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By the time I had spent three
days in  Janet’s house, I knew that she
was in no hurry to send me out. On the third day, we had a sisterly chat and she told me that she had to travel briefly to for business. I cringed in envy,
Janet seemed to have things going well for her, a suitable business and husband
were no easy feat and inasmuch as I wanted the both, I chose the former.

On the
day she was to embark on her trip, I watched her hug her husband countless
times, giving him noisy kisses that could be heard at the street gate. We, Oga
Fredo and I, walked her to the gate where we finally bade her goodbye, wishing
her a safe journey. As soon as Oga Fredo and I turned to go back into the
house, I vowed to myself to make the best of the two days that I would be
spending alone with Oga Fredo. 
Immediately he entered the house, Oga Fredo took
his towel, hurried into the public bathroom facility, had his bath and came
back into the room. I was sprawled on Janet’s bed barely covered with a wrapper
and jutting out my derriere for him to see. If my posture affected him, he
didn’t indicate as he whistled out of the room with his tooth brush and cup of
water in hand. I re-adjusted my position again, all so that he could get a
better view of my assets but he came back in, this time, aiming at the small
dilapidated wardrobe where he quickly pulled out his shirt and trouser and
proceeded to wear them. I changed my position again, turning to the other side
of the room so that my bottom was in view but instead of falling for my attics,
he dashed out of the house.
I was angry, tired and embittered, how could Oga
Fredo refuse such a tempting opportunity placed before him? I recall clearly
that all the while I’ve been with Oga Fredo and Janet, there has been no
activity coming forth from the bed department, they both share deep kisses and
talk deep into the night before finally dozing off.
I was determined, I was a lady
on a mission, Senorita was the woman who made men crawl! How dare Oga Fredo refuse
my advances. Was it not in this same compound that I seduced Shade’s man and
many other men that vied for my attention? I was ready for him and tonight was
the night. Janet was set to return the next day and I didn’t have such a long
time to accomplish my goals. I decided to seek for help. There were these three
women who had moved into Janet’s compound when I was moving out, they were women
of the world whose skills with men couldn’t be under-emphasized. So sure that
they would help me, I got up from the bed, wore my dress, the one that I still
had from Madame’s house, which I alternate with some of Janet’s clothes and
left the room.
I reached their room door and rapped at the door quietly at
first and then increased my knocking when no one seemed to respond.
“Who be rat?” I heard one of
the women’s voice, she sounded sleepy.
“Na ya neighbour…” I answer.
“Wetin you want? We nor dey
para with neighbours…we nor get friend for dis compound…our motto be, respect
ya lane.” The woman said, her voice sounding louder.
“Abeg nor vex ooo…na dis money
wey I see for una dormot I wan give una…e be like say pesin drop am for una…” I
started but was cut short by the hasty unlocking of the door.
Their room smelt of heavy
perfume and smoke and out of the three women, two were wide awake.
“Wia de money?” One of them
asked, her skin was thick and had different shades from bleached yellow to red
and black.
“I put am for inside bra.” I
“Oya bring am out, dey go ya
house…” The second woman who looked like an owl said to me.
“Make I enter first…” I said to
They open the door wider and I walk
in and watch them shut the door. Their room was a bit bigger than Janet’s and
more furnished. They had a television set with sound system and I couldn’t help
but stare. The two women stared at me like a hawk, the third one was already
waking up from sleep.
“Wia de money?” The woman who
resembled the owl said to me.
“Oya make I tell una de truth…I
nor see any money…” I said to them.
“Which kain rat you be? You
think say we dey play?” The first woman said.
The third woman who was still
on the bed regarded me with solemn eyes.
“Abeg na help I want…na wetin
make I come.” I said to the women.
“Mtshewww…wonders no go ever
end.” Said the second woman slapping her palms together.
“I want make I catch my sister
husband…im name na oga Fredo…una don see am? Na fine man, he get bia bia…he
tall…” I started describing him.
“Abeg carry dis ‘were’ comot
from dis room.” The second woman told the first.
I fall to my kneels and beg.
“I know say una nor dey get
time, una too dey busy but I come ask una for advice…abeg I wan catch am…anyhow…na
my sister Janet get everything for that house, even for village every body dey
look am like say she be big woman. I nor even get one tin, abeg helep me.” I
The first two women placed
their hands under my arms and dragged me up inorder to push me out of the house
but the woman on the bed stopped them.
“Leave am…nor chase am comot.”
Said the third woman.

I smiled in gratitude and said
myself, “By de time Janet go return from travel, she go see say, new wife don


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