That night, I cried harder than
I have ever cried in my life. My Solo had looked me in the eye and said
bluntly, ‘you are a disgrace’ suddenly the world seemed to choke the life out
of me. I pounded on the walls of my room with my fists and cried louder than a
one year old child. I didn’t know when someone entered the room, I was in so much
pain to care.
“Clap for yourself dear.” Said
the familiar icy voice.
I didn’t bother turning to see
who it was, I already knew who it was. It was Theresa.
“When I was telling the women
not to trust you, you spewed all sorts of rubbish from your mouth about me. You
made them call me names but now, haven’t you proved them wrong? I don’t know
why, but I derive a weird feeling of joy seeing you disgraced, humiliated and
cast-off.” Theresa paused to let her words sink in and immediately I turned to
face her she continued. “Yes, the church has decided to cast you off, Solo was
your saving grace all along, he was the one who fought to have you stay here
but now he is pissed, he is so angry that he is facing a panel of the church
elders council all because of you. He never wants to see you or hear from you
again, so, you better start packing, it’s time for you to go.”
“Sister…Theresa…na wia you wan
make I go ni? I nor get any place wey I fit go…abeg helep me beg dem for
church…helep me beg Solo. Na piss cause am ooo…I nor dey even blame devil for
dis one, na piss cause am.” I plead.
“Don’t beg me…infact just get
your trashy self out of this place and don’t you dare mention Solo’s name, he
is mine and mine alone, I would not have you speak of him again.”
“Sister Theresa, shebi Bible
talk am say, you must to keeper ya brother, why you dey behave like dis? You
wey dey carry bible for head.”
“Hahahaha…I joined the church
for a purpose and once that purpose is completed, I am off to my old ways of
life. I used to be in the world and I enjoyed it, I still do, occasionally when
I’m able to take off this hideous camouflage but, I needed a husband at some
point and honestly I thought the church could provide that so, I joined the
church. Months later, I miraculously met Solo and like the good Christian
sister that I am, I brought him to church and he converted and we’ve been a
couple ever since. I can’t wait to get married to him and stop this pretense
“Ha! So na lie lie you dey do
since…I for suspect ooo…look me well sister Theresa, you nor go ever marry
Solo. Solo na my pesin and I nor go let am marry pesin wey be like you.”
“Shut up and get out of here.”
Theresa ordered.
“I nor dey go anywhere.”
“Get out!”
“Come carry me.” I shouted.
I watched as Theresa rushed at
me and tried lifting me up, using my fists, I pound at her back in anger and we
struggle. Suddenly the door bursts open and Solo storms in with some church
members, we are hastily separated from the fight.
“Solo…oh Solo…I just came to
ask her to beg the church members for forgiveness over what she has done and
she pounced on me…” Theresa cried loudly and launched herself in Solo’s arms.
“Na lie! Na she first attack
me, she talk say una wan chase me comot!” I say in anger.
“Calm down Senorita! Please
behave!” Solo thundered.
I could see the anger in his
eyes and my heart bled painfully.
“Senorita, you will formally
beg the church for forgiveness during the next Sunday service and you will have
a deliverance session performed on you. After that you must allow us teach you proper
manners and the Christian faith…” Solo started.
“Wait…I thought the church was
going to send her away.” Theresa asked baffled.
“We never let a lost sheep out
of our sight, Sister Theresa.” One of church members said.
“But she could do worse things,
she almost killed me and if not for your intervention, I could as well be lifeless
at this moment.” Theresa said.
“That is why, we are
restricting her movements and her association with people except of course
brother Solomon who has known her for a while. Brother Solomon is expected to
visit her regularly and update us on her growth as well as prepare her for her
deliverance. From today, he is her personal counsellor.” One of the church
members said.
“What?” Theresa asked in shock.
I couldn’t help but smile, the
battle had just begun, let’s see who Solo will marry at the end of the day.



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