I had just stepped out of the
shower, my body smelt of the avocado soap which was given to me last week from the
church store. I stared at my naked form at the mirror and smiled. It was time
to take rightfully belonged to me. I quickly rummaged through my basket of
clothes searching for the least decent in all of them. I found none so I had to
wear a long shirt which rode just above my knees and waited patiently for Solo. I
heard the knock and quickly sprinted out of bed and dashed to the table just by my
mirror to spray a little of the air freshener that I had stolen from the
church store some days ago, ‘parfum and air-fresh na one and de same ni’ I
muttered to myself as I bathed my body with the scent.

The knock resounded again and I
rushed to open the door breathlessly but my excitement died as quickly as a fire
doused by water. Right there at the door was Solo but in his company was the
very annoying Theresa! I wanted to scream.
“Wetin una want?” I demanded.
“I am here as scheduled, I
thought you already know that I am to be your personal counselor.” Solo said.
“Ehen…na so you carry dis pesin
come my dormot abi?”
“I wanted help so I asked her
if she could join me…”
I hissed at eyed Theresa
wildly, she matched my stare with her eyes following my indecent dressing in
“So you’re not ashamed of your
behavior right? Here you are trying to snag Solo with this skimpy outfit. I
hope you know that a tramp is forever a tramp and nothing can bring you out
from the gutters.” Theresa said to me.
“See who dey talk…yeye dey
smell.” I say making a very irritating gesture with my mouth and nose.
“Will you two please keep
quiet?” Solo turns to Theresa “I brought you here to help out and not to make
things worse. I don’t understand why you can’t learn to handle Senorita the
way she should be handled.”
“Oh please…you make up excuses
for her all the time and I am sick and tired of it! I am a woman and I can’t
have her falling over my man and plotting on how to snatch him from me.”
Theresa said in her own defense.
“Snatch me from you? You are so
ridiculous.” Solo waved her off.
“Look at her! Is that what a
lady whose ready for counselling is supposed to wear? Solo she can tempt even a minister in that clothing talk-less of you.”
“Can you please wait outside
for a while, once I’m done, we can go home together.” Solo said.
“Nooo…I don’t trust you with
her…I mean, I don’t trust her with you…I mean…I don’t trust anyone anymore…”
Theresa said, surprised at her outburst.
“I now regret letting you come
with me…please go home Theresa!” Solo demanded.
I watched Theresa sulk off and
I opened the door wider for Solo to pass through. Solo entered my room and sat
on my bed.
“I get water for fridge, shebi
you go drink…” I asked Solo.
“No…I’m not thirsty…” Solo
“Okay…since you nor wan drink,
make I drink na…” I say as I walk to the bedside fridge which is positioned
opposite Solo and bend to my waist level to bring out the sachet of pure water,
in the process my shirt rides up and I’m sure that Solo was really enjoying the
view. I stood and placed the sachet of water on my lips which I drink with
relish, then I stooped again to place the half-filled sachet into the fridge.
“Err…Senorita…please emm…come
and let’s talk about your counselling.” Solo said to me.
“Chai…dis room hot nor be
small…e nor hot? Shebi e dey hot for inside hia?” I asked.
“What do you expect? It’s the boys’
quarters, it should be hot down here…” Solo said in a strained voice.
I quickly undo two buttons of
my shirt and watch the shirt coax open at each side, then walking towards the
bed I sit so close to Solo.
“So…Oga Solo…carry go…” I say.
“Carry go with wetin?” Solo
says turning rapidly to Pidgin English.
“You know say…nobody go suspect
anything. All dis una talk of counselling ehn…nor be de pesin wey dem wan counsel go fit talk wetin dey do am?”
“Yes…I mean…err…well…maybe…”
Solo stammered.
“I don dey dream of you tey tey…since
dat time when I never even see you…” I say as I snake my hand through his shirt
and up his chest.
“Ahhh…Senorita…” Oga Solo moans.
“We fit do small jolly…we nor
go waste time at all…after our jolly, we go come do correct counselling…you
“You sure?”
“Of course na…oya make we do
quick before sister Theresa go land for our dormot again.” I say feverishly.

We fall to the bed in a tangled
heap, I smiled as I held on tightly to Solo, I finally 



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