Small Boss was unlike
any man I’ve had in my life. Aside from the fact that he was very insensitive, he was as Insatiable as ever. During our encounter my prayers were that I escape his room alive’. Moments with him were the worst moments of my entire life.
As soon as we were
through I staggered off the bed and try racing out of the room but his words stopped
“You’ll be
returning tonight. I’ll call for you.” It was an order and not a plea.
I nodded and ran out! I
wasn’t sure that I could bear to be in his presence again. Senorita would not
die all because she wanted to reach the top. As soon I left his room I heard
him ring his bell which was to summon either Rose or Jide to meet him. I
hurried downstairs. But I wasn’t fast enough because I bumped into Jide at the
foot of the stairs.
“Wia u from dey
come?” Jide asked me, disgust clearly written on his face.
“Na oga call
me.” I reply, breathing heavily.
Jide looked me over.
“Na dis cloth u
wear enter oga room? Abi u wear d cloth wey Rose give u…or u pull am
comot?” Jide asked me rudely.
“Oga Jide I don dey
warn u ooo…carry ya nose comot for my mata.” I warn.
“Wait ooo…who
give u mouth? who u dey warn?” Jide asked angrily.
“Abegi I nor be
learner for Lagos. If u try me ehn…I go show una say, Senorita nor dey
“Wait…wetin u
talk? Charity! Who give dis kain mouth…” Jide said but was interrupted
by the heavy jingle of the bell. ” God save you…if not for dat bell…I
for arrange ya teeth for hia”
He storms off and I walk
towards the kitchen. As soon as I enter the kitchen, I see Rose cooking as
usual and singing over the pot of food. She turns to look at me and screams in
” See dis gial ooo! Na only you know wetin u dey find for dis house. Nor be u wia d oda cloth wey I buy
give u? Why u remove am?”
“Na u be madam for
hia? Nor be common house help u be so?” I say.
“Osanobua! You dey
craze? Charity! You dey mad?”
“Na all ya
ancestors dey craze!” I retort.
Rose rushes to slap me
and I push her away. Her strength doesn’t equal mine. The stunned look on
Rose’s face is epic as she stares at me in shock.
“Charity!” she
“Nor dey call me
dat kain name! I resemble Charity case? My name na Senorita! Senorita De Lagos
Chick!” I say as I pivoted to her full glare.
“Wait… if u nor
be Charity, e mean say u nor suppose dey dis house.”
“Dat one na ya own
business. As for me, my leg don enter dis house and e nor go ever comot for hia
lai lai. Una oga don fall for my hand…na me get am. Na me be una madam now,
if u try rubbish ehn… I go throw una comot for dis house. You and dat rat wey
be Jide.”
“Chei! Rose wetin u
carry come house ooo..” Rose asked herself in regret.
At that moment, Jide
walks into the kitchen looking pissed. Rose turns to Jide and wails.
“Jide, see wetin I
enter don ooo…dis girl nor be Charity! her name na Seniority.” Rose wailed.
“Na who talk
Seniority for hia? My name na Senorita!”
“You go pay for
wetin u do Rose. You dey bite de hand wey feed you. Rose wey see u for backyard
carry u come inside house, see as u wan use bad pay am back.”
“Jide…she talk
say, she go throw me comot from dis house. and because she don become small
boss woman, she go do me bad thing.”
Jide shook his head.
“Shebi I dey tell u
dat time. Abi I nor warn u?”
” You warn me
ooo” Rose cried.
“Well…oga say
make u cook special food for tonight. He talk say, him and his woman go chop
good dinner today. He give me five thousand make I go buy chicken.”
I laugh in delight. “Wetin I tell u?” I taunt.
” You nor go fit
chase me comot from dis house lai lai. I do. I don work here for seven years.”
Rose said.
“Dat one na
tory….after I don finish with una two for dis house, I go make sure say una
run leave Lagos.” I say and turn to leave.
As I leave the kitchen,
I hear Rose’s loud wail and Jide’s curses.
Even though I had vowed not
to return to small boss’s room again, I couldn’t help but prepare to go back there again. I needed
to show Rose and Jide who was boss. I looked at myself in the mirror and sighed
at my reflection. I was indeed a sight! My hair which has always been cropped
short was already growing too long already as I hadn’t trimmed it since I arrived Lagos. I silently made up my mind to start making the fabulous hair I see on
most Lagos girls. The dress I wore was still shabby but I wore it all the same,
I wouldn’t be caught dead in Rose’s trashy clothes.
Quietly I stepped out of
the room I shared with Rose determined to convince the small boss to give me a
better accommodation inside the main house.
I entered the kitchen
and caught the sweet smell of chicken. There was no one in the kitchen, and the
pots were empty. ‘Did they serve the food to the small boss already?’ I asked
myself as I left the kitchen and walked towards the dinning room where I was
hearing some voices.
Immediately I entered
the dinning I saw the small boss already seated and tearing into a piece of chicken
while Jide and Rose stood like statues beside him.
“Sweet boss…u
nor call me to join u?” I asked sweetly.
Small boss looked up at
me and frowned. That was when I saw the gorgeous looking lady seated at the
other end of the dining table.
“Honey…who is
this?” The lady asked.
“I have no
idea.” Small boss replied.
“Who the heck are
you?” the lady asked me.
“You dey craze?
Wetin u dey do for hia?” I ask the lady.
The lady stands from her
chair. She is really tall. She walks up to me and stares down at me. I look up
at her boldly.
“What is the
meaning of this? Who is this trash?” Small boss asked in anger as he too
stood up from his seat.
I turned to look at him
in shock and at that moment,the lady pounced on me. She didn’t even give me a
chance to defend myself. She gave me the beating of my life and even as I
struggled to strike back, she pushed me hard and I fell to the ground in a
heap. I heard small boss mumble to Jide to throw me out and soon I felt myself
carried out of the dining and out of the house.
“Oga Jide
abeg….na Charity I be… na big boss send me come.” I plead.
Jide doesn’t answer me
but orders the gate man to open the gate. I heard fast footsteps as Rose
hurried to join us.
“Haha haha..madam
ko, mistress ni. Come carry madam na…u think say na to land for untop bed
mean to automatically become Madam. small boss no be boss for mouth, him go university ooo. U don even see primary school? Ole!” Rose booed at me.

Jide threw me out of the
house and I felt my body hit the ground painfully. The gate was suddenly banged
shut and once again, I was stranded with no place to go.



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