.
“Do you mean my step mom could do that?”
“I nor talk anything ooo before you talk say I talk…” I
“C’mon Senorita…please tell me, is she planning to poison
me? I love auntie Nkiru and I don’t think she’d do that.”
“Ehnnn…you nor suppose trust am like
dat ooo….even bible talk am say human being dem get wicked heart.” I say.
Oge looked at me teary-eyed.
“What is going on here?” A male voice asked. It was Oge’s
“Welcome sir…” I greeted.
“Who are you?” He asked.
“Senorita at ya service, sir…” I reply.
“Who brought you here?” He asked, displeased.
“Na madam I follow come…” I say.
“Why does this woman take laws into her hands?” He shouted. “Where
did she bring you from? Did she tell me anything before bringing you to stay in
my house?”
“I sorry sir…” I apologize.
At that moment, Nkiru walks into the kitchen.
“Why are you yelling the house down?” She asks her husband.
“Why did you bring a stranger into this house without asking
for my permission first?” He asked.
“So you want me to die all because I’m taking care of the home? Aren’t you happy to see her wash the dishes while I rest? Do you want me to
kill myself with work overload?” His wife shouts.
“I am not going to get into an argument with you but I just
want you to know that this girl is not going to stay in this house. I will not
permit it.”
“I can’t send her away.” Nkiru said.
“What did you say to me?” He asked in anger.
“I said I can’t send her away.”
“Look here Nkiru, you’ve been acting unlike yourself and I’m
not going to take that, you hear me?”
“Are you pouring out the frustrations of not having your
lover in your house, on me?” Nkiru spat.
“What?” Her husband asked her incredulously.
“Don’t pretend that you are not still in love with Oge’s mother and since
she’s still single, who knows what you guys are planning to do together.”
“Don’t let me get upset with you…” He warned.
“Get upset for all I care! Just know that I’m not
sacrificing anything for you again since you make me look like the fool.”
“What are you talking about?” Her husband asks.
“Auntie please…don’t quarrel with my dad…” Oge begged.
“Go to sleep Oge.” Nkiru barked.
Oge hurried out of the kitchen. I watched the couple glare
at each other and Nkiru’s husband hastily leave the kitchen.
“Nonsense! He thinks he can control everything!” Nkiru
“Madam you try…I nor know say you get dis kain power…” I
“Thanks dear, don’t mind these men, once you give them an
arm, they want to grab the leg as well.”
“You know ehn, dis warning wey you give ya husband today make sense
but you know say e never complete because you never warn him pikin mama…”
“Warn her? How?”
“You must to shine ya eyes well well ooo…ya oga too like
dis him pikin and e fit be say im like am pass ya pikins dem. So, de best thing
na to make ya oga hate dis him pikin Oge or she go carry all ya oga love goo give her mama.”
Nkiru looked at me in confusion at first but after a while
her confusion was replaced with fear.
“How do I do that?” She asked.
“No worry, I go help you. I go show dat ya oga woman pepper ehn, she park comot Lagos.”
Nkiru stared at me, not know what else to say.

To be continued next week….



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